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Found 5 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone else with an android phone uses google routines? I just found it about a month ago for the morning one. Basically, by saying "OK Google, good morning" it will read today's weather, tell you about traffic on your way to work/school, turn on/off lights or set thermostat (if you have compatible devices), tell you about today's calendar, and even play short snippets from news stations. All of these can be turned on or off and arranged in an order. The reason I bring it up is because one of the news stations I have it play is one called "Spectrum Autism Research". It actually has some very interesting information on autism. It doesn't update every day, more like once a week but still cool to stay informed on a lot of stuff. One example of a topic was how Autism and Alexithymia are related but necessarily inherent to each other, or how autistic people do feel empathy like normal people but don't necessarily know how to personally relate or properly show it. It is very interesting stuff if you ask me. Just wanted to let others know
  2. Willow


    Read the latest newsletter - January 2019 Newsletter Congratulations to @Ben for being the top contributor of the month! Congratulations to @StormCrow for being our selected user of the month! And congratulations to @Catman2018, @Miss Chief and @brokenOne for winning our pot luck draw! The above members all won a free 1 month Asperclicker subscription Congratulations to @StarlessEclipse for winning the Asperclicker giveaway! Apologies if the email was sent more than once (up to a maximum of 3 times), technical difficulties - won't happen next month!
  3. (deleted)

    Jude Currie

    I saw this news article the other day. This came up because recently in the UK they've scrapped the tax disk and they're doing it all online now. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-29442524 I'm wondering if that boy as Autism. I couldn't find any articles which mentioned it but it seems very likely to me. I mean, who else would collect tax disks like that? And he somehow looks Autistic as well. In that case I suppose that he won't be coping too well with the end of the tax disk in the UK. Any ideas?
  4. furoshiki

    News blackout

    My first topic post! I've always been an avid Radio 4 listener, especially to the news - World at One, 5pm, 6pm, 10pm etc etc. I've rarely lived with a tv, but when I did, I'd watch Newsnight and other news programmes. Unfortunately there is a downside to The News, to grab your attention, articles are designed to create a reaction and most of these are negative or frustrating. I'd get angry or depressed or saddened or extremely worried. Or sickened by political propagandising and unpleasant manipulative jingo-ism. None of which you can alter or change in any way. So, towards the end of last year, I decided to completely stop The News. No papers, no radio, no tv, or online news. In fact, we're bombarded by it constantly. Today, I went into a HSBC branch which had a tv news feed going, my doctor has a tv installed in the waiting room. Tricky as it is to avoid 'News', nevertheless I've found life much less stressful without it. I was wondering if anyone had tried anything similar or even whether the idea appeals. Could or do you, live without it?
  5. iggy

    Folic acid

    http://www.sheboyganpress.com/article/20130213/SHE0101/302130290/Study-links-folic-acid-lower-autism-risk?nclick_check=1 This article is about a scientific test they have done which seems to show the amount of folic acid increasing decreasing the incidence of autism. It's a fairly interesting read. That being said, I personally take every news article in true history of ever relating to ASDs with a large amount of scepticism.
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