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Found 18 results

  1. TheAnswer


    Hello everyone! My name is Alex, I’m 26, and I think I might have aspergers, I’ve been seriously struggling a lot socially and emotionally. I had in the past 2 years a good job, and I’m good on languages and analyzing stuff. I’m very shy out of my house, and I feel very lonely as I have difficulties to communicate with people due to my anxiety /social anxiety. I’ve been reviewing my last years in life and I think there are strong evidences that I have aspergers. I’m very interested in nature (the most powerful thing to relax me), walks, beaches/sea... Hope to make friends and live a more meaningful life.
  2. Primeape


    Thought I'd make a message to say I'm going to become more active here again my life is still the same has it was before I took a break, but i am okay with that, I don't mind How is everyone? Hope everyone is well
  3. Choco Otter

    Hello again!

    Hello everyone, I'm a returning member to the forum. I'm 28, and I've diagnosed with ASD since childhood pretty much. I also have a condition called ulcerative colitis which affects my bowels. Just an update to what I've been up to. I got a masters degree in toxicology (that's how things affect the body - I don't poison anyone!), but I've still been finding it tricky to get a job. In the meantime, I've been doing some volunteering in the hospital, mostly fixing hearing aids and also offering tea and coffee in A&E on other days. I also do some casual work in a local pub, it's tiring but I can at least get some experience and money. In my spare time, I've been learning how to knit, and I play computer games. The future is still fairly uncertain for me so far. If I have to, I'll return to university. I wouldn't mind learning about medicine, but I'm not sure how well I would work in a high-pressure job.
  4. Nirve


    Greetings! I'm Nirve. Just got here and have started snooping around. Looks like a neat place with neat people. Um...I guess a bit about myself... I'm 37, married for almost 15 years, and have a 13 year old daughter. She was diagnosed Asperger's at 11. It wasn't until we took her out of school this last year for homeschooling that I began to suspect that I also have Asperger's. My husband agreed with me and it's like my whole world shook. All the frustration, embarrassment, confusion, obsession, and miscommunication from my childhood onward suddenly started making sense. I realized I wasn't broken, or stupid, or dumb, I was just different and there was a reason for it. I honestly didn't know how to be myself for a couple weeks, because it felt like my sense of self was reshaping. I think it worried my husband some. Things in my head have settled, mostly because they have to so I can deal with life, but I still feel shaky and uncertain of how to feel about myself. I guess I'm hoping to find something here, be it answers, guidance, friends, or a better sense of self. Hmm...I've said more here than I thought I would. Anywho... Hi!
  5. Whoknows

    Hello there, again

    Hello again. I haven't been here in a while. Hope I can get to talk and make some friends all along.
  6. Rainbowlife

    Hi, I'm new here

    Hi, I am new to this forum, 13, will be 14 in 5 months. I was diagnosed with asperger's when I was 8, I thought no one understood me and I thought that there weren't many people like me. I tried to act neurotypical but it was overwhelming and probably caused depression, I hope I finally found somewhere where I am accepted
  7. Hi Asperclick. As you might've guessed, my name is Loke. I'm 18 years old, 19 in two months. I live in Europe, Denmark, so my first language is Danish. My only hobby is drawing and watching/reading cartoons and comics. After many painful years of people failing to realize what's wrong with me, I was finally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome just a couple weeks ago... Nice to meet you I guess? I'm all kinds of awkward, especially with introductions, so I don't really know if this will go anywhere, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try this site out, even if people think I'm weird. I have no friends whatsoever, neither on the internet or in real life. I'm just all around lonely really. So don't expect much on the social interaction front, it's not really my area. Actually, I really want to try to get to know some people though, and what better place than a forum full of broken heads, I thought... So um, this is where I run out of ideas for what to say. Talk to me if you want I guess. I promise I'm not as unfriendly as I seem... just a bit "shy" if you can call it that.
  8. slandau


    Hi my name is Steven Landau. I am 17 years old and I finally decided to join this site to meet others like myself. I have struggled with Aspergers for awhile now. I constantly feel like i am a target of amusement for those around me and I hate it. I understand that here I am like everyone else and appreciate that immensely. I plan on attending Rochester Institute of Technology next year for computer science. I also play a lot of video games and like to read. Just introducing myself, nice to meet everyone. -Steven Landau
  9. LadyBecca94

    Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag

    Hi everyone, I'm Becca, and honestly I just like a lot of stuff. If you looked on my mp3 player - yeah, I'm old-school, no iPod for me - you'd find a variety of stuff ranging from One Direction to Kansas to Charli XCX. I like a little bit of everything as far as music's concerned. Most of the stuff I watch is American, so I watch it online because otherwise I have to wait months for it to come to the UK, and I'm not waiting months to watch new Supernatural episodes! Just some of the stuff l like to watch includes; Faking It, Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black, Supernatural, How To Get Away With Murder, Glee, Game of Thrones, Pushing Daisies..... you get the picture. Now about more me. I was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADD in about 2011-2012ish, and it was just like someone had switched a light on suddenly. I loved having a name to what made me different, instead of just being the weird girl. About a year or so after my Aspergers diagnosis, I realised I'm also bisexual, so there's another minority I belong to. Honestly, I'm just weird, and I like it. I'm special. I'm always open to conversations with anyone nice, especially if you're into some of the stuff I am, because then we can fangirl together. My Instagram - babababooks94 Tumblr: fandomcrazychick.tumblr.com Twitter: @fandomcrzychick
  10. Bergamott574

    Newbie Introductions

    Hello Just recently joined Asperclick after coming across it while researching my condition. I was recently diagnosed after coming back to the US after many years over seas. Looking to chat with people who are more familiar with their own condition or attempt to relate to those who were diagnosed in adulthood and the struggles that have come about in result of that. As my profile states I enjoy reading, researching, smoking, drinking tea and writing research articles. I am also currently in a relationship with someone who is also on the spectrum but in a different form from mine (ADD.) Not very good at short introductions but, oh well. Hi there!
  11. awesomeliza

    I am back! :)

    Hi! Sorry for my prolonged absence here on Asperclick. I've been somewhat busy with schoolwork, as well as building websites and working on my own projects for a while. I will be here more often now
  12. Saveyourscissors

    Thought I'd say hey!

    Hey everyone Just thought I'd come and say hello, Its been ages since I've talked to most of you! Have missed talking to you all, especially Lacey, Heather, Willow, Sofi, Kerry, Sean, Alex, Ben, ect.. I could go on but everyone I used to talk to I guess! So its been a while huh? How is everyone? Have I missed much? Anything exciting going on at the moment? I guess I haven't been on here as I haven't really had the time. My life has been so chaotic this year if I'm honest, I won't go into detail on here but happy to talk about it privately with those of you I know I'd like to say things are looking up but if I'm honest there not really.. still got loads going on! Anyway I'm hoping to get back into using the forum again and look forward to hopefully catching up with everyone and chatting again
  13. Clockwork Crow

    lets all get along :)

    i'm not going to go in to to much detail, but i must apologise for my spelling in this or any other of my posts, i'm fairly reacently diagnosed, for both high functioning autisum and atention deficet dissorder. i hope to get along with lots of you and if any one is bored i'm here for a chat
  14. Shawn


    Hello , my name is Shang (Shawn) . I currently live in Beijing , its a very noisy city
  15. Lilly Rose

    New To This...say Hi?

    Hi everyone, My sister showed me a link to willows wonderful videos, and I was so comforted to know there are people out there just like me! Now I'm a member on this site id like to make some new friends:-) Im all the way from Australia- so the time differences might mean im a bit delayed, but add me as a friend- im always up for a chat:-) And I'm single to boys- hey heeeyyyy?? ahahahahahha jokes:-) but seriously- i am. lol Id also like to know how you deal with your aspersgers and just how to feel more comfortable all round. Look forward to hearing from you XXXX Lilly
  16. InsomniaDreams

    Hey late

    Hey. I'm Matt from Liverpool UK. Found out about all this from watching Willow's videos. Probably should have posted in here first before posting other stuff.
  17. Willow

    Welcome to our forum!

    I'm WillowHope and I run this forum with my fiancé Chris. I'm 20 and am diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. I'm a writer, graphic designer and photographer - I also love to sing and paint. I have a book out about the struggles of being an undiagnosed teenager/getting diagnosed - it's poetry though, so not to everyone's taste. I also run a 'vlog' style YouTube page which I update regularly I want this forum to be a friendly place to chat with friends about Aspergers, but also about everyday stuff - favourite movies, day trips, hobbies, plans etc. So, come in, put your feet up and type away. I hope you like it here From Willow xx
  18. Willow

    Welcome to Asperclick!

    Thank you for stumbling upon Asperclick - a forum for adults with Asperger's and Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and for people who know somebody with either. We hope you enjoy your time here and will help to make this a happy, lively (but most of all friendly) community! This forum was founded by WillowHope and is run by her and her partner @Rhys, and sometimes her Stepfather @Spiderman0_2 helps out. Here's a video tutorial on how to get the best out of the forum So, basically, all I really wanted to say was welcome and - play nice! Please read our guidelines and the pinned topics on the previous page! - Willow & Rhys
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