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Found 4 results

  1. Little Pink Coupe

    Carrying comfort item(s)?

    I know I've posted about comfort/coping items before, but does anyone ever take them places with them? I usually take one or two small plushies with me when I got to classes at college - usually, it's my dolphin, Dory, and Babs from Chicken Run. I never take them out, tho - I worry that people would make fun of me, take them away and tear them up or not give them back, or see me with them and think I'm not intelligent or something. It does me good just to know they're in my backpack, though. I also take one of my Tangle toys and two stones with me to classes. The Tangle and the stones give me something to hold onto (manipulate with my hands) where I would normally be biting and picking at my nails, parts of my skin (dermatillomania) or pulling at my eyebrows and eyelashes (trichitillomania). When I go to my math class, I also take a plushie of Mac from Chicken Run with me...I feel really tense and scared, and "go inside my head" a lot when I'm in math class, since I always feel like the stupidest person in there and have had really bad experiences in math classes all my life. I started taking Mac to my math class at the suggestion of a friend who also has anxiety - she asked me if any of my plushie friends were good at math, and when I told that I thought Mac would be, she urged me to start carrying her around as well. When I'm going somewhere that's not school-related, I usually take my die cast car, Susie, with me in my bag, along with my Calico Critters cat my therapist gave me once. Dory, Babs, my stones and Tangle always come too. I find I tend to bring more comfort items with me places depending on how anxious I feel, or anticipate feeling. I try to limit myself to only two or three, tho - just Dory, Babs and Susie, or just bringing Dory. If I'm going to be riding in a bus or a car, or just feel like shutting everything out, I carry my MP3 player in my bag, too. Does anyone else carry comfort items around with them, whether it's out in the open or only in a backpack or bag?
  2. Little Pink Coupe

    Really bad meltdown

    I had a really awful meltdown a few days ago - I think it was on Wednesday. My day really started to suck all of a sudden, and when I got back to my room, I posted about it in the ranting section of another autism/Asperger forum I'm a part of, and then the meltdown started. I started rocking back and forth, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Then I started crying and sobbing uncontrollably...I just couldn't stop. I also wasn't getting enough air, and was making these peculiar "barking" gasping noises like "Wuh, wuh, wuh wuh..." Rather the way a zebra sounds. My arms and hands also felt tingly, numb and vibrate-y, as well as my face and the back of my head. This is also really embarrassing, but I was so desperate to get some oxygen, I started sucking my thumb a little bit, and it helped a little bit....I actually felt a little bit comforted, and I was able to slow down my breathing to where I could take semi-decent breaths. Then I stopped right away, since I don't want it to become a habit...I haven't sucked my thumb in years, and I never will again, I promise. I also remember really wanting someone to be there to comfort me and tell me that I was okay, and that everything would be okay....but at the same time, I was also grateful no one was there to see me like that. I work so hard to at least appear normal to everyone, even to my own family....I don't want to be sent back to a place that's anything like Sarah's Smile in Pennsylvania again. My roommate was at her house an hour away when all this happened, which I was happy about....I probably would have scared her to death. All I had then were my stuffed animals. I really love them a lot; they're like my only friends....they're the only ones that have never hurt me, left me, betrayed me or disappointed me in any way. I'll probably always be alone and only have them for company ever. Everyone I like and feel safe with always goes away eventually. I've also been thinking about killing myself a lot....I'm almost done with college, but I have this math-related learning disability and I'll never pass the class I'm in now, and going to the tutoring center makes me panic....besides, if I'm not good at math I'll probably never get a good job. If I'd had a gun in my room on Wednesday I'd probably have just blown myself away that very night. I just don't see a future for myself. I even bought a little notebook for me to write ideas about killing myself in, and all the reasons why I should do it - and let me tell you, there's a lot...I've just been too lazy to write everything down yet. Thank you for reading this, for those of you who have. I feel really safe here on Asperclick...everyone's so nice.
  3. Little Pink Coupe

    What are your coping items?

    Does anyone have coping items that they take around with them to help them stay comfortable and safe in situations that are difficult for them to feel comfortable and safe in? These can also be items that provide with positive sensory input, or just serve as protectors and companions. Here are my coping items: There are my plush ones. I have many stuffed animals and plushies, but these are the smaller ones that I take around with me in my bag, who make me feel "okay" during the day. Dory (the dolphin) is my favorite (and oldest one) and she has an official button to show it: And these are my non-plush coping items: (The book is there so Judith (the Wild Thing) won't fall over.) I also have a keychain of Grumpy the dwarf attached to my keys (not pictured) - he has a fluffy beard I like to stroke. Does anyone else have special items that help them feel safe, comfortable, and less lonely?
  4. Little Pink Coupe

    Plushies? :)

    Does anyone else really like stuffed animals and plushies? If so, which ones are your favorites? What do you like to do with them? Do they help you feel safe and calm? If you have photos of them that you can post, that's cool too.
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