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Found 19 results

  1. I have been thinking about ideas on what to do if you can't afford fees to see a therapist. Say someone who once bullied you can afford it. You could try persuading them to pay for the therapist. I'm thinking this because there may be some posters who haven't been officially diagnosed. Self-diagnosis is anecdotal. People tend to overinterpret their behaviour and may think they qualify for diagnosees that they don't have.
  2. This is a pack of thirteen cards, one identification and twelve communication cards to help explain things in situations where those with autism might not be able to do so. Would @Willow like to create her own version for the U.K market with pictures of "the girl in the panda hat" instead of Princess Aspien. Willow Hope instead of Chloe Hayden could write personal letters to buyers of the U.K version. The U.K version, if done, should be available in Gaelic, Welsh and maybe other languages (such as French) in addition to English.
  3. HEY Dont be afraid of text length. It may not even be interesting but i really promise you that... sometimes helping other people out can be the key to... your own development !!! Its been quite a while since i havent continued with my arc of disgraced stories of frustration in love, but IM BACK [insert ironic/sarcastic tone of voice], YAY !!! Anyways, the problem i still have from this specific situation is one of the most haunting things from all the multiple shitstorms that have been crushing my self-esteem, sanity and relations nowadays. I would really love to make this short and concise but ,as always, ill have to tell it from the beginning : I always thought my greatest passion was going to come out of a cheesy as hell hollywood-esque situation when i was a kid but, apparently, God (if he exists and i really hope he does not) has a pretty fucked up sense of originality and the very first eye contact that i had with her was with with some random OCD ritual of giving panoramic looks around the classroom that i care since 8th grade...And there she was, way back in the last benches: beautifully pale, slightly chubby, with a soft black hair and a pair of cute cheeks...imagine that song Bang Bang but with a Tomahawk missile blast instead. Unfortunately, my lack of social skills led me to making some pretty awkward and unpolite advances through letters that i thought would be "cool" according to 8th grade Lucas's retarded logic. But i still groomed some hopes until some months ago thinking she would just think "Oh, he was just being silly" and that i would have some chances with her but, as everything in my life, it backfired horribly. In a curt and cutting (just as her personality and kind of her gaze, although i always loved it ) whatsapp message she said i was hassling her and that i basically had to give her a LONG time. She also said : "I dont even want friendship with you" and some other little "feel good" things such as : "But dont worry, focus on ther girls" and "its gonna be alright". It all almost seemed as joke since those little words at the end werent even close of soothing the damage. I even tried to face it with the "man up and go on" macho meme but i quickly figured out how bad of a meme it was because it made me realize i just couldnt move on. Each day it grows stronger to me that she is probably the only woman i had any kind of genuine love and the rest are probably going to be like bubblegum that i chew and spit when the relation gets tasteless (if i sound like a grade A asshole, it's because i am. Its natural for frustrated people to be like that ). The thought that i may never find happiness with other girl is really unerving...Whenever i get alone and with nothing on my head, this disgraced thought hits me like a bullet. I even try to practice some sport or something but it always hits back twice as hard. Its like theres no escape for this burden for a crime i never commited... BUT HEY, i may be wrong and thats why im asking for your advices. I can even consider to silence it with licit/illicit drugs since i cant seem to cope with it...
  4. hawkasweapon

    Need some advice!

    Hey so im going to a music festival this weekend and im pretty nervous becuase ill be seeing a freind i havent talked to in a long time.i want to see the bands but is it really worth it if i dont have a place to stay .i would have to drive an hour there and drive an hour back.i dont think ill be able to drink that much.im worried please help
  5. It's a given that the forum has helped many people, but how has Asperclick helped you? (e.g. What has it made you realize? What process has it helped you go through? What experience has it given you? How has it helped you grow as a person? etc.)
  6. Hi, I was wondering peoples thoughts on telling a partner you have Aspergers? I'm on the milder end of the spectrum and its not particularly noticeable... Do you think its important I let a possible partner know? I know you can't really answer it for me but I'm in need of advice. Emma x
  7. Hi Peeps I've started my own Welsh language YouTube channel; Aspie Cymru. On it I will be discussing Aspergers etc. and my perspective on things which are associated with autism. Any posts I make about this channel will remain in one topic, as to avoid cluttering and confusion. Also, sorry for potentially posting this in the wrong thread, I wasn't sure which one to choose; couldn't find a dedicated thread/topic for posting such content - my bad if there is Anyway, this is my first video And this is the accompanying blurb Cynnig fi ar drio creu adnoddau Cymraeg ar gyfer codi ymwybyddiaeth o awtistiaeth yng Nghymru. Gobeithio fydd hyn o fudd i bobol. Unrhyw cwestiynau neu sylwadau? Gadewch nhw ar waelod y dudalen Diolch am wylio. Parch a heddwch x This is my attempt at creating Welsh language resources to raise awareness about autism in Wales. I hope that this will be of some benefit or comfort etc. to people. Any questions or comments? Leave them at the bottom at the page Thanks for watching. Respect and peace x It is important that resources are available in different languages (when possible) and that's one of the reasons why I have chosen to do this. It is not my intention to take over from anyone else or to "step on anybody's toes". There isn't anybody else "out there" doing this in Welsh, so I thought "why not?". So,I'm giving it a go. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AspieCymru/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AspieCymru1
  8. Clockwork Crow


    hello i'm very interested in maths (and science) and i am currently doing my A-Level at college - i was wondering is any one else is doing these subjects and maybe we can post here about things in class we have truble with and help each other out? the one thing i can do is maths and science, and i'm proud of that fact. and i want to help people who struggle a little and also be able to ask/talk about things like this. ithere is another post for science, aswell as another thread in general descution more for asking questions about curiositys eg. how do magnets work? how can geckoes stay stuck to the walls? so i'm looking forward to helping thost that struggle - those struggling with me and i hope that maye there are some university studants/graduates who can go in to great detail about some topics? (i know not perticualy Aspie related but its friendly here and i feel i can talk here SO much easier than to people in my class)
  9. Clockwork Crow

    Connecting to people

    so here's the thing... i was brousing around when i came across a post about begin touchy feely, and lots of people where saying that they can with people they like/love but... well... does any one else other than me have problems connecting to people. literaly connecting to anyone. cuz it feels like there's something wrong with me that other AS can love, yet i can :/ so is it something not connected with AS? or does some one know what i'm talking about or trying to say? at the moment i just treat everyone equally, and nicely. but i cant seem to get attached or emotionally involved with anyone even my mommy :'( i don't like it
  10. slandau


    Whenever I text people I can never tell if they actually want to talk to me. How do I know if people actually want me to respond or keep talking to them? I don't want to be intrusive or bother them if they don't want to talk to me I just cant tell when or if I'm bothering them. I just don't know if they want to talk to me. Here is an example conversation: Me: Hey want me to return the thing I borrowed or keep it and return it later? Her: Eithers fine Me: Alright. Say what days do you work? Her: I come when they call. Me: Ah that must be nice. How long are the your days usually? I know its not much to work with but I cant tell if she actually wants to talk to me. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but then again maybe not.
  11. I wanted to ask what other people do to deal with stress. I'm usually quite bad at dealing with stress, when I'm at work, and I'm under pressure, I really struggle to perform properly and I panic a lot, even when doing simple tasks, whenever I struggle with them, I panic and worry. I get really anxious and worried when I'm stressed, I struggle to concentrate and make mistakes, I wish I wasn't like this and could just turn off my emotions, but I cant. Any help of how to better deal with stress? Sorry if I haven't explained properly
  12. I work in a movie theater and yesterday was a horrible day there. I normally act likable and "normal", but yesterday I felt depressed for some reason and acted like my regular self would and my facade cracked immensely. I was ushering/cleaning theaters with 2 other people, Tonya and Jacob, and they had been there for an hour or so before me and had been chatting. So I felt left out and was even more sad, which led to me being even more ostracized, it's was a vicious cycle. I was giving that girl Tonya some attitude because she's prettier and more popular than me and she gave me even more attitude back. And later on I'm pretty sure she was talking shit about me, she was standing with this guy Kyle and they were talking and when I got close they stopped talking, and Kyle kept looking at me awkwardly and Tonya was all quiet. Then I think Kyle and Tonya were talking to everyone else because everyone was like awkward, and as I was leaving my shift, my one ally at work, David, half jokingly and half seriously said that I have to be nice to him since he's the "only one that actually likes me". And I was gonna investigate the matter, but decided not too. I literally felt so outcasted, I felt like crying at that moment because now nobody likes me at work. I only have 2 acquaintances and 1 friend, David, at work, but even he isn't that good of a friend with me since he watched a movie with Tonya and I never did anything outside of work with him, and he has a girlfriend but still hung out with her and not me. I work next tomorrow for 6 hours, and I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully I can get more info tomorrow with some allies because I feel like quitting since nobody likes me, but I'm not gonna give up or surrender. However, I am close to breaking, an hopefully a glorious dawn awaits... P.S. I referenced "Galaxy Quest" and Stephen Hawking in this post
  13. Fayonaise


    For as long as I can remember, dental work was a big part of my life. Bad teeth is a part of my genetics and due to the extensive work I had to have done, I developed a fear of the dentist when I was very young. I took a trip to the dentist today and despite my ritualistic obsession with dental hygiene, I was told that I had to have a filling. Of course that sent me in to full-blown meltdown in the middle of the room. Having fillings are one of my worst nightmare due to various things of the procedure. I hate the after effects, the feeling of the needle in your gums and worst of all... the drill! My appointment isn't until the 13th of October but I'm already panicking. My dentist is aware of my Aspergers and he's super understanding as he has other patients who are also on the spectrum. He was kind enough to offer me the chance to be sent to Reading to be sedated during the procedure, but I've never been sedated before and I don't know the clinic. (Has anyone been here? If so what was your experience like?) I just wondered if anyone else has a problem with this and what methods you use to cope with having the procedure done? Thanks guys
  14. I would like to have your opinions on wether or not you think that these are valid reasons why I "can't possibly have Asperger's". I am asking this because these are the reasons that my mother gives whenever I try to discuss Asperger's with her and I'm not sure that they're particularly valid actually. I would like to make it clear that I am not asking for opinions on wether or not I have Asperger's; I am asking if you think that these are valid reasons why one couldn't have Asperger's. Now the main reason is that I like to spontaneously share my ideas, opinions and things that I have made. Apparantly aspies don't do that. That doesn't seem correct to me because if aspies didn't have a desire to share things then they wouldn't infodump as much as they do. As I see it, all they want to do is to share their knowledge, and ideas about their obsessions. The other main reason that I can think of at the moment is that I always used to talk with a lot of expression - both in my voice and in terms of facial expression - when I spoke, particularly but not only if it was about one of my interests at the time. Again she claims that aspies don't do that, although I have read that some aspies do talk quite expressively sometimes. I would like to hear your opinions on wether or not these are valid reasons to say that one does not have Asperger's, and I will add any further reasons that she has given as I remember them. And please remember that I am not asking for opinions on wether you do or don't think that I have Asperger's. Regards, invisible
  15. blacktiger911

    My Bad Mouth

    so I have a problem with cussing and I really want to stop I get in troble for it a lot and if I could just stop it my life and others would be better. any advice that could help?
  16. So my life changing exams are two weeks away and my problem is revision and I cant do it. I get distracted so easily and I am asking if you have any revision tips which can help learn so much knowledge for these exams and help me stay calm Thanks Josh
  17. hello i'm very interested in science (and maths) and i am currently doing my A-Level at college - i was wondering is any one else is doing these subjects and maybe we can post here about things in class we have truble with and help each other out? the one thing i can do is maths and science, and i'm proud of that fact. and i want to help people who struggle a little and also be able to ask/talk about things like this. i'll be making another post for maths, aswell as another thread in general descution more for asking questions about curiositys eg. how do magnets work? how can geckoes stay stuck to the walls? (i know not perticualy Aspie related but its friendly here and i feel i can talk here SO much easier than to people in my class)
  18. So, I need some advice. My niece is six years old and I'm pretty certain she is on the spectrum. She also has difficulty listening to people and staying focused (possibly ADD?). My sister has taken her to the doctors one before and her case was referred to CAMHS but the case got rejected. She approached her school and is supposed to be receiving emotional literacy support(?) but nothing has really come from that. My sister has gone back to her GP a couple of times and is awaiting a call from them regarding help for her. I really would like to do something for my niece, as I feel I understand her more than anyone else. My sister often tells me that my niece reminds her of me so much. We share very similar traits. I'm also undergoing assessment regarding Aspergers. Due to her lack of concentration, it's really hard to talk to her, she also can't write well, so asking her to write down her feelings is out of the question. I managed to get some information from her today at a family party after a meltdown regarding another family member and my nieces small teddy bear - she told me she doesn't like people touching her things (I also get like this) and being with lots of people is sometimes 'scary' and makes her upset - which I interpreted as she gets 'overwhelmed' (totally get like this too). My sister said she is easily bored but absolutely loves crafts and it's the only thing that keeps her focused. She also doesn't talk sometimes and communicates by pointing and the 'thumbs up/down' hand gesture. She also 'takes' things from school like small plastic gems and the plastic blocks they use for counting which she has got in to trouble for. I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how I can help her? Is there any other way I can get her to share her feelings? I just feel so helpless, like there is nothing I can do for her. It's heartbreaking because she is such a polite little girl and is so grateful for everything yet she thinks that no one loves her. It's almost like she feels not good enough. I can't afford to take her to any classes and neither can her mother, but I just want to do something to help her as I feel I understand her so well, yet I also feel like there is nothing I can do.
  19. Willow

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