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Found 5 results

  1. I just read this article https://thesector.com.au/2018/11/23/friendships-are-particularly-challenging-for-girls-with-autism-research-finds/?fbclid=IwAR1KDfb09FcaB7ssgMYdIHAjfdCNuLqfAoDMoR2yDZJZn0fXYhu_iMJdwVM It is saying that females on the spectrum find it harder to make friends I relate to this a lot. Im very black and white when it comes to friendships. I dont have time for pettiness, gossip or power games. Once trust or respect is violated I wont go back. I partly see this as good boundaries, and valid expectations of being a decent human being, but I do also see its not very open/forgiving and means you are less likely to have many or any female friendships. What are other peoples experiences? Just for females for this one
  2. Sadly, whenever a friend of mine gets into a relationship I cannot help but hate the person. I get absolutely uninterested in pursuing the friendship until they break up and I generally see the new partner as some self-absorbed manipulative, horny skank. I hate that I get this way, and I really want to find a way to overcome this, especially as I'm reaching the age where everyone of my old friends seems to be in a serious relationship or getting engaged. I think it might be due to the fact that I had to comfort so many heartbroken souls that I just feel from experience that dating is a waste of time that doesn't make anyone happy. Also I have never "loved" somebeody and currently feel like it is something hollywood made up to sell movies and hallmark cards. It might just be that "meeting new people" is taken as an automatic insult on my end, as in, the people you already know are not good enough. Maybe it is just my fear of change too. I cannot even stand Barney of "How I met your mother" dating anyone because it feels like a betrayal of the character, I really need help or advice. Does anyone else struggle with this? The worst is concerning my brothers, no whore is good enough in my opinion. I really need help
  3. Lilly Rose

    New To This...say Hi?

    Hi everyone, My sister showed me a link to willows wonderful videos, and I was so comforted to know there are people out there just like me! Now I'm a member on this site id like to make some new friends:-) Im all the way from Australia- so the time differences might mean im a bit delayed, but add me as a friend- im always up for a chat:-) And I'm single to boys- hey heeeyyyy?? ahahahahahha jokes:-) but seriously- i am. lol Id also like to know how you deal with your aspersgers and just how to feel more comfortable all round. Look forward to hearing from you XXXX Lilly
  4. First off ill say that I'm not religious, However I do find aspects of spirituality interesting historically, psychiatrically, philosophically and conceptually. Concepts such as spirits and the soul have helped human beings communicate ideas beyond physical and scientific understanding for millennia. They are great literary and communicative devices for filling in gaps in our knowledge. What I am about to write is fanciful and emotionally based. I wish I could summon someone spiritually. When I'm out alone e.g. Walking in the forest with my dog or something, I wish I could summon the spirit of someone I know. This is usually someone still alive and someone I know. If it was otherwise it would require too much imagination and effort to keep up. It would also be more stupid imo as the basis is more in pure imagination and not based on fact or shared memories with that person. I know someone will say 'why don't you just phone them', well yes I could do that if I wanted to. It's not the same as feeling their presence with you though. One reason I like to think about all this, is I like to think my aspire awkwardness wouldn't exist with the person in who is with me in spirit. In analysing this silly idea, I think maybe a reason for it is control. I want to switch people on and off. Summon and dispel. I don't want them to leave or stay. I know if such a control existed for me I wouldn't be happy anyway, it's more about comfort....and control. Who would you like to summon and dispel when you are alone? Sorry if this is badly written, it's 5am and I haven't slept again.
  5. So, this has always gone straight over my head really, but I was wondering about others input. As far as in concerned, once I have met someone then they are an acquaintance. The real confusion comes in once they have got to know me better - because there must be a point that they become a friend, presumably. Some people, such as people at school are very difficult to put into either of these boxes. In school, I see some people on a regular basis, exchange "hi's" and will generally sit nearby, eat with then and if necessary do group work, and none of them have ever been negative towards me, the opposite in fact. However, I'm not sure they are "friends" as such, because I never see them outside of school, which is what I do sometimes with my small number of people I'm sure are friends. So, what are your thoughts? Is there a boundary or guideline for telling how friendly someone is, whether you are barely acquaintances, or actually best friends?
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