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Found 6 results

  1. Dr-David-Banner

    Low Earner Self-Employed Targeted

    News on the grapevine is lots of self-employed are abandoning their small businesses. These are the very low earners who do stuff like sell craftwork, translate, freelance in some way. Very many live on narrowboats and try to make a small income. To be honest as well, many of these businesses yield mediocre profit and may well be run a bit lax. We should remember the government was pushing self employment because it suited them to mask real unemployment stats. I admit it is true many of these businesses are strictly "non-profitable" economically, but hold on a second! Isn't it true experienced companies are shutting down right left and centre? Maplins and Toys Я Us owed thousands in debt loss. Woolworths, Littlewoods and Boots closed their doors. In my area scores of cafes, shops or other small businesses often last just weeks. How then can low income self employed somehow buck the trend? The latest form sent to self employed threatens fines and deadlines for information. I am amazed too it assumes a nine till five work schedule yet the self employed always tended to juggle working hours. Someone pointed out part of the perk you get being less well paid than someone employed is flexible hours. Plus "choice" how you work. Unbelievably now The Tories are not only dictating how people seek work but how they run their businesses. Neither do they really know what the overall result will be. My guess is far less people will give self employment a bash if they have to spend hours filling in forms "to prove" they advertised last Monday or issued an invoice on Friday. What I heard is many traders have panicked and abandoned whatever small business they have. And then what? Do they switch to invalidity, try agencies or slip into crime? I only know one sure way to encourage self employment and that's to boost the overall economy.
  2. I am not a United States citizen but I've been following this election campaign closely. I do not envy those of you who are citizens. I can't imagine knowing that in January either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be your president. Both are corrupt, or more accurately, their parties are. I could even argue that the Democrats are more corrupt; controlling the media and their coverages of Trump and Sanders (when he was running) and giving Hillary Clinton a free pass. If only there was a way to hold the Democrats accountable, but not give Trump an easy path to the white house.
  3. Nedarb

    My Opinion on Current Politics

    The regressive left are what they are fighting against. I don't even like Trump's policies or agree with him on much of anything, but I've noticed that the regressive left has turned this election into an us versus them war. Instead of debating Trump on policy, they are throwing out ad hominem attacks. This election campaign is very similar to the EU referendum last month. The remain side and media spent the entire campaign painting the leave side as racists and generally terrible people. However the reality was that people wanted to leave because they were tired of the austerity measures that were contributing to the high youth unemployment. Not that the media would ever show you that; not when there was a racist white people narrative to push. So on the day of the actual vote, despite all polls saying that remain would win, UK voted to leave. I truly believe that Trump has a very good chance of winning in November. When I look back at the EU referendum, and notice how similar the US election and EU referendum campaigns are, I know that the regressive left's tactics are going to push enough people to vote for Trump.
  4. Whoknows

    About our Freedom of Expression

    I'm not looking for a revolution. Willow's no King George nor I'm Thomas Jefferson, either. I dare to say she's better than the Queen. We all share our opinions and ideas here. Maybe, we don't agree in them all, and express our contempt in return. From the likes of Toran (Terry or however he called himself) to the doubts if Sinan. From the scary and shady matters of pornography, to the varyingly meaningful matters of religion, we've all given our opinions. The day a user once asked for our opinions on child pornography, even I bashed him, despite of him not referring to himself, but to the laws and the situation sorrounding it. Yet, some people were comprehensive with him, back then. On the other hand, Sinan asked if it was wrong to love someone younger than him. Seriously! Did nearly everyone had to throw everything they had at him? How the hell is it that for something so simple everyone's going to get so worked up!? The guy didn't hang a rape notice on our faces, nor he was going to have sexual intercourse with an underage anyway (if his words stand tall and true). Who are to judge if a couple consents to it? What has happened to us? We want to get away from society here, not to bring about flame wars or the Apocalypse, Raganarok, or whatever happens when everyone goes: abandon ship. I know my opinions have got me into the heat, and Willow's ready to put me out, once each and everyone of you have kicked me. She's told me to keep away from anything related to suicide. I know my opinion there is of no good to you, and it's my opinion anyway (I just keep it away from you so you won't get mad). You probably have a lot of opinions about sexuality, life and death that you're afraid to express, even better than mine. Why don't you talk about them? Isn't this a safe haven? Aren't we here away from the woes of hate and indeference? Isn't this our meeting place for those who live apart, either by land or sea? Maybe, we'll find love by coincidence, and yet we may find answers to why we are who we are. I'm not looking for ammendments. We the people are we who live. We who use this place. Not because of our condition or our religion. Not because of our age or "maturity". Not because of our opinions or races, but because of what we do. I won't share everyone's opinions, but I'll defend their freedom to express them. My speech is hypocritical. I know I sound like a member of the Parliament or from the House of Representatives, but I wanted to give my opinion on how I felt about this place. I barely know a few you, and we might not even talk or see each other, but it doesn't feel right to be trashed for being different. I do regret bashing that guy, for the anger and animosity I hold for such matter, yet I never took in account he was talking about its legal implications. Maybe, I'll get kicked. Maybe not. At least, I feel better.
  5. furoshiki

    News blackout

    My first topic post! I've always been an avid Radio 4 listener, especially to the news - World at One, 5pm, 6pm, 10pm etc etc. I've rarely lived with a tv, but when I did, I'd watch Newsnight and other news programmes. Unfortunately there is a downside to The News, to grab your attention, articles are designed to create a reaction and most of these are negative or frustrating. I'd get angry or depressed or saddened or extremely worried. Or sickened by political propagandising and unpleasant manipulative jingo-ism. None of which you can alter or change in any way. So, towards the end of last year, I decided to completely stop The News. No papers, no radio, no tv, or online news. In fact, we're bombarded by it constantly. Today, I went into a HSBC branch which had a tv news feed going, my doctor has a tv installed in the waiting room. Tricky as it is to avoid 'News', nevertheless I've found life much less stressful without it. I was wondering if anyone had tried anything similar or even whether the idea appeals. Could or do you, live without it?
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