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Found 5 results

  1. Dr-David-Banner

    TEFL (some thoughts)

    I used to work in this school although it was several years ago. Things will have changed a lot. Back in the late nineties, the economic crisis was still pretty bad over there. The school was doing fine, though. I did TEFL teaching for some years. Amazingly there were aspects of it where I had some success All in all, though, I had no idea whatsoever about my neurological differences and I'd never realised back then I learn very differently to other people. By that, I mean, 99 per cent of people evolved to take in information through groups, teachers, social means of education. Teaching is essential for them. Without a "teacher" or a "course", the average person cannot thrive. What has hardly been realised is it is possible to study successfully without teachers or courses. That applies to languages. True, in my own case, my dominant language strength is more theoretical but I still managed to use audio recordings to then be able to understand speech. I think the problem I had with TEFL was that to teach others, you need to be able to relate to their need for verbal communication. Also the various systems of "entertainment" where you were supposed to make up activities to keep the class interested. This is just not the way I taught myself. Also I hate to do things systematically. If you think about it, children learn to speak but they never learned around a system of fragmented activities. No child does verbs one day, pronouns the next week, sentences the next month and so on. Still had I known then what I know now, I would have realised certain limitations in my ability to relate to group teaching. By the way, they did not like my teaching at all. It was all down to personal connection which I lacked.
  2. Ok, this is just for fun. I noticed that quite a few people here enjoy learning and speaking foreign languages (other than English). So, as the title suggests, write a word, sentence or phrase in a language other than English. A chance to practise, chat or just show off Translation or reply optional. I'll start: Μιλάει κανένας εδώ ελληνικά;
  3. TheDefended

    Aspies and New Languages.

    For my future, I want to migrate out of the United Kingdom. I aim to go to Japan for cultural difference but a road block is learning the language and having the information sunk into my mind like my normal language. I do enjoy the aspect of trying a new language (as i tried to learn french at school but I wasn't passionate about the country or culture) but for the information to sink in and to pile more of the language in my head to make it fluent, it seems difficult. Now, my aspergers is also another road block as I am very shy and nervous. Meaning, trying to communicate with someone while having the fear of messing up the words and so on make me somewhat scared. Even trying to remember and say the words to a family member to test myself and get the words to sink in is difficult. Have any of you tried to learn a new language and if so, was it a success? And any tips for me to advance forward and to get more confidence?
  4. Nesf


    Following the discussion on the "Two facts and a lie" thread, I thought I'd open a separate one for languages. What languages do you speak? Do you like learning languages, and do you find them easy to learn? Do you have favourite ones, and are there any you would like to learn? I've always liked learning languages and seem to pick them up uite easily. I learnt French, German and Spanish at school, and then Greek, Romanian and Italian. I learnt a bit of Russian at some point, too but can't remember much of it. I can read it, though. I would like to learn more Russian some time in the future as well as Latin.
  5. Is it possible to ever actually 'forget' how to speak in your mother tongue; the language you first learnt to speak in? For example of - If you have moved country and learnt that language fluently and spoke that every day and never really speak your mother tongue anymore, can you forget how to speak it? I am not really asking because I have actually read stories of people who actually have forgot, or found it really difficult to speak in their mother tongue after a long time of not. It is common to find it hard to speak back in your mother tongue, or change accents and speak in your new language's accent, or have to translate your mother tongue back into your 'new' language first to understand it, so it's swapped. I don't speak a foreign language fluently daily but I know a few languages but I never really speak in them. I just love to read and listen to them. I can see how it would get more difficult to speak your first language if you have spent so long in another. I thought this might be interesting for people like - Nesf, Alex, Dominika, Arthur, Caroline, King_Oni *10 bonus points if you can say why I have made this specific topic on this specific day..... I will be very impressed!*
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