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Found 7 results

  1. GracideaFlower


    As someone who was diagnosed at a young age with Asperger's syndrome, I'm eager to meet fellow aspies and get to know you all! I'd particularly love to be able to learn new coping strategies from the asd community, since recently I've been feeling more and more exhausted by just.. existing. The usual stressors (noise, movement and social interactions) have been wearing me out faster and faster over time, and feeling like I'm at 20 to 40 percent charge has just become the norm. Well, that's about it! I hope to be able to share some awesome memories with y'all!
  2. Swift


    Hi, I have aspergers but are not diagnosed. I also have ADHD. I am married and have two children. We live in Norway. I had a quite ordinary upbringing but was always introvert. I have completed education and have a small accuountant business. I did not enjoy social settings and thought that was just my personality. When I got married and had children I had to contribute a lot more socially. I often became very stressed/overloaded and found myself in situation I did not know how to handle. My wife tried to find out why I did not take the responsibility she expected me to. I took an online test for aspergers and scored very high. Learning more about aspergers, we understand my behavior. We have found solutions to some of our problems and hope to find more here. I enjoy playing chess, poker an pool:-)
  3. Monilunk

    Norwegian, hoping to learn

    Im a journalist, but not working, due to a chronical pain disease (EDS). I’m married to a wonderful man, who is on the autism spectrum. I also have other family members and friends on the spectrum, but I’m NT myself. We have two children. We homeschool them, since they’re gifted, and our local school doesn’t have a program for them. We have some pets too. 🦜🦜 Since I’m disabled, and the children don’t go to school, were free to travel whenever we want. So we’ve bought an apartment in Spain, and stay there as often as we can. Norway is a cold country, and my health improves, when I stay in sunny Spain. My husband is an accountant, and can’t allways join us when we go, but he comes whenever he can. He enjoys being home alone sometimes too. We recently discovered my husband has high functioning autism. We’re trying to understand how this has affected our lives, and what it means for us. We want to find solutions, so we both can have our needs met. We’re establishing new routines, now, since we both used to get very stressed and exhausted at times. We hope to find good advice, and learn more about autism in these forums.
  4. This is actually the Second post i've made in my life ФwФ Hello! I'm new here, diagnosed with Autism 2 weeks ago and Asperger confirmed just 3 days ago... It was certainly like a bomb ∥□д□。。。 Anyway, I'm don't have any especial ability, but i'm really good at anything in front of me XP All that you need to know about me are 2 things: 1.I Love Nintendo 2.I Love Vocaloid I Attached one of my remixes here Active user on Youtube. And many other thing that i don't feel like remembering =З= Clover EX Track.mp3
  5. So, you guys can call me Black Butterfly. I am from melbourne, australia i am turning eighteen in about fourteen days. je suis Aspergienne! (and, no, i cant speak french!) I just generally interested in Autism Rights Advocacy/ Activism, and Neurodiversity. Besides that, i like baking, i like bikeriding, i draw, i write- i am editing a draft of a play i wrote earlier this year- i write short stories, and i am working on an Anti-ableist novella. I'm just finishing up highschool (one exam to go) and i want to get into an Arts degree next year. i am admin on another forum, i am a designated writer on another other forum, and i work on an Autism blog. I admit that i'm a forum-slut! I want to work on more Cross-forum/Cross-internet Autism Projects in the future, and also work on offline advocacy/activism in my local area! and i am really chill Anyway, this place seems great, and i look forward to getting to know y'all and making friends! feel free to pm me if you want to chat bb
  6. Aeolienne

    Hello from Aeolienne

    I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 2001, aged 26 - too late to claim perks at university such as a free laptop etc. I'd been moved to seek a diagnosis after being fired from my first proper job after just five weeks for "not fitting in". By the time the diagnosis was official, I had got another job within the scientific civil service. I'm from London originally, but worked in Bracknell, Berkshire, for a couple of years and then relocated with my employer to Exeter. In May 2009 I was dismissed on the grounds of underperformance. After a year on the dole I got offered a job with an environmental consultancy in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Not my preferred choice of location by a long chalk - I'd much rather have moved to Bristol - but it was the only offer I'd received so I moved up north. Then a week before Christmas 2010 I was fired for not having "delivered the right level of technical input". It's anyone's guess how differently things might have turned out if I'd had the right support in place from day one, but my efforts to tap into local sources of support were frustratingly slow to bring results, and being without broadband for the first two months of my job didn't help. To make things worse, after losing my job in Skipton I only then discovered that I was ineligible for means-tested benefits because of owning a flat I didn't live in (back in Exeter). So eventually I decided to cut my losses and move in with my parents in London. That was supposed to be a temporary measure, but it's lasted over three years with no end in sight. Since then I have worked for four months with a smart metering dotcom in Cambridge, two months with an oil company and six months with an investment bank (the latter two were special placements in London arranged by NAS Prospects with scant regard for my actual career aspirations). My hobbies and interests include reading, environmental issues, Baroque music, recorder playing, hillwalking, cycling, outdoor swimming and visiting art exhibitions.
  7. jcarenza10

    Long Time Aspie/New Member

    My name is John. I'm 22 and I have Aspergers. I was diagnosed at the age of five, but to be perfectly honest it doesn't bother me. I can't see the world any other way so I don't see any good reason to regret it. If anything I appreciate it as an equivalent exchange. I work as an auto mechanic in upstate new york. My interests include working on 94-96 9C1 caprice's, listening to everything from grunge to heavy metal, and working out whether it be lifting, biking, swimming, or running. Really I'm up for anything. The reason I am here is that I'd like to talk to new people. I look forward to getting to know everyone here.
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