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Found 3 results

  1. Willow

    How To's And Faq's

    How do I get an image to appear in my signature? How do I use the Multi Quote feature? http://youtu.be/svjTEZxiiOI How do I attach an image to the post? Click 'More Reply Options' at the bottom right of your reply box. From there you can add files from your computer, assuming they're not too large. To do that, look in the section below the reply box titled 'Attach Files' and click 'Choose Files...' and select what you want to upload. When it has uploaded you will see it above the title 'Attach Files'; click 'Add to Post' which is at the right hand side. You can upload up to 244.14MB of files (Max. single file size: 18MB). The max dimensions are 700 x 1050, but it should resize it itself if it's bigger than that. Alternatively, you can upload your image to a photo sharing site like Photobucket, Flickr or ImageShack and you will want to copy the 'Direct URL' and then come back here. Look at the toolbar at the top of the reply box and click on the image button, which is the 11th one on the bottom row, and past your image URL into the box it brings up. If you want to attach something from the internet, you need to right click the image and click 'Copy Image URL' and then paste that in the same manner as above. How do I attach a video to the post? Copy the video URL, come here and click on the link button on the top toolbar, which is the 9th button on the bottom row, and paste the link into the box it brings up.
  2. SkyIsNotTheLimitMindIs

    I am a CEO with a manager with Asperger's

    Hello All. I would like to advice, opinions and your personal experience. I am a CEO of a SME company. The manager of the most important dpt is a young person in one's twenties with only grammar school education, dyslexia and a what I say kinda Asperger's. Asperger's has been diagnosed by medical professionals. It is in my opinion not a "typical" Asperger's case (my former boss had also diagnosed Asperger's so I already knew quite a bit on the A before we started working together). Our manager got the job by a freak accident before my time. Today I think our manager would not stand a chance in getting this job. People around the world compete on these very positions. And I don't mean normal fierce competition. I mean I get cv's and applications from all over the world from top professionals and they say quite often "you don't have to even pay me just give me the job". And they are dead serious. The business we are in is unique, fascinating, intresting - it is a dream job. Let me start by saying our manager means incrediby much to me also as a human being, not just as a colleague. We have seen some really tough times togethere. Our manager has shown commitment to the work and the company like I have never seen before. Apart from myself. The reason I write here is I want to help our manager to reach one's full potential. I am convinced this person will be able to achieve amazing results but needs guidance. And I need hints on how to do it. Our manager Tarmi (not a real name) has really high IQ and is really smart. But there are incrediblenough difficulties to do or remember even very basic everyday things. Like one's address. My manager Tarmi has big reocurring problems with the team and many colleagues as well. Tarmi's team members working under Tarmi really seem to hate their manager Tarmi, mildly put. They think that Tarmi is the satan. I sometimes think they are talking about another person. I do not see the person they describe as the person I believe Tarmi to be. It has gone to the point that i have started asking myself is Tarni acting like a complete a**h*** with them and like a nice person to me? I don't personally think so. I know Tarmi suffers a great deal because of the situation. Not because Tarmi particularly needs their acceptance but who likes to be hated. There are some problems with 2-3 top clients as well. These are people who are better experts and more experienced than Tarmi which really seems to annoy Tarmi. I argue with Tarmi and we disagree on many things but Tarmi never offends me. I respect Tarmi and Tarmi's opinions and i think it goes both ways. Even when Tarmi says something considered 'socially unacceptable', I understand what Tarmi means. I just do for some weird reason. Tarmi seems to have problems with making plans, creating systems, having timetables and communicating with the staff. I have the same problems on a smaller scale so it might be I understand Tarmi because of that. Tarmi is brilliant in connecting things and finding solutions to incredibly complex problems. TArmi is in charge of many safety things and is really good with that. Tarmi is also more than perfect with non-professional customers and people just love Tarmi and ask for his services. Which is a bit funny given the situation with the staff. Tarmi is a big believer in army like management with punishment for mistakes. Perhaps because it is clear but not very modern in my opinion. But in case of our business Tarmi might be right. But Tarmi is bad in creating a clear system and communicating it to people. So I really cannot even put the system in place. A couple of questions: I have asked Tarmi to get some further training in psychology and leadership. University level. Mostly lectures. I have told Tarmi it is ok not to pass exams and if Tarmi does not want to do them there is no need to. Having dyslexia I understand university training may be a quite frightening thing for a person with no education whatsoever. Do you think Tarmi could benefit from that or what kind of training would help Tarmi? How to help Tarmi create systems and time tables better? Sit down with Tarni and write them together? How long can these meetings be in your experience? Also, should Tarmi talK about Asperger's to Tarmi'S team. I don't think Tarmi wants to and Tarmi feels they will use that information against Tarmi. Which is a possibility in such small circles as we are. My former boss talked about her Asperger's quite openly and I frankly admired her for that. I hope Tarmi could see A as a strength in some ways instead of a weakness. What am I missing or am I missing something? How can I coach Tarmi better? Tarmi is way smarter than I am and believe Tarmi knows these things are a problem even if Tarmi will NOT admit it. Maybe not because of A but because Tarmi is so young and does not want to seem inconfident or wrong. Tarmi might even know what to do... But there is a like a chaos inside Tarmi's head and I need something to sort the chaos with. A key of some kind to unlock something. I know we can make this work, but we need tools. Gratefull in advance on all hints. Ask me if you would like to know more to be able to give me more detailed answers to me. Also I would like to add that Tarmi has good sense of humour and lately Tarmi seems to have lost the passion (compulsion?) for the job perhaps of the problems. Tarmi has almost no friends apart from Tarmi's loving partner.
  3. Reading discussions in here I noticed that many of you have better dealing with communication in internet than in IRL. I need advice on that. Not even sure what kind of advice because I just don't understand what or how to talk with people online. Really. What do you discuss in online conversations or messages? How do you now that you are not bothering other person? Is there some how to? (I know, stupid question) Bad thing is I can get bored quite easily too. And I just can't get myself to answer messages in the moment I receive them. And sometimes (quite often) I just don't have anything to say. But yeah, I get bored too soon and after couple of weeks if I like that person and want to talk with him/her it seems rude to start contact again after not talking. Or is it not? It's just that... I have to initiate that contact if I want to talk with that person and I don't know how or if other person will want to speak with me. And daily communication is just way too much so there will be those moments of not communicating. And skype is another issue. Most of discussions just fade away. I'm online, other person too, but no one has anything to say and it just stay like that. Is that normal? Not saying goodbye to other person after conversation? Or saying it but still staying online? (Oh! I hate that all those people can see when I'm online! So I erased almost all my contacts. Even those I would love to talk some day. And invisible mode seems like cheating.) Funny thing is I'm quite proud of myself that I learned IRL communication. (So I can learn non-irl communication too, right?) Not that I have long term friends but I can argue, be friendly, have conversation, present my opinion. I work as sales person and I think I'm good at that. I can have friends but they are short term mostly. And I enjoy communicating with people (interesting people, normal ones are just booooring, sorry, they are good only for small talk if they are colleagues, customers or something like that). So... any advice?
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