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Found 5 results

  1. Dr-David-Banner

    Defending Hans Asperger

    I've had a few months now to gather my thoughts on the accusations made towards Austrian Psychologist Hans Asperger. Despite the apparent fact that a very high percentage of the A.S.D. Community has accepted the claim at face value that Asperger was either a Nazi apologist or even a card-carrying member, let's say I remain highly sceptical (and for some very good reasons). Let's muddy the water somewhat: I am going to quote directly from views expressed by Hans Asperger himself and little-known views voiced by his rivals. Apologies if some may find the quote bit upsetting below: "To list but a few examples: autism’s co-discoverer in America, Leo Kanner, supported sterilisation for the mentally disabled, while Foster Kennedy, chairman of the American Psychiatric Association, advocated a US euthanasia programme to be modelled upon the Nazis’. In England, Winston Churchill endorsed the Mental Deficiency Act 1913, mandating that all “imbeciles” be separated from society and involuntarily committed to labour camps, typically for the rest of their lives. Amid often awful squalor, many deteriorated and died." That then is pretty shocking. Nobody today seems to take issue with the idea that Winston Churchill had zero acceptance of those he considered "inferior" and shockingly envisioned their exploitation as slave labour!! Leo Kanner was credited with the very early conceptualisation of the childhood autism diagnosis and is still widely revered today. Nobody seems to be aware of his ethical views. Here now is Hans Asperger's thoughts in direct quote: ”Not everything that steps out of line, and thus 'abnormal,' must necessarily be 'inferior’." -Hans Asperger "The autistic personality is an extreme variant of male intelligence." (Hans Asperger) "Social adaptation has to proceed via the intellect." (Hans Asperger) The problem is this: Few people have ever read what Asperger actually said or attempted to deduce his overall ideology and outlook. Yet, this is very plain to see in his essays. There is no doubt at all, Asperger's work was directed in a very positive light and there is no real tangible sign he held views in any way similar to Leo Kanner. I never picked up any idea of Asperger as being in any way sentimental or even playing the Schindler role (supposedly pretending the children were often gifted to spare them and, therefore, exaggerating. In reality, his approach is totally scientific and research-based. Not only that but Asperger struck me as the only neurologist who was exploring the advantages to society of the autistic mind and likewise tying it in with genetics. It seems to me his work was split two ways: (1) He actually had an interest in how to change teaching methods to help slow-learners or classroom rejects. (2) He was fascinated by the fact so many of the autistic kids had intellectual parents so likewise strong intelligence genes. The absolute clincher in this argument is if you read Asperger's essays, he concludes the exact opposite of the contemporary German ideology of a blond-haired, blue-eyed race. Amazingly, Asperger concluded that genius or creativity arises from imbalance and a juxtaposition of negative personality and positive personality traits. Asperger "knew" many schizophrenics were great artists or musicians. My honest guess is whatever evidence they gathered to discredit Asperger was probably based on his tactical positioning at a time when Austria was under a Fascist dictatorship. I also have deep suspicions the discrediting of Asperger was sort of politically motivated and strangely coincides with the decision to drop his name from professional acclaim. Yet seemingly not Leo Kanner? And lastly, Asperger's work I found to be incredibly helpful and definitely looking at a subject from a totally more positive perspective than those who pump out drugs and anti-psychotics (often in the interests of large drug companies). When acceptance of Asperger Syndrome became consolidated in the late 1980s in the U.K., the approach taken was that of treating a psychological disorder with the focus on the various symptoms and deviations. In the USSR, research was seemingly ahead of the U.K. and U.S.A. but worryingly the emphasis was on the use of drugs and even anti-psychotics to "normalise" those who deviated from the assumed highest standard "normality". Although I don't seriously endorse any view of superiority over neurotypicals or the "evolutionary steps" outllook that started to predominate on forums in the mid 2000's, it isn't necessarily to be excluded that the idea behind the discrediting of Asperger not long ago was intended to break up and neutralise the on-going social awareness of autistic people as a social class. Much as I dislike these days the use of the term "aspies", I am still basically in favour of a more positive image towards neurodiversity. Simply because awareness creates more rights and consideration towards those who usually were left to struggle with little support or accommodation by the system. Supposing it is true that there was a sort of conspiracy theory to put the brakes on autism awareness, you get the impression so far it appears to have worked.
  2. For me it's the time of the Middle Ages and the Tudors era and the time of the Greeks and the Romans and as well Egypt the time of the king tut era and the history of William Wallace and sir Robert the Bruce of Scotland ?
  3. My is the time of the Tudors and the Middle Ages and the roman times
  4. My favourite part of history has always been the middel ages and the tuords times of king Henry the 8th and I love the time of agent Egyptians and the roman times and the Time of when vincent Van Gogh was at his prime and the time of William Wallace anybody else
  5. Gin

    Hello, I'm Gin

    Hello everyone, I'm Gin. I'm a female, I'm 22 and I am from Europe. I like moving countries, and I suck at upkeeping friendships with outside people. However, with anyone on the internet, I like not having to worry about that. It's always going to be the same, whether I'm chatting in Moscow or Lausanne. I'm an overly paranoid person sometimes, and I can be very opinionated, with black and white morals. However, the majority of times I'm a very nice and shy person. I love writing. I like to write science fiction and fantasy stories. I also enjoy reading them. Especially the works of Milton, Anthony Burgess, Clive Cussler and Charles Stross. I also have a strong interest in maps, planes and history. My favourite plane is the DC-10. I like to spend hours looking up and collecting interesting information on the net, and am filled with random information that no one else seems to care for. I tend to feel somewhat overwhelmed and lost in the outside world. I'm very gullible, so people have taken advantage of that. I thought I had a best friend, but he did some things, and I probably cannot look at him the same way again. I really just want to meet friends online again. We tend to have more in common anyway. I love talking to people and want to meet you guys, so please message me.
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