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Found 9 results

  1. blacktiger911

    The End is Here

    It seems that weather we like it or not the time has come for us to say our goodbyes. I joined mid 2013 and was quite happy to find this place as I enjoyed talking with everyone. Through my ups and downs having the support of the forum was great. I am happy to have been able to help all the people I have. God rest your soul @InDubioVeritas Thank you for all you have done @RiRi as for me I dont what will happen as I move on through life. It has not been kind as of late but I will do my best to carry through.
  2. Hi guys! I know it's been a while since you've heard from me but I've been taking a break from the forum and still probably will be. I just wanted to make a post. I didn't appear online until now. About two days ago, I signed in anonymously and my name suddenly appeared on the bottom (it didn't before). I thought it was messed up that it did because then people know I was here but I guess I have to abide by whatever the administrator chooses. Part of the reason I took a break is because I wasn't liking the administration of the forum and more personal things but I don't want to "cause drama" as I am still mentally sensitive to any retaliation from someone. I don't have time for that and it's mentally draining that's why I'm vaguely mentioning it. Actually, I had written a much longer, personal post but I edited it out. I've been signing in anonymously not as often as I used to when I was more active on the forum but I have and thought it'd be fair to let those who plan to sign in anonymously to create another account or not to sign in at all if they don't want to be seen as recently logged in, as I have. About my state of mind, I've been much better of off of the forum. My mental health has been slowly but surely improving. I haven't been very active as I said, I'm still currently in a state of improvement so I'm not trying to fill my life with little incidents that cause drama, etc. And I don't want to be treated badly. I hope everyone is doing well!
  3. RiRi

    Forum Awards

    I know award giving only lasted two years on this forum and unfortunately, including myself, many of us did not receive any. They are no longer existent but if you were to get an award, taking into account all the posts you've made on this forum, what award(s) do you think you would get? Or what awards do you think your fellow members would get? Let's keep it positive.
  4. Whenever you are using the forum chat www.asperclick.com/chat feel free to post on this thread that you're using the chat so that others can know and perhaps join the chat. You can also post the times you'll be using the chat here. Make sure to include your time zones. Hopefully this thread will help members agree in times, so we can get more people using the chat at the same time.
  5. It's a given that the forum has helped many people, but how has Asperclick helped you? (e.g. What has it made you realize? What process has it helped you go through? What experience has it given you? How has it helped you grow as a person? etc.)
  6. So, you guys can call me Black Butterfly. I am from melbourne, australia i am turning eighteen in about fourteen days. je suis Aspergienne! (and, no, i cant speak french!) I just generally interested in Autism Rights Advocacy/ Activism, and Neurodiversity. Besides that, i like baking, i like bikeriding, i draw, i write- i am editing a draft of a play i wrote earlier this year- i write short stories, and i am working on an Anti-ableist novella. I'm just finishing up highschool (one exam to go) and i want to get into an Arts degree next year. i am admin on another forum, i am a designated writer on another other forum, and i work on an Autism blog. I admit that i'm a forum-slut! I want to work on more Cross-forum/Cross-internet Autism Projects in the future, and also work on offline advocacy/activism in my local area! and i am really chill Anyway, this place seems great, and i look forward to getting to know y'all and making friends! feel free to pm me if you want to chat bb
  7. Hello,everyone.My name is Fagetan Bogdan.I'm from Romania,Europe.I'm 15 years old. I'm a youtuber,artist & game developer & I'm also a creative and emotional person (special). Honestly,I don't have a lot of friends,but I'm thinking that I found the best place for me in the social sense to make graciosly people.I'm thinking right now & I realise I'm not alone & without strange persons something in this world maybe beeing a cumplt disaster I guess.I have many things to say,but not in this moment. Well,nice job,Willow,you're the greatest person for me for making this forum for special people like me,I'm honored. I think this is going to be fun,atractive & and the most interesting forum here that I never seen before.
  8. AutismUnrestricted

    Addicted to this forum! lol

    Hi, I feel i'm addicted to this forum. Since I joined I'm spending so much time here. Its really well designed and people are so friendly. I just wanted to post this to say that I'm having a good time here. Thanks Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  9. Kuribo [old account]

    Private Support Forum

    I think a members-only support forum that only registered members can see would be a good idea. There are certain issues people prefer to discuss with a little more privacy, and I've noticed that this has worked well in other Autism forums.
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