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Found 9 results

  1. polish_bear_65

    For my dad

    My dad spends significant part of his income on non-prescription drugs and I thought I could help him to save a little on his bills. I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to regular CVS stores since some of his medication isn't covered by health insurance. Yes, those are non-prescription drugs and I've been thinking about some sort of an online drug store. I've heard that Canadian ones are a lot cheaper than US-based. And judging by the news about their health system I don't think this theory is far fetched. Anyway, I need any feedback regarding real life experience of dealing with online drug stores. Any pitfalls etc. Will appreciate any kind of info regarding this issue. For instance: delivery times, payment methods, customs office issues and scammers. Anyway, I would appreciate any kind of feedback on your online medication sellers. Which are more reliable, which ones deal with prescription drugs (if it's legal to do so). I have never tried it online, so I'd like to get as much info as possible. Thanks.
  2. So for those who got internet, and along with that, web browsers, before 2004 and especially those who got that in the 1990s: Do you believe the impact of the web upon your life has been positive, neutral or negative and if positive or negative, which of the web versions had more impact? I don't know of clear definitions of web versions but I know one example of web 1.0 is personal websites (which were read-only, also see this thread), and an example of web 2.0 is blogs with comments. If any of you know any other examples of both, any of you can (also) go by any other examples you know.
  3. StarlessEclipse

    Was life better without the Internet?

    Just a simple question for those of you old enough to have lived a portion of your adult life without home Internet access. Do you believe that the impact of the Internet upon your life overall has been positive, neutral, or negative? Why?
  4. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the world wide web, which began in 1989. This was the same year as the first commercial public use of the internet. I remember when all web addresses I saw began with www, but this is actually just a subdomain. I would like to begin with a list of things the web is not: The web is not the whole internet The web is just one part of the internet. Email also goes between parties over the internet, but not the web. Although the first commercial public use of the internet was the same year as the web began, the only commercial public use at that time was emails between clients of different online service providers. Email existed before then, but one could only send email to other clients of the same service. It has only been 27 years since the web has been available to the general public. The web is not American As noted before, the internet is of American origins, and as are a lot of things to do with computers and the internet, even the free software movement and open content licences originated in that country, but the web was founded by a Brit, Tim Berners-Lee when he worked for Switzerland's C.E.R.N, cern.ch is the oldest domain name. Does that mean that .ch is actually the oldest top-level domain?
  5. Kuribo [old account]

    Smilies/Emoticons on Autism Forums

    This is a bit of a strange topic, but I'm curious to know what people think about the use of smilies/emoticons as a means of communication on Autism forums. I've been told in the past that I over-use them and I've had people misinterpret the reasons for my use of them, but I personally consider them to be a great communication tool. One could sometimes be the difference between my interpretation of a post as friendly or hostile, and while I've gotten over this now, I do feel more at ease with people who use them a lot, and I'm able to understand the intentions behind their posts more quickly than I otherwise would. What do you think about them? Do you find them helpful and informative when it comes to online communication, or are they (as some people have said) an unnecessary annoyance that make posts more difficult to interpret?
  6. blacktiger911

    a video about internet addiction

    this has been floating around youtube and has been getting some attention. if you are offended by nudity DO NOT WATCH!!! but the meaning behind the video is about the addiction of internet and other things that can ruin your life and in the end destroy you. again this video is not for everyone. but i was wondering what your thoughts on it were. (that is if you watch) if it gets out of hand i will just request this topic be removed (just an FYI) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMvRHXepHFw
  7. Reading discussions in here I noticed that many of you have better dealing with communication in internet than in IRL. I need advice on that. Not even sure what kind of advice because I just don't understand what or how to talk with people online. Really. What do you discuss in online conversations or messages? How do you now that you are not bothering other person? Is there some how to? (I know, stupid question) Bad thing is I can get bored quite easily too. And I just can't get myself to answer messages in the moment I receive them. And sometimes (quite often) I just don't have anything to say. But yeah, I get bored too soon and after couple of weeks if I like that person and want to talk with him/her it seems rude to start contact again after not talking. Or is it not? It's just that... I have to initiate that contact if I want to talk with that person and I don't know how or if other person will want to speak with me. And daily communication is just way too much so there will be those moments of not communicating. And skype is another issue. Most of discussions just fade away. I'm online, other person too, but no one has anything to say and it just stay like that. Is that normal? Not saying goodbye to other person after conversation? Or saying it but still staying online? (Oh! I hate that all those people can see when I'm online! So I erased almost all my contacts. Even those I would love to talk some day. And invisible mode seems like cheating.) Funny thing is I'm quite proud of myself that I learned IRL communication. (So I can learn non-irl communication too, right?) Not that I have long term friends but I can argue, be friendly, have conversation, present my opinion. I work as sales person and I think I'm good at that. I can have friends but they are short term mostly. And I enjoy communicating with people (interesting people, normal ones are just booooring, sorry, they are good only for small talk if they are colleagues, customers or something like that). So... any advice?
  8. I've seen a few threads around here discussing various aspie YouTubers and I was going to make another thread to name my own favourite when I decided that it might be better to rather start a thread where we can all name our favourites. Also maybe you could be kind enough to post a link to their page on YouTube because we don't all know their names (usernames or real names). Enough of that said, my favourite is by far this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/user/InjuredMinds/featured (InjuredMinds) I can identify with a lot of what he says actually.
  9. It's a nice idea but is it true for you? What is the internet for you? Is it enough?
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