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Found 8 results

  1. Bronwyn

    Asperger memes / humour

    heyyyo So me personally im able to laugh at myself, I think they are the best kinds of jokes. Sooooo I have looked online and googled Asperger memes and im very disappointed in the lack of new memes there are . There must be someone who is a meme artist that has Aspergers out there who wants to share there works. I love all memes and find none offensive as it is just a joke so if you have any please share or any related funny stuff, jokes, twitter statuses... yah know. For those wondering what is a meme here is the dictionary reference > an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. < I cant really explain it myself
  2. http://m.tmz.com/#article/2016/05/03/50-cent-apology-andrew-farrell-autism/ Here we go again with a "cool" & "hip" person making fun of our disorder. This stuff really pisses me off. This is why I stay away from the "cool" people.
  3. blacktiger911


    so i wanted to start a thread for just anime!! so come on all you geeks, nerds, and tacos (taco=some one who watches anime). i will kick it off by saying i have just finnished up soul eater.
  4. What do you do for fun, to relax, that makes you smile, feel free, happy, joyful? I LOVE to dance!! Dancing is absolutely one of the things that can really relax me and ut a smile on my face, it can ease a hard day and light my mood like nothing else! What do you do that makes your soul happy? Just in case, here's some "Forró" =) https://youtu.be/oc_oFGOAQ_0 Don't ever forget to do what makes you feel your absolute best <3
  5. Pinky and his brain

    Fun and addicting typing game

    If you like to improve your typing skills, this game is quite fun. But don't play it if you're stressed out, because it'll just get you even more stressed. It can be addictive too. It's very simple, you have to type the "name" of your enemy to destroy them. They only get destroyed if you type the name correctly, and there are more than one enemy at the time. The game gets harder over time, by sending more and more "enemies" at you. There's also a little strategy involved, because the bigger ships can launch many smaller ships, when they get closer to you, so you want to take out the bigger ones first. This game forces you to learn blind typing, because you cannot get good at this, if you have to look at the keyboard all the time. http://phoboslab.org/ztype/ Happy hunting P.S. I'm really bad at this. I can't do blind typing, and then there's also the language barrier. But maybe I can learn it this way.
  6. I thought a new game needed to be added to the mix and came up with this. Basically, the game starts with someone asking a question, any question at all that preferably sounds deep. The next poster must answer this question in a humourous, silly or just plain outrageous way. So basically no serious answers Then that poster poses us another question. Most importantly, have fun! Let the games begin. I'll start with a classic: Why is the sky blue?
  7. smartpanda12

    Anyone else do youtube?

    Wondering if anyone else does Youtube videos just for fun, even though I don't like watching videos of myself, I still make singing videos for fun because I enjoy it. (I just play the song on spotify and sing along usually) Here's two of my few videos: http://youtu.be/s1i_t9v7RNw http://youtu.be/B62K0hrrNcQ
  8. The old tale goes that when one walks under a ladder they get bad luck. It's something to do with the ladder, the wall and the ground creating a triangle which is supposed to symbolise the Devil! I have always believed this crazy superstition because I cannot disprove it. Even today. And you have you be particularly careful with scaffolding too because you can be walking under five ladders simultaneously if you're not careful all without even knowing. So if you're on the way to a job interview (for example) the last thing you want to do is walk under a ladder or even worse 100 ladders as you walk under that scaffolding fronting the whole front-face of that skyscraper you're walking round (taking it to the extreme LOL)! I think it's high time there was a proper analysis to see if this old wife's superstition is true or not. But the minute we look at whether it is true or not we have a problem straight away; unfortunately for any experimenter wishing to practically test the superstition there may well be instore a whole lot of bad luck for they will have to walk under the ladder to test it! And no one knows when the bad luck comes up. It may be straight away or it may be like karma where it builds up and unleashes a thunderbolt of bad luck years later. Again no one knows. So to avoid setting experimenters up with a stack of bad luck we would have to study this tale indirectly perhaps through philosophical debate. Now I can't tell you how deep that debate is going to go because clearly we will have to dig down to the root of this superstition which is likely to have come about through religion.
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