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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone else here often have difficulty understanding humour? By this, I mean: Understanding sarcasm, and knowing when a person is being sarcastic. Understanding when something said is meant to be taken as a joke, and when it is serious. Picking up on references to popular culture. Getting the joke, understanding why something is funny. Banter, wind-ups and teasing. Understanding banter, being able to follow it and return it. knowing when someone is trying to wind you up. Double entendres Understanding Gifs. These are often lost on me because I can't make the connection between the gif and the point the person is trying to make. They are abstact and often not direct. I believe that eveyone has some level of difficulty understanding humour; not all people get all jokes 100% of the time, but I seem to have a lot more difficulty than most. All the above present some level of difficulty for me. It can be quite a serious difficulty, because so much of social interaction is based around humour. People like and want to be with people who are fun. Social groups bond together because they share jokes, laugh together, banter, and this is what is fun for then. The group develops its own culture. If you don't /can't join in this, then you aren't part of the group because you don't share in its culture, and you are an outsider. The group then won't include you in its activities. Many people find me boring and don't seek my company because they think that I'm boring. I don't do banter, I don't get other people's jokes, I don't get when something is meant as a joke and I take everything seriously or literally, I don't realise when someone is being sarcastic, I don't understand their references to popular culture and so they think I come from another planet (humour intended there ) I often find that I can't relate to or join in people's conversations because of this, and I seek out more 'serious' people who like being with me the way I am and don't mind if I'm not 'fun' all the time. Growing up, I had a very hard time because people picked up on the fact that I was unable to tell when someone was just joking or that I just didn't get things, and I often got very upset. My siblings made a kind of game of it by winding me up on purpose I still have difficulty with this, though I'm glad to say that my siblings no longer wind me up on purpose. It's not that I'm completely lacking in humour; it's just that my sense of humour is different than theirs. I would say I have quite a childish sense of humour, I like slapstick comedy and toilet humour, and I like absurd, surreal humour like Monty Python. I also like playing on words and puns. One of my favourite movies is Life of Brian
  2. DominikaCupcake

    British humour

    Does anyone else here love British humour? I assume that the answer will be yes. Personally i love Monty Python, Keeping up Appearances, Men Behaving Badly and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (both novel and new movie, i didn't see the old one, but i want to). I even like Mr. Bean even thought it's one of the most retarded series i've ever seen. I find British humour much better than for instance American (no offense) although they have South Park so they deserve some respect too.
  3. L Lawliet

    Taking things literally

    Apologies if this has been mulled over a thousand times I take loads of things literally. The obvious one being jokes. Someone will joke about something and I will take it really personally. Other types of jokes I give serious answers too. The other day a guy at work asked if I was going to share my biscuits. I went on a long rant about how I have never liked sharing food and how much I love biscuits and how it was nothing personal to him, etc. But then he was like, "I was only kidding!" and walked off laughing, making me feel really stupid. Also though, it's not just jokes. You know when someone says "Put this shell to your ear, you can hear the ocean"? As a child (as young as nursery school) I used to put it to my ear and frown because I didn't get it. How could I possibly hear the ocean in a shell? What's more embarrassing is that I only realised what this was all about because I asked my other half about it and what people meant by it. I only asked this the other week!!! For years I felt like I had been missing out on something so simple! Is this an AS thing or am I just taking life too seriously?
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