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Found 4 results

  1. Clockwork Crow

    Calling all online gamers

    Are there many online gamers around? Because I was wondering if anyone wanted to pay some games online together sometime? (My computer is currently unavailable right now, but till then you can still play without me ) i don't know what you play, but i have a wide collection, and i'm always willing to try new games (and finally (maybe) make some friends ) altho my favorites are strategy battle games, with allies (I'm weird, I don't like confrontation with friends, and i'll always let them win in duels) Ideas? - League of legends? - Dawn of war 2? Age of Empires? things like that - A WHOLE lot of 'steam' games - If a few of you have xbox's/Pay-stations and want to play on them? Final thoughts :- -Lets try stick to free/cheap games, that are easy to access so people can buy it and join in if they want? -Where we can all be allies so not to push newcomers away or make people dislike each other? -Any games you want to recommened? (Private Message each other private infomation (e.g. Usernames to find each otherwith) (Meet in cyber space? Thats why i've posted in the meet and great thread)
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for games on a pc / mobile phone? I don't get out much so I'm stuck in most of the time with nothing to do apart from sleep or watch something on the television. My pc specs are an Intel core i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz and 16GB Ram also with a gforce GT 730 4gb graphics card. It's not the best specs but it will play some of the newer games on low lol. Mobile wise I have an Xperia z5 and Vodafone smart ultra 7 - I would play pokemon go but I'm not good with the outdoors yet. I'd just like a game that is relaxing none demanding and something I can take my time with. I've got mine-craft and lego worlds and also most of the lego games from the steam store I'm sort of addicted to them, I love the Jurassic World game I have it on both pc and mobile Any recommendations would be great Thanks
  3. Ok... so several things going on here! 1. My laptop, which has a not registered version of Windows 7, hasn't been able to accept the last 3 updates. Both on shut down and when I attempt manually, they fail with Error Code 80070026. I believe they won't work because it's considered (and might be) a counterfeit version. 2. Since the last 2 failed updates came up, my computer has started having crash dumps every so often, though they seem to be getting more frequent. I've done Avast scans, malwarebytes scan and used CCleaner, but they don't seem to help (only found PUP files, which I removed). I think they're happening due to the failed updates. 3. I would like to just install a legitimate version of Windows 8, so then I can get the free upgrade to Windows 10 next week. So here are my questions!!! 1. Can Windows 8 be installed via download? My laptop doesn't have a CD drive. 2. Where can I safely purchase Windows 8 for the cheapest price? 3. I was going off of the assumption that I need Windows 8 installed before the free release of Windows 10, but the fine print at the bottom of this page makes me think that I can do it at a later date, once I have the Windows 8 installed. 4. Do I need to "reserve my upgrade" to Windows 10? I don't understand if that means taking specific extra steps to make sure I can get it... Any help would be greatly appreciated! I tend to have meltdowns and shut downs when dealing with computery things, so I need all the help I can get. T_T
  4. Kuribo [old account]

    How Many Computers Do You Own / Use?

    How many computers do you own or have at home? I use/have used the following at home; My desktop PC running Windows 7 Home PremiumAn iMac G5 from 2004 ruuning OS X LeopardAn iPad mini (currently jailbroken)An iPhone 4S (currently jailbroken)My mum's old laptop running Linux Mint 17My sister's netbook running Windows 7 Starter
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