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Found 6 results

  1. Dr-David-Banner

    Smiling To Fit In

    Once again today I took a look at a big poster in the shop where some people I know work. It shows a charity bash where all the staff are to be pictured with the public. The idea is to look involved, helpful and natural. Every single face of the fifteen or so pictured showed a natural smile. Every single person easily "blended in". You could argue the smiles were really just theatrical for the camera but, even so, they were easily produced on cue. All these people clearly felt comfortable playing their part. Smiling is such a simple skill which I find impossible to fake. I am relieved to discover that very low emotional response is noted down often in autism case history files. Asperger mentioned it once where he stated some children seemed sullen and edgy when in the middle of jovial company. Asperger claimed autistic people are out of synch and not in harmony with others. One thing I noticed is some people smile more than others or you can face read their emotions more easily. I know one girl who smiles all the time when relaxed but becomes serious under stress with her mouth open. One other woman gets teased for appearing serious but I notice she smiles quite nicely during customer interaction. Sometimes I ask myself why I don't smile and is it reflective of cold emotions or lack of humanity? Even Asperger seemed frustrated by this symptom and called it "automization" or "soulessness". Only recently did I start to notice how people smile. It's amazing too how such smiles help create inclusion and acceptance. So now I am aware that all in all I don't smile and, yes, the impression must be a bit robotic and dead-pan. The snag is we are all basically emotional beings but autistics very much lack this capacity in as much as it harmonizes along social lines.
  2. Dr-David-Banner

    Neurotypical (Observations)

    More recently, I came to ask myself if somehow a negative image of being "neurotypical" has developed over a decade or so. Before going further, if I wanted to define the term, I would simply say neurotypicals adapt better to group dynamics than autistics. It's really just evolution. We are designed to pool all our skills and talents together to move ahead. Ultimately we need a social structure. So, neurotypicals instinctively know how to form part of a collective and how to be understood and accepted. This is all very natural and an essential part of survival. Currently I have a few neurotypical friends I like and admire and learn from hopefully. Many of them have traces of neurotic qualities or may get panic attacks or anxiety. One friend is mostly neurotypical but her kids autistic (high functioning). I don't have close friends as such but do take time to chat - sometimes by phone. I learned to just try and be myself and open up just as I am but only one friend knows about the autism issue. In that case she's a bit puzzled as,.although I'm slow and odd, I'm not shy or anti- social. To the point though, I don't so often differentiate neurotypicals as I used to do since the term seens quite broad and hard to define. I also wonder if the term has become a bit of a cliche. If we list all the various neurological abnormalities from schizophrenia to obsessive compulsive disorder, borderline personality, there was never any specific contrast drawn compared to neurotypicals. Also I guess it's fair to say someone with OCD wouldn't be specifically neurotypical. I suspect the term "neurotypical" took on.a more social meaning during the 1990s and mostly in context of Hans Asperger. Ten years ago I used to have a very polarised view of people and saw myself as autistic in a kind of superior way. This had been inspired by the usual exclusion issues you get at school and work. These days, I changed my perception. I believe "all" people have huge potential. The only disadvantage my neurotypical friends suffer is their lives are more inclusive and active so they lack the time to develop whatever interest they have. I have one friend who has a great singing voice but she has no time to explore her talents.
  3. A quiz about matching certain personality types with each other to form lasting bonds. Chemistry.com uses this test to help their users find matches. Here's the quiz: http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/helen-fisher-personality-type-test/ Here's information on the 4 types and matching: http://digitalcitizen.ca/y/ My Results: Negotiator 13 Explorer, 26 Builder, 26 Director, 29 Negotiator So I'm a Negotiator-Builder/Director, and I'd be best matched with a Director-Negotiator or a Director-Builder. As for the poll, please choose your single primary and secondary types, unless you have the same number for any types. In that case, choose all that apply. Eg. I will choose Negotiator as my primary type, and then I'll choose both Director and Builder as my secondary types. You may also post your results and opinions below. ^__^
  4. Supposedly your favorite color indicates a lot about your personality. This link explains the personalities corresponding with the colors, which are listed on the right if you scroll down a little. I have to go do something, so I'll come back later and edit my post with my favorite colors and opinion! I'd just already made the poll, and didn't want to let it sit and risk losing all that typing somehow. o.o
  5. Every person expresses and feels love/affection differently. There is a theory that puts the ways of feeling/expressing love into 5 types. Description of the 5 types The Five Love Languages quiz click "Discover your Love Language" My Scores 12 Acts of Service 9 Quality Time 6 Words of Affirmation 2 Receiving Gifts 1 Physical Touch The way to my heart is to wash all my dishes for me!! XD
  6. ponz

    Alpha/Beta Test

    Just a random test to have fun with! ^__^ Click here. It's not an 'absolute fact' test, but more of a 'theory about people that some person came up with' test, so don't worry if you don't like your results!! Also, despite the link name and book title, this test isn't just for women. All can take it!!! You are Lime Green: 32% Mid Alpha 36% Mid Beta You are a hybrid of Mid Alpha and Mid Beta. You are easygoing, and with your good relationship skills, you can create an equal, compatible relationship with someone like yourself (Lime Green). Since both of you tend to shy away from confrontation, this safe, secure partnership would have only a low degree of conflict. However, because you are a hybrid, you have several more challenging options (Red, Yellow, Green). With any of these matches, you would be the nurturer and your partner would be the leader. You might have to develop a little more Alpha so that you can occasionally push back. The results make sense for me. ^.^

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