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Found 15 results

  1. What's it like to be beautiful? Do a lot of people like you? Compliment you, etc? Do people trust you more? Does it boost your self esteem? By beautiful I mean, the common beautiful in that country. Sometimes there are multiple kinds, sometimes it's not. I feel the best kind of beautiful is having a good personality and be good looking as well. Although sometimes looks alone does the job. I think it would be great to feel what a beautiful person feels like. Like in person to have people complimenting you, not just bad looking people, being treated nicely instead of not being trusted, being ignored, or treated badly.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm Niky. Of course that's just my nickname, but a lot of people call me that and I like being called that (much more than my real name) so I was happy that it was still available. Basically I am searching for people to chat with and I hope to find some here, especially people who are of similar age (I am 18, in a few months 19). I was diagnosed with Asperger's at a rather young age, guess I just wanted to mention that. Well anyway, I should say something about myself. I am still going to school, 1 year left. (I hate school, but who doesn't ). After school I want to go to university, possibly Physics or Math. Well I like Math and I think I could say I am pretty good at it, although I don't particularly like the way it's teached at school or Math in school generally. Math sounds so super serious but to me it's just creativity. I can be serious too if the situation requires it or if I am in the 'right' mood for it, but I guess the real me is a pretty childish person. Very childish actually (bear with me ). My hobbies, well... I watch quite a bit of anime! I developed a very particular taste though and I quit many anime because they bored me. So if anyone is into anime, I'm glad to talk to you about it. I also listen to JPop, JRock, Vocaloids and English covers of Japanese songs. About 50% of the time I am sitting at my computer (which is a lot) I am listening to music, I actually have the second opening of Death Note playing in the back ground right now. It just calms me down, I really love music. A few weeks ago I started playing the board game GO (not Pokemon GO ^^) and I really enjoy it. I'm playing at least one game every day now. There's quite a bit more I could write here, but I'll leave it at that (laziness and I wanna leave some things open). If you want to chat with me, hell go for it! I don't know if there's actually a chat function here, but I do have Skype and Steam, open for something else I haven't tried too (but if possible not Teamspeak, I don't really like it). Oh yeah, one last note: I am not a girl. Lots of people think that because of my nickname, especially since there's a -y at the end. I come off as female when chatting sometimes, maybe because of the way I write. Sometimes I actually think it's funny, but I just wanted to make this clear. Looking forward to speaking with you!
  3. blacktiger911

    around the world of asperclick

    so I am wondering where is everyone in the world and what time zones. I always get on and no one else is on because I'm practically 12 hours away from everyone it seems. so to kick it off!! I live in collbran Colorado (at school, I really live in commerce city near Denver) and mountain time zone in the u.s.
  4. RiRi

    Obsessing over people

    I'm not sure how many people would be willing to answer these questions, but I'll still post it and post my answer after this first post. When you're obsessing over someone: How do you express your obsessing? What sort of things do you do? How open are you about obsessing over people? Do you tell the person which you're obsessing over that you're obsessing over them? Do you try to hide it? Would you be more open to tell someone who is on the spectrum that you're obsessing over them? Would you mind if someone found out that you're obsessing over them? Anything else you'd like to add? When someone's obsessing over you: If a person were to tell you that they're obsessing over you, how would you take it? Would you freak out? What about if you were to find out on your own they it seems like they're obsessing over you? How would you react? Anything else you'd like to add?
  5. blacktiger911

    people just dont understand

    so i was on youtube and someone relied to a comment i made then i got pissed but why cant people just be quiet and NOT TALK ABOUT SHIT THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!! i am ragtag by the way. and i misselled a word which sucks but i got the alert that someone reponded to my post at like 7 in the morning while i was still asleep.
  6. so i was watching some anime when my parents walked in and my dad let me know that he dose not like it one bit that i watch it and my mom is nicer about it but she dose not agree with it either. why do people not like it so much i pointed out that the crime shows he watches like person of interest is not to different than the show i watch. i gt so tired of people looking down on me just because of what i watch and the things i "open myself up to". it is impossible to live up there standers so i just choose not in the end but why cant i do anything to make him "approve of me. i see the world diffrently i have a few of the same morals as him but not many the things, i want to do with my life and the things i do do with my life he dose not approve of that either and both my parents look down on the big dreams i have for my life. i dream really big and only want the big and best for myself but the always say that theyll never happen when we are kids we are told to dream big but when we do grow up we are told not to do that anymore and give up on them. in my parents eyes video games are dumb and dont do any good but i choose to have hundreds of dollares of gaming stuff and games and of corse most of them are rated M so that is somthing bad that i do the music that i listen to is bad and i ont go to church so i will probliy go to hell or some shit. i guess in the end i have given up trying to win them over and get there respect and make them proud of me they say they are proud ofr what i have acomplished but i have my doughts. i guess istarted to writ this calmly but th more i wrote the madder i got i was really pounding the keys on the keyboard so much with out relizing it my fingers are numb. but everyhting i have seid is true. sorry for ranting so much.
  7. blacktiger911

    people keep touching me!

    so people keep touching me even after I tell them to stop and then they touch me and I don't even know it. like someone just ripped up a pice of paper and put in the hood of my hoodie and I found it and it fell all over the place. what the should I do?
  8. blacktiger911

    noise level?

    so I got in trouble for talking too loud. I was just talking at a normal level and they yelled at me for (basically) having AS I have trouble with this kinda thing but nit doesn't help that no one even tries to understand and when I even bring it up they say that I am just using it as an excuse. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!
  9. aspiesw

    Who do you look up to?

    Who are your role models, and I'm talking about people you know, people in your life, not famous people. I'm not sure why, but I really look up to my supervisor at work, she's really down to earth, I feel like I can relate to her in a lot of situations, she's older than me, I think she represents a person with the life I want to have when I'm her age (minus the retail job), she's probably the reason I got into gardening, she likes it, and I needed a hobby, and it seemed quite interesting. I don't really look up to anyone else in work or real life, just her
  10. I have been asked if I were retarded by a friend,asked if I went to Jenkins when I was in school and by 2 people at my job,an inmate and a coworker on separate occasions.
  11. L Lawliet

    Missing People

    I have issues with missing people. If I lose someone permanently, either through break up or passing away, I miss them and it really hurts. But when I go on holiday or someone I know is working away, I don't miss them. It sounds awful but I think it's because I don't understand why I would miss someone when I know they're coming back or that I will see them again later. I went to Madagascar for five and a half weeks and I didn't miss my family. I feel really guilty because when people say "Do you miss me?" I'm always like "I do, very much", but it's not always true Truth be told I'm too busy enjoying my own company to miss people. I'm going to see them soon, so why miss them? I'm always really happy when I see them because I love seeing them again, but at the time I don't feel it. I just get accustomed to people not being there. Like I said, if it's a permanent loss, I feel it like a stab in the heart. Just not any other time...
  12. I have this guy who drives me mental from work who keeps nagging me for lifts to work, but he just expects lifts and gives me nothing in return (petrol money/lifts back) he doesn't drive so he has no costs of getting to work unlike me who pays out in petrol, tax, car, and insurance. I do not think I am responsible to get him to work? Why should I? I don't want to give anyone lifts, the drive to work is my last bit of sanity before the social exhaustion begins. I can't explain that with out telling people about me having Aspergers, which I just don't have it in me too do. :/ About 2 weeks ago him and another girl asked me for a lift, I cancelled a house viewing to give them a lift to work (I was going to be viewing the house before work then go straight to work from there) neither of them even thanked me knowing this is what I did. Since then I have made excuses. The girl originally returned the favour and gave me lifts too, but after that time she was like ill give you lifts next week but then was not on any shifts with me so I drew the short straw there. I cancelled my viewing to help them out or they wouldn't have been able to get to work. But when you don't even get a thank you, why the fuck should I help either of them again??? Anyway I have given him like 2 lifts home from work since because he has bumped into me and asked me on the spot leaving me no choice. The other day I got in my car and it looked like he was going to ask me so I drove off as quickly as I could. He has text me 2 minutes ago asking me 'would it be poss to grab a lift into work?' he always asks me last minute which for me is not a option I already have what's going to happen today worked out and planned and if I have to change that I'm going to have a bad day from the minute it changes. Basically I feel like he is taking the piss. Would you help him? for nothing in return including no thanks? I don't want it to cause problems at work but I just don't feel like I should have to do something I don't want to do. I don't even like him, he thinks he is all 'cool and a hardman' acts like hes some sort of 'g' as he says. It drives me mad. Why do people expect so much of other but give little or nothing in return (in this case nothing) What would you do? I'm thinking of acting like I've changed my number... hmmm. What to do?
  13. Fayonaise


    I've been told that I have a habit of copying how someone looks on TV, games or a film etc. I've been told this by my parents. This is mostly favourite characters. I've been know to dye/cut/style my hair like theirs, change my clothes, get piercings, and even manipulate my face with makeup so it kind of looks like theirs. Sometimes I don't even realise I'm doing it. Does anyone else do this or has been told they do this?
  14. DavideC

    My Thoughts In Public

    Hello:) This is not a big problem, but I have to think about it every time I'm in the public. For example: When I'm going outside for a walk, there are people (obviously). I then think how it would be, being another person and watching me as I walk and how I look to them. It feels strange and then I kinda begin to walk awkward, because I want to behave ``normal``. Also sometimes I listen to music when I have to go somewhere. As I'm walking, I have a feeling like everybody is watching me like I'm the only person in the world who listens to music while walking. I don't like it when people look at me because I don't know what they're thinking. Have any of you experienced something like that? (If my english is BAD or MEAN or something just tell me I'm learning)
  15. Lilly Rose

    New To This...say Hi?

    Hi everyone, My sister showed me a link to willows wonderful videos, and I was so comforted to know there are people out there just like me! Now I'm a member on this site id like to make some new friends:-) Im all the way from Australia- so the time differences might mean im a bit delayed, but add me as a friend- im always up for a chat:-) And I'm single to boys- hey heeeyyyy?? ahahahahahha jokes:-) but seriously- i am. lol Id also like to know how you deal with your aspersgers and just how to feel more comfortable all round. Look forward to hearing from you XXXX Lilly
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