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Found 14 results

  1. Isadoorian

    Hi there!

    Hi! i'm Isadoorian. I discovered this site some time ago but forgot about it after trying to sign up and having to endure the long wait, then I remembered it about 10 minutes ago as of writing this and here I am. i'm 23 years old and hail from British Columbia, Canada and am Self diagnosed with a PDD-NOS. I like Reading, Cooking, Baking, Video/Tabletop/Card games, Listening to Music and watching TV/Netflix. I hope everyone here's as friendly and welcoming (and active) like a similar forum i enjoy using daily.
  2. Little Guy

    Late bloomer

    Sixty nine and just starting out. I received an informal diagnosis last summer at AANE in Watertown MA USA (great folks!). I developed a lot of coping skills along the way but never knew why it was so hard just getting along with people. I am fearful of social media so when I went looking for answers I found myself here. So hello and be kind, thank you.
  3. Hachiko Komatsu

    Hello, this is Sam!

    Hi! I'm Sam. I'm 23 (and 10 days) old. The topic of Aspergers came into my life at around 14 years old. I am undiagnosed, but I am certain that I have it and have had it for a very long time when looking back over my childhood and stuff like that. I guess a couple questions - anyone else have issues with wording things, maybe trying to find the right way to say something? And does anyone else have an awkward catchphrase? Those and other questions/issues are things I'd like to figure out while I'm here. Hopefully I'll get to meet some cool people and relate! Other stuff - I have other mental issues that I'll talk about later. I'm a music major, and I find music to be the easiest way to communicate (that and text messages). I'm short, average looking. I love animals, particularly furry ones, and I enjoy anime. A lot.
  4. Handheldashtray


    Hello, nice to meet everyone! I just stumbled onto this site whilst looking for advice on how to manage my aspergus and it looks like the perfect place to start! I'm Holly, 21, a literature student and I was diagnosed at 17! I hope to get to know some of you and to pick up a few hints and tips along the way! Best wishes! Holly xxx <3
  5. :::A::different::kind:::

    hello aspies ! :D newbie here

    hello! ellie here and Im new to this looking to talk to people with aspergers ! message me
  6. quiggyy


    Hello, i found out about this forum today after seeing some of Willow's videos while feeding my casual obsession for knowledge about aspergers. Now for a fraction of a life story i suppose, i found out about aspergers a few weeks ago when my mother mentioned that "they", likely meaning her and my grand mother or her and some government mental health types, figured out that i have aspergers while i was still a toddler, though until now i had no idea, i was raised mostly like a "normal", bad word i know but people understand what it means, child/teenager, which as some might guess led to me often wondering what was wrong with me and thinking that i was insane or extremely stupid, sometimes both, at one point i thought i was a sociopath, if that is a good example of how screwed up i was, and that was just last year that i thought that, i have blocked massive portions of my past out just so that i could cope to a tiny extent, enough about that though, people seem to be rarely interested in others problems unless it is for the purpose of giving sympathy so that others opinions of them are raised, well that and drama/gosip, not that i blame anyone for that, it is the NT thing to do and you cannot really hate people for doing what is in their nature to do. Onwards, once i found out that i likely have aspergers i decided to start researching it, i had done a few of the online tests like the psychcentral autism/asperger quiz and got high results(high meaning more likely to have aspergers), but since i get high results on most of their mental disorder quizzes and a lot of the other websites with checklists and such did not really match up(why do they all say that aspies do not feel emotion? ) i figured that it was just another dud, but after i went back and started researching again in the past two or three weeks i found that everything matched up when i looked at what people with aspergers had to say in places like reddit/aspergers and wrongplanet, i have not tried talking with anyone about it yet but i felt the urge when i saw this forum, could be the friendly atmosphere and calming website design, who knows, so here i am hoping to learn more and maybe figure out some ways to fix the damage that has been done to my life by my aspergers and others ignorance/apathy. By the way, i had fun with the topic tags, no need to get too bothered by them, unless bothered is fun, also the registration question that can be my sig is great, i love that it allowed the answer to be 0.
  7. The-F-Ingrid


    soooo, Hai there! I'm a 20 year old female, diagnosed when I was 18. I have AD/HD also (diagnosed when I was 10 or something). I'm joining this forum because my aspie friend (hello ) likes it a lot... soo, gotta see what the fuss is about, yeah? I live in Norway, and have done so my entire life. I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers, most of whom have either aspergers, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, OCD, tourettes or a combination of two-three of them. specifically, my two older sisters, my oldest brother and my father (and some scattered cousins, aunt and uncles) are aspies. So I guess aspergers and mental health issues in general are pretty much a normal accepted thing in my home. My mother is NT, but she knows a lot about autistic spectrum and is responsible for getting us all evaluated and proper help. I consider myself to be a relatively chill and content person. I have plans to get an education in ecology and natur conservation and hopefully become an scientist in that field. and I'm kinda artsy. so, ok, thats enough? yes? no? anyway... Hello everyone!
  8. Bergamott574

    Newbie Introductions

    Hello Just recently joined Asperclick after coming across it while researching my condition. I was recently diagnosed after coming back to the US after many years over seas. Looking to chat with people who are more familiar with their own condition or attempt to relate to those who were diagnosed in adulthood and the struggles that have come about in result of that. As my profile states I enjoy reading, researching, smoking, drinking tea and writing research articles. I am also currently in a relationship with someone who is also on the spectrum but in a different form from mine (ADD.) Not very good at short introductions but, oh well. Hi there!
  9. ErinEmilie

    Hello... I'm new.

    Hi... My name is Erin Emilie. I just found this website through YouTube. I was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. I am hoping to learn what is so great about being different. Thanks!
  10. Joshua2811

    hey im a newbie

    hi im Josh and im a newbie so have been recently diagnose with aspergers so here's a little bit about me: im 16 years old I live in Manchester Great Britain no I don't talk like Liam and Noel Gallagher and im a fan of Manchester united ( once a red always a red )
  11. JoshJones


    Hello, my name is Josh and I am 23. I was diagnosed with Asperger's around 2 months ago, after a very long time of going back and forth through the mental health system in the UK. I am a student, and wanting to pursue my interests in neurobiology and neuroscience, though I am a long way from being proficient I thought I would start a profile and see how to get into being a member on a forum for people with Asperger's, as I think it might help me relax from life which can so often prove to be difficult and overwhelming. So i guess that's me for now, and I look forward to getting into being a member here
  12. Paige93700

    Newbie :)

    Hi I'm 20 year old girl from England I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at 15. I love to read, write, listen to music, watch tv etc.
  13. Hey all, I am a bit new to the whole Asperger's scene, about month. we have been having some problems with our 10 year old boy recently , I say we "The School", so we took him to the docs thinking he had Dyspraxia. The Specialist then told us our Son had Asperger's and so did I. I wasn't expecting that!. We are in the process of getting my Son the actual Diagnosis, I have been told by my GP there is no test for adults. However learning about Asperger's I am now seeing my 9 year old Daughter has very similar traits, I was told by my GP that its not common in girls and she wouldn't have Asperger's. I'm starting to think my GP isn't so good after all. Anyway in my search for Asperger's in girls I cam across a series of YouTube videos titled Asperger's Syndrome - Traits in Girls. Which led me here. I'm going to have a look around now, hope to speak to you guys soon.
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