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Found 5 results

  1. Dr-David-Banner

    A Woman I Met

    This was a bit of a coincidence. I was in another area helping out with something. The area is quite typical for people who have money who live in the country. You often see people riding horses and especially walking dogs. This lady was passing by and we ended up chatting for a time. She eventually started to tell me about her son who apparently has some autism condition. I was surprised how familiar these case histories tend to be. By now I've read scores of patient histories, mainly from the Soviet Union. These latter pretty much match the case histories described by Asperger himself in Vienna, Austria. First thing she mentioned was asphyxia during birth. This is quoted a lot by doctors. It seems a significant percentage of autism cases are triggered by some birth related trauma, be it infection and fever, or loss of oxygen during birth. Soviet doctors called this organic autism where it's thought the cause is some physical trauma to the brain. Despite that, autism is divided into groupings where the cause maybe something purely psychological or perhaps genetic. Anyway, her son totally fitted the biological type. His intelligence level was a bit below average with significant motor impairment (very clumsy and struggles with writing). His mother told me her son did collect volumes of information on his favourite subjects. Also he spends most of his time on his own and won't socialise. The other day I did actually see the two together out walking but no time to speak with both of them. Another odd fact you so often find: One family member tends to be intellectual and this is apparently an intellectual family. The mother is a doctor and possibly her brother was an outstanding academic in some field. Asperger himself pointed out pretty much most of the parents of the children he helped were odd but still socially functonal. Some neurologists noted you can have organic autism as well as the other type overlapping, That is very hard to diagnose as well. My own specific situation is too difficult for me to pinpoint as I'm not aware of any actual birth trauma. Despite that my actual symptoms would suggest the biological cause because my motor impairment is pretty severe to the point I couldn't drive or struggle with direction and orientation. One other symptom typical of biological autism is lack of purpose so that activities are carried out sort of randomly or in bursts at a time. Maybe I will see than again but of course I never mention my own issues to anyone.
  2. Hello everyone, The books I was collecting articles for are now out in print, the top 2 listed. http://www.jkp.com/author/authors/view/id/dean-worton-5660 Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum Love, Partnership or Singleton on the Autism Spectrum I would also like to attract contributors for these books. Being a Parent on the Autism Spectrum Being LGBT on the Autism Spectrum Details here deanworton.wordpress.com If interested, PM me or follow the instructions found on the website. Members of Asperclick are among the contributors of the published books. Please note: everyone gets a free copy, and the royalties are paid out when theres a reasonable amount to give each contributor. Thanks Dean
  3. Clockwork Crow

    Having a child?

    Its a looooong way off for me, but i was wondering what peoples thoughts are on having their own kids, and about raising them in a world where many of us don't understand ourselves? Especially if both parents are AS. But then again everyone has the right to have kids. What about the child though? If it was Neurotypical and growing up with Aspie parents? Would an autistic child with autistic parents be 'better' off?
  4. How do children react to you? Young kids seem to laugh at me all of the time. Either that or they look at me with a confused face. They also get really attached to me very quickly which is odd because I don't really go out of my way to talk to kids, they just seem to like me. I don't know whether I just relate to them or what. Babies frown at me when I walk past them in a pushchair. They literally stop everything they are doing just to frown at me, like they're trying to work me out. I beginning to wonder if they see something about me that others don't
  5. Hiya guys Anyone can answer, but I'd really appreciate the help of parents with children on the Autistic Spectrum. I think what I'm asking about would be called social stories. But they're whatever you want to call them: short stories for children with Autism or Aspergers, aimed at helping them understand things better in a fun and light hearted way. I am going to be writing some stories with my characters Koby and Friends and I want to know if there's any specific thing you would like to be covered. The first one I am doing is about sharing. I grew up with a younger brother who struggled a lot when he was a toddler/very young child, so I know a lot about coping methods (well the ways we coped anyway) and about what can set a child off. And of course, I have Aspergers, my partner has Aspergers etc, so I think I should do okay. Also, can you tell me which font you prefer in terms of being the best for your children to read and copy, whilst still being accurate to how they are taught at school.
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