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Found 9 results

  1. TruthMusic

    Sound Induced Meltdowns

    Hello, there's always been a select few of sounds that have really bothered me since I was a kid. 1. Ticking clocks (They would become louder and louder in class and I would be unable to focus feeling angered and would have to cover my ears or ask to go to the bathroom to just get away) 2. Food being chewed. Even typing it out bothers me. My dad being the most annoying food chewer in the world as his teeth literally hit each other as he eats, it's the sound of the food to lol. There like bombs that I can't escape, #2 being the worst. If a person were just chewing (gah >_<) normally and not loudly it's not that bad. But when it is bad.. I have to get away as soon as I can by myself, cover my ears really hard like It never happened Are there any sounds that bother any of you? What do you do when it happens? Have you found something that helps?
  2. Myrtonos

    Meltdown chorea

    Does anyone here find that their limbs jerk uncontrollably during meltdowns? What I'm calling meltdown chorea is where one makes involuntary like movements during meltdowns. I do something like this when frustrated, hitting things, even myself, and biting myself. I understand that stimming, which many on the spectrum do even when not in meltdowns, is repetitive and rhythmic. Meltdown chorea is where movements during meltdowns are more jerky and less regular than stimming at other times.
  3. jassie.jaissie.koi.nahin

    Can you stop a meltdown?

    Have you ever successfully stopped a meltdown? I have begun to see a therapist, and I talked to her about my meltdowns. Although she wasn't familiar with the word, she said she knew about "outbursts as a result of intense emotion". When I know I'm going to meltdown, my only conscious thought is to get to 'safety' - my room or a public toilet - somewhere I won't hurt someone or scare them with my meltdown. She said that instead I should work towards my immediate reaction being intense exercise, like going running, instead. I don't think this is possible. I guess, I want to know if I'm being stubborn/unreasonable to think this is impossible? And to know if anyone has stopped themselves, right at the edge of a meltdown? Thanks
  4. Cosmic

    Sick and tired of this

    I just had an ugly meltdown, and I feel depressed. I wish I could control myself and stop having meltdowns or shutdowns. I just wanted to say that, 'cause I know you guys would understand my situation. The thing is, I spent several hours outside today, and when I got home I collapsed and got... Um, burned out somehow. I'm sad. It feels like I lost that battle again. I've lost count of how many times I've lost it.
  5. DominikaCupcake

    What does your meltdown look like?

    So, how could you descrive your meltdowns? For me it is divided in three phases. First, i start to feel like i want to be left alone and just start to cry. I don't like to be talked to or to be touched at this point, but not to the point where i can't answer. I still keep contact with the outside world. Then the crying stops slowly and i'm just lying on my bed or anywhere else. At this point i don't know what's going on around me and i feel like i've been turned off like a computer. I'm totally losing my contact with the world, but i feel more peaceful inside of me. Everything is quiet, but i can't come out of this "trance". In this phase i don't like to be touched or talked to even more. I can't cope with it at all, but at the same time i am becoming mute and i can't answer if someone is talking to me. There is no reaction from me. Like i was dead or something. This phase can last for 15-20 minutes. At the end i usually scream. Sometimes i can scream very loud and i like to hold something hard. This is the only phase when i actually to like to have contact with someone. It is good to hold my boyfriend as hard as i can when i scream. This might seem really sick and weird to those who don't understand it and i can understand why. But this screaming feels good for me because i get all the negative energy out of me. Usually i feel a great relief after this and i feel like i'm back to life again. I think that perhaps we all experience meltdown a little differently so how do you experience your meltdown?
  6. It's really annoying that my mother won't let me have a meltdown when I need to. I don't have that many meltdowns but when I do she just tells me to get over it because "it's not that big a problem" or "what you're doing is not going to help anything" - she doesn't understand that firstly the thing that caused the meltdown is big to me and secondly that even if having a meltdown is not going to solve the problem it is still important to help me to cope with whatever had caused the meltdown. It's really annoying because sometimes I really need to have the meltdown in order to help me to cope with whatever had caused the problem but she doesn't let me and then the problem just gets all built up inside me until I've got a whole pile of big problems which becomes unbearable and then I have an enormous big meltdown which just goes on for days and days.
  7. Little Pink Coupe

    Really bad meltdown

    I had a really awful meltdown a few days ago - I think it was on Wednesday. My day really started to suck all of a sudden, and when I got back to my room, I posted about it in the ranting section of another autism/Asperger forum I'm a part of, and then the meltdown started. I started rocking back and forth, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Then I started crying and sobbing uncontrollably...I just couldn't stop. I also wasn't getting enough air, and was making these peculiar "barking" gasping noises like "Wuh, wuh, wuh wuh..." Rather the way a zebra sounds. My arms and hands also felt tingly, numb and vibrate-y, as well as my face and the back of my head. This is also really embarrassing, but I was so desperate to get some oxygen, I started sucking my thumb a little bit, and it helped a little bit....I actually felt a little bit comforted, and I was able to slow down my breathing to where I could take semi-decent breaths. Then I stopped right away, since I don't want it to become a habit...I haven't sucked my thumb in years, and I never will again, I promise. I also remember really wanting someone to be there to comfort me and tell me that I was okay, and that everything would be okay....but at the same time, I was also grateful no one was there to see me like that. I work so hard to at least appear normal to everyone, even to my own family....I don't want to be sent back to a place that's anything like Sarah's Smile in Pennsylvania again. My roommate was at her house an hour away when all this happened, which I was happy about....I probably would have scared her to death. All I had then were my stuffed animals. I really love them a lot; they're like my only friends....they're the only ones that have never hurt me, left me, betrayed me or disappointed me in any way. I'll probably always be alone and only have them for company ever. Everyone I like and feel safe with always goes away eventually. I've also been thinking about killing myself a lot....I'm almost done with college, but I have this math-related learning disability and I'll never pass the class I'm in now, and going to the tutoring center makes me panic....besides, if I'm not good at math I'll probably never get a good job. If I'd had a gun in my room on Wednesday I'd probably have just blown myself away that very night. I just don't see a future for myself. I even bought a little notebook for me to write ideas about killing myself in, and all the reasons why I should do it - and let me tell you, there's a lot...I've just been too lazy to write everything down yet. Thank you for reading this, for those of you who have. I feel really safe here on Asperclick...everyone's so nice.
  8. Well I suppose that this is more of a rant than a debate but I don't really know where else to put this. But anyway I just wanted to say that I don't think that supermarkets are very aspie-friendly given this morning's experiance with doing the grocery shopping. I went first to the one shop but when I got to the checkouts they had changed that whole area! All of the self-service checkouts were nowhere to be seen and so I had to use the manned checkout which I hate using because they damage all of your groceries (and of course there's the whole social things as well but for me I don't like the way that they handle all of your groceries). (And they did damage all of my groceries as well . I spend so long carefully choosing undamaged items and then they go and crush them all at the checkout???) But that wasn't the worst because then I went to the other shop and they had discontinued my favourite ready-meal and the one that I routinely buy! It really insults me how they can just do that. I mean, they know that I buy that meal often because I always get coupons for that meal but they don't even bother to ask me if I would mind if they discontinued it! How on earth can they do that? That is absolutely disgusting! I mean, surely other aspies have this problem as well, and clearly it didn't even cross their mind that maybe just maybe I was an aspie and I would be very upset if they discontinued that meal. What that means is that I'm going to either have to get a different meal or a different brand of the same meal - neither of which is a very acceptable solution as far as I'm concerned. And I doubt that if I went to the customer service desk and said that I was an aspie (assuming that I had a proper diagnoses as well of course...) that they would bring that meal back either. I just don't think that that is acceptable behaviour, as I need the kind of security that comes from having a weekly meal plan and for me it's bad enough when they're out of stock on something but to just discontinue it with absolutely no warning is totaly unbearable!!! Especially seeing as it was my favourite meal as well . I just don't think that that is very aspie friendly and the least that they could do is to offer a service for aspies where they can have the security of knowing that they will always be able to get the same meals. That was a really bad day at the shops!!! Why can't people just be a little more understanding of us??? :angry: Thanks, invisible
  9. ErinEmilie

    Lots of meltdowns

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to deal with everyday stressors better. I've been having lots of meltdowns the last four years, three of which ended up hospitalizing me. I try my best to deal with people and noise and chaos but I've been struggling. I feel so angry all the time. I want to understand myself and why I don't make sense to others. Also, I'd really like to know how to make and keep friends. I feel very lonely a lot of the time. I love books because I feel like the characters are my friends. How should i cope with feeling so angry all the time? Thanks.
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