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Found 7 results

  1. Gone away

    recent employment case

    Bearing in mind how difficult it can be to find employment and what he probably went through emotionally,I think the compensation was inadequate http://www2.cipd.co.uk/pm/peoplemanagement/b/weblog/archive/2016/12/16/autistic-subway-worker-awarded-163-15-000-for-discriminatory-dismissal.aspx
  2. I seem to be struggling with concentration at work. I find it hard to keep focused on the task I'm currently doing and my mind wanders onto more important tasks, I also keep missing descriptions of tasks, therefore getting them wrong. Is this an aspie thing? If so, does anyone have any tips on keeping concentration? I've tried google, but it's a pointless search.
  3. ragnarkar

    Any Aspies driving for Uber?

    I'm an Aspie with 2 Masters degrees in Engineering, and yet, the highest paying job (dollars per hour) I've ever held is driving for Uber, which I started earlier this month. I actually had a job at a financial startup before that but the pay was abysmal and hours were long until they laid me off when the company went under. Driving for Uber has its ups and downs but the biggest advantage it has for Aspies is the ease of entry - as long as you have an eligible car and a (nearly) perfect driving and criminal record, you're accepted. Compare that to many jobs (other than McJobs) where you have to go through multiple rounds of interviews and impress a bunch of people before you're hired. Sure, you need to communicate with passengers but I actually don't mind that very much considering that I probably won't see the vast majority of them ever again after my ride. Anyone else here have experience driving for Uber and have any pro tips to share, from an Aspie perspective?
  4. Juliette

    Becoming Self-Employed

    Hi guys, How many of you are self-employed, and if you are self-employed, is it something you enjoy, as opposed to working for and with other people? How did you become self-employed in your field, and would you recommend it to other Aspies? Thank you...
  5. Admiral Buzzard

    A job finally

    Been a while since I posted anything, but actually got something worthwhile to say. I've had a job for around a month now, it's only temporary on a Saturday evening till the new year, but hey it's better than nowt. Also been learning to speak Bristle. Ak at ee!
  6. Bevalien

    Can aspies be teachers?

    Hi, I've had a rocky career path to say the least but recently started some self employed work and found it to be rewarding. However, speaking to clients and the uncertainty of work load makes me anxious and I would prefer to have some regular part-time work alongside. I have a teaching qualification and in the past I've taught at post-compulsory level and have found that I can be an enspiring teacher, even though I find it stressful. However, my last role went horribly wrong and I was exploited on a zero hours contract and constantly monitored and made to feel anxious by collegues. After this I stopped teaching for a while and got a job as a CAD Designer, however this ended in me filing a grievance claim after I was bullied and undermined by a collegue resulting in my employer making me redundant. I have an interview for a part-time teaching job at a sixth form college tomorrow and an really stressed about it. I feel that I enjoy teaching because I find working with young people rewarding but struggle to know what is expected of me and to get on with staff. I'm just wondering, if any of you guys are teachers then does it work for you or are you perminantly stressed? Not sure if it will ever work or what I would need to do to make it work? Sorry if I'm rambling but I'm super anxious atm Bev
  7. Kuribo [old account]

    Employment Prioritisation, Criminals and the Disabled

    I don't have the energy for a large debate at the moment. Will participate more in a couple of weeks, but I'm very tired and busy right now. It is often said that providing education and training to violent criminals to help them become employable is a good thing - and it is. It is a very useful and desirable outcome. However, it is said that approximately 85% of Autistic adults are unemployed, and it is a fact that many of these people did not receive an education sufficient enough for most to consider employing them. My question is this: Is it fair to spend large amounts of money on assisting people who's morally repugnant actions have caused significant harm to others when it could be spent on support and further education for innocent people who are perfectly capable of being productive members of society?
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