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Found 7 results

  1. Alex

    The Happy Thread

    Hello and welcome to The Happy Thread! I had this idea to make a thread where members are free to post anything they want, as long as it is something positive. So, consider this your sanctuary, free of negativity and all bad things. Hopefully, if you are having a bad day or you are just feeling a bit moody, you can drop by this thread and maybe it will put a smile on your face, or even better, make you laugh hysterically In here, you are free to post anything, as long as it is not: Anything negative, grudges, insults, bashing, flaming, trolling.... You get the idea... And please, for the love of god, no debates! What I do want to see is: Love, happiness, nice comments, videos, songs, poetry, jokes, links, pictures, funny remarks, shenanigans, stories, kindness to eachother, what you had for dinner last night... Anything positive! Spread the love and kindness! --------------------------- To start off this thread, here is a cooking video by a really nice guy called "The One Pot Chef" Man, this guy seems so happy in every video I see with him! And the food! Yum! And I hope you are all having a great day/evening/afternoon/morning, or any other possible time of day, no matter where you are in the world!
  2. ponz

    Achievement Thread!

    Life is hard, whether you're an aspie or not, so I'm starting this thread for everyone to post their achievements and be proud of what they've done! You can post anything, big or small, that you've done and feel good about doing. (Examples: survived a family gathering, got your license, tried a new food, didn't have a meltdown, sent an email, did your homework, etc) Don't be shy! There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your own accomplishments. ^__^ I'll start by mentioning that I spent 5.5-6 hours last night sewing batting to foam cushions and replaced my old flat couch cushions with the new ones! The old cushions had been causing distress and pain, and since I have to sit and sleep on the couch, it was a big problem. So yay, my derrière feels great now!!! *\(^o^)/* Go ahead and post your own achievements!!!!! =D
  3. If it's your birthday or you'd like to wish someone a happy birthday... This is the Happy Birthday thread!
  4. HalfFull

    What makes you smile?

    I think its time for at least one happy thread What puts a smile on your face? If you don't smile on the outside, what makes you smile on the inside? For me, its visiting interesting cities, seeing famous landmarks, seeing beautiful landscapes and watching hilarious and surreal films and clever oneliners. What about you?
  5. What do you do for fun, to relax, that makes you smile, feel free, happy, joyful? I LOVE to dance!! Dancing is absolutely one of the things that can really relax me and ut a smile on my face, it can ease a hard day and light my mood like nothing else! What do you do that makes your soul happy? Just in case, here's some "Forró" =) https://youtu.be/oc_oFGOAQ_0 Don't ever forget to do what makes you feel your absolute best <3
  6. blacktiger911

    happy easter everyone!

    happy easter everyone hope you have a good day.
  7. Its strange to talk about how i feel to people coz its like my words are translated into another language and i end up feeling misunderstood. Anyways.. Since ive started to study what asperger means and how it described lots of problems ive had growing up, in family life and school and other social situations , it has felt like a dead end. I appreciate that the diagnosis exist and that people are communicating about it, but i dont know how i should find my own way, without being stressed by the outside world, and how to find and accept some kind of position in life. Im not stupid, i try so many things but it doesn't give me the manual i need, i cant stand the psychosocial values and ways of the world, its like the all i believed in growing up ive now understood arent real or any good. But totally isolating me makes me anxious, even though id like to be able to be unattached. I think about death almost every day, how it would be easy if there were any gun around (which there ain't) to just end it, it dont want to destroy my familys life and my best friends life that way, but i cant help thinking about it. Its like i dont have the energy and know-how soul in my skull that should be there, that others seem to have. Ive tried at some times in my life to self medicate, with alcohol, or/and stimulants and benso, but drug abuse have always hurt me and made me more sick than helped, it only helped at some points for temporary motivation and focus to connect to others, but it never lasted. So i gave it up about 6 months ago. Now all i have is meditation which clears my head from the worse, and my apartment to keep clean. I dont go to school anymore and i havent tried small jobs around anything yet. I get enough money to live on, coz of having the diagnosis (some lucky ones gets it that way in sweden). I dont care about earning more money coz theres nothing I could buy that would fix anything. Could someone tell me about finding some peace with aspergers and how to accept a kind of secure loneliness, not trying to fit in where you cant, and how to activate some motivation in life and discover positive sides of aspergers. Thanks..
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