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Found 7 results

  1. I live in the United States and it’s common to meet women in church (especially Baptist mega-churches in the South) so you can talk and get involved in youth and service groups to get to know other people. The best part is that she probably wouldn’t mind that you haven’t been in a relationship before. My typical response to that question is “It was God’s timing to set me up with the right person”. People on the spectrum are frequently virgins in their 20s and 30s where society at large sees it as a negative and somehow “immature”. The Christian view, especially Evangelicals, find it a valued trait. Let me know your opinions!
  2. This is something I struggled with my whole life and I believe it’s based on my current location, where I live with parents. I’m considering moving for work to a more conservative place where people are kinder and women are more apt to dating guys with little or no relationship experience.
  3. Hey guys, A member told me about this really cool thread on another forum where single people post a description of themselves so that other people can see and maybe, that way, they can get to know each other and see where it goes. Following, I will create an example of what your initial post on this thread could look like. I skimmed through the thread on that forum and got what an idea of what I thought would be a good example, using my information. Of course, it doesn't have to be exactly how I wrote it, just trying to give some of you an idea, I know it can be hard sometimes explaining ourselves or knowing what to write. I hope that knowing that everyone on this forum is friendly, can help alleviate some anxiety some of us may get about posting on this thread. You could just try it out for fun too and see what happens. Age: Mid 20s Gender: Female Location: United States Interests: Soap operas, art, crafts, psychology, most music, preferably soft music, pop music Personality: Caring, friendly, serious, honest Employment: Unemployed Appearance: Brown eyes, black hair, 5'2" (1.59m), 170lbs (12 stone) Looking for: A nice guy, ages about 21-35 Online dating: Yes You could do it like this, even include a picture, or just provide a brief description, whatever feels right for you. Obviously, for those of you who know me better know other personality traits, but I tried to include the more positive ones. I had included more negative ones, but it didn't seem right and I tried keeping it positive. I left out some information, but it's just for sample purposes. This thread, I hope, will make it easier for those of you who are looking to find a significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Good luck to everyone and I really hope some couples come out of here.
  4. First post I have made here in a long time. Life has been pulling me in so many directions, but one very special change. An old friend I haven't talked to in a while (for good reason) called me up to ask him help move. Me, a complete wreck with bags under my eyes from stress agrees since I have a hard time letting people down.. A cute girl was in the passenger seat and I thought to myself "must be one his "side friends" (keeping it appropriate) Very shy girl, which attracted me to her right away because I'm shy to. AS me and my friend talked in the garage while moving stuff he said that she's very loyal. Big words to hear for me since I have been hurt over and over again. Being single for 3 years I was nervous as hell.. I used one of my best traits to try and make an attempt to communicate with her. Being a dork and using my humor. She didn't laugh very much. When things were finishing up with moving she was outside and I asked her if she was from the same town I live in, since I know most people around here. She said, yes, I didn't have a follow up so I just said cool and smiled >_< .. A few more pointless things and finally asked if she would like to casually just hang out with me and some friends that night for a get together. She tried to act like she was thinking about it and replied with a loud sure! Smiling in excitement. I didn't think she was going to meet me that night and I can't believe she drove all the way back just to see me! The night went great and we spent time laughing, joking and sharing things about each other playing some video games. The next day I waited without talking to her, I didn't want to come off desperate. After a few more hours I couldn't help it and sent her a message inviting her to my friends cookout. nervous as hell with 2 hours of sleep. She was excited and went with. Just as happy and nervous as I was! It was a slow miserable day, her looking amazing, me.. like a zombie. She didn't mind ^-^ Fast forward: We hung out everyday after that. And started officially dating on June 13th. About a week and a half after meeting. Here is the crazy part. after getting to know her more. I noticed she was really awkward just like me, laughed different than any girl, had trouble getting her words out and had a "learning disability" (hate that term) in school. I did to. She became flustered easily by quick information. She can't eat in front of people or focus on talking on the phone around others. The sweetest girl I have ever met.. And I am MORE than convinced she falls into the Asperger's side of life like me.
  5. A quiz about matching certain personality types with each other to form lasting bonds. Chemistry.com uses this test to help their users find matches. Here's the quiz: http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/helen-fisher-personality-type-test/ Here's information on the 4 types and matching: http://digitalcitizen.ca/y/ My Results: Negotiator 13 Explorer, 26 Builder, 26 Director, 29 Negotiator So I'm a Negotiator-Builder/Director, and I'd be best matched with a Director-Negotiator or a Director-Builder. As for the poll, please choose your single primary and secondary types, unless you have the same number for any types. In that case, choose all that apply. Eg. I will choose Negotiator as my primary type, and then I'll choose both Director and Builder as my secondary types. You may also post your results and opinions below. ^__^
  6. Sadly, whenever a friend of mine gets into a relationship I cannot help but hate the person. I get absolutely uninterested in pursuing the friendship until they break up and I generally see the new partner as some self-absorbed manipulative, horny skank. I hate that I get this way, and I really want to find a way to overcome this, especially as I'm reaching the age where everyone of my old friends seems to be in a serious relationship or getting engaged. I think it might be due to the fact that I had to comfort so many heartbroken souls that I just feel from experience that dating is a waste of time that doesn't make anyone happy. Also I have never "loved" somebeody and currently feel like it is something hollywood made up to sell movies and hallmark cards. It might just be that "meeting new people" is taken as an automatic insult on my end, as in, the people you already know are not good enough. Maybe it is just my fear of change too. I cannot even stand Barney of "How I met your mother" dating anyone because it feels like a betrayal of the character, I really need help or advice. Does anyone else struggle with this? The worst is concerning my brothers, no whore is good enough in my opinion. I really need help
  7. I've always liked the idea of cultural rituals or anthropology stuff and was thinking of some way to figure out if a girl (for me it's going with females) is single or dating. A Irish thing is the Claddagh Ring, which depending on how it's worn, shows if your single and looking, dating and not looking, engaged, and Married anyone know of any other things like the ring. P.S. I have dated three girls in my life. So It's not like I'm totally clueless, right?
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