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Found 9 results

  1. jaszkav

    Do I have Aspergers?

    Hi, I am not sure whether I have Aspergers or not and I don't want to waste money and time to find out professionally if I don't actually have it, so I am hoping someone can help me out. I believe I have most symptoms such as problems making friends, minimal interaction in social situations, the tendency to stare at others, I have problems expressing empathy and communicating feelings, I prefer a strict routine, I speak formally, I repeat myself, I have trouble using language in a social context, I am awkward and make awkward movements, and I am sensitive to lights, noises and textures. I would say the socialising part is the most prevalent symptom, however, this could also be due to anxiety or me being an introvert. I have gotten this list of symptoms from https://www.everydayhealth.com/aspergers/what-are-signs-symptoms-disorder/ . thank you for helping me!
  2. I have a friend/fwb that has Aspergers that had blocked me on every social media and doesn't seem want to talk. It's been about 2 days now and I'm just wondering if I had lost him out of my life or if he's just taking time for himself. Everything was great between us before he had blocked and that's partly why I am here asking for advice and some help to understand what's going on?
  3. Hello, I'm a French 21 woman, so forgive me for my bad english. I joined this forum because I have suspect myself to be asperger, but I don't know, and I don't know how to know it or not. For the moment I don't have any money and I don't want to talk about that to my family, so I prefer to stay away from professional consulting for the moment : also because I would like to first figure out on my own if I might be asperger or not. I love watching documentaries about people's life, and when it came to a documentary about autism, it made me remember some of my childhood behaviours, so I started to have a look on youtube channels about autism, and conferences. I recognized myself very stongly in the female asperger syndrom, but not totally, also a little bit on the male one. What I mean about that is that I really struggle with my social life, and I used to have nearly no sical life, like if my classmates did not even exist. Then I started to be preoccupied and stressed about that when it became dangerous for me : when I started to be bullied. I don't have specially a routine, neither an obssessive hobby. I have a lot of different important hobbies but I'm not obssessed about a single thing, so it's difficult for me to figure out if yes or no I might be asperger. And what it make it even harder is that I have no problem with empathy or imagination, I can't watch people in the eyes but I still understand more or less what they are feeling. I never intended to be strange or whatever, but people around me, of all ages, all kinf of relationships (people who hates or liked me, or teachers, family) kept saying to me I'm odd, or original, or strange, through all my life. I also have some struggles with sensory overload, auto-stimulation etc, I did several metldown when I was really tired in class, or stressed. But when I'm doing well I just look like normal you know ? I start to act weird only when I'm tired or anxious, or drunk. (or when I was a child), but now, I just look like normal that's why I really struggle to know if I'm asperger or not, it's like if I was half asperger half normal, and the reason why might be the adaptation and constant control of myself, but I don't even notice it in my everyday life. I don't know if it could have any impact but I also am "very gifted" person even if I don't like the term, so it's even harder for me to distinguish what could belongs to high IQ, and what belongs to potential autism ? I just recongize myself more in the autistic side than in the highly gifted one. Thank you for reading !
  4. I thought a new game needed to be added to the mix and came up with this. Basically, the game starts with someone asking a question, any question at all that preferably sounds deep. The next poster must answer this question in a humourous, silly or just plain outrageous way. So basically no serious answers Then that poster poses us another question. Most importantly, have fun! Let the games begin. I'll start with a classic: Why is the sky blue?
  5. i have been thinking about what makes a good relationship for a while now but i dont know about this. is it a MUST HAVE? if your not good enough dose the relationship go bad? i know its kinda a weird question but i just cant stop going over it in my head.
  6. Jovenshire

    Deep Thinkers

    This topic will be a place to post all those deep questions you sometimes ask, and might get answers. Here's one I've been thinking about: (which no longer needs answering) Space. It's black, right? Why? If there is nothing for color to reflect off of, shouldn't space be void of any color?
  7. I was diagnosed with ASD earlier this year, and it has literally been a life saver for me. Everything in my life is improving since the diagnosis and I feel like I'm getting a second chance to live by having this new understanding. I'm married, 26, and live with my husband about 15 hours away from the rest of my family (parents and two siblings). He obviously has been with me throughout the process so he knows everything. I recently confessed the diagnosis to my parents as well, through letter/package, and they took it really well (although we definitely still have some talking to do since they've basically not acknowledged it since then, but that's another issue).I have yet to tell my siblings, parents-in-law, or most of my friends (in real life or online). I know a lot of people will make light of the coming-out decision or say something like "you don't have to tell anyone, just don't worry about it and only mention it if it's relevant", but that's easier said than done for me. I guess I'm the sort of person who has never swallowed my feelings very easily. I keep quiet a lot of the time, yes, but when it comes to straight forward questions about myself or having to interact with someone, I don't lie. I am honest about just about everything, and I am open about just about everything. So this whole "don't mention it unless it comes up" thing is very hard for me sometimes. Of course, I can just not mention anything. BUT most of these people who don't yet know are online, on my social media profiles, following my blog or my IG or my YouTube. Not mentioning this HUGELY life changing event on any of those internet worlds has been very draining to me. I almost feel like I'm sneaking around and being dishonest or just not true to myself... I honestly feel the strongest urge to just sign on to everything and post "Hey everyone I'm on the autism spectrum, in case you didn't know. Have a nice day!"... I'm sort of kidding, but not. I know doing something like that would be hugely inappropriate for some relationships (like my siblings for instance, they should probably know before others, but telling them feels so awkward and potentially disastrous). And I know telling everyone I know could just be hugely inconvenient for the rest of my life (having people either disliking me, being annoyed with me, feeling sorry for me, being scared of me, thinking I'm less than, I can't even fathom all of the different negative reactions I could get by telling any and all).I know full disclosure to everyone in a public way has huge drawbacks, but I feel that nagging tug at me every single day now... How do I decide how to disclose? Who to disclose to? When?Getting this diagnosis, for me, was mostly about getting back in touch with my true self and letting myself breathe free and be me. So holding back SO much from SO many feels like the antithesis of that releasing freeing process I'm trying to nurture within myself... I just don't know what to do about this tug-of-war. Does anyone else understand these kind of strong impulses to expose your ASD? To come out of the closet about it? I can't pretend it's not terrifying, but it's exciting at the same time... It definitely isn't going to be easy for me either way, but what's the best way? Being eaten alive by this secret or opening myself up to vulnerability? Also, I have been considering the advantages and disadvantages to telling my siblings soon and then coming out online on autism awareness day next year (April 2nd in the US). That's 6 months away so it might be just enough time to prepare myself but not so long that I feel I can't handle the wait... Any thoughts? If anyone has any advice, warnings, or personal stories to share that might help me figure this whole thing out, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
  8. If you could image your Autism / Aspergers as a living creature, what would you imagine it as? This is just to get your imagination going and they're no right or wrong answers - we're all different. The animal/creature you image your Autism/Aspergers to be can be as real, mythological or made up as you want it to be. I'll go first, just to get us going. If I could image my Aspergers as been like any animal, I would imagine it as been like a Dragon. My reason been that dragons are a mix of contrasts that can blend together in unique and unlikely ways. They can be gentle or menacing, beautiful or scary, wise or naiive, etc. Their abilities, colours, personalities and be able to exist in so many different places - both in the physical planes and beyond.
  9. Saveyourscissors

    Dog Owners.....

    Hiya guys, Does anybody take their dogs to Agility classes/groups? I'd like to take Poppy but I'm struggling to find out much about it.. I want to give Poppy the best possible life, she gets walked every day without fail some days more than once. At least once a week she goes for a nice long walk too. She is on a raw meat diet (as nature intended) She currently goes to socialising classes as she is very nervous around other dogs but this isn't really helping a great deal and he last session is tomorrow. Poppy has a lot of energy and is very lively (in a good way) She has been walked off her lead from day one and is excellent at coming back waiting ect. (: I just want to know what people think of Agility and how it is benefiting there dogs really? I've been told by someone with the same breed dog (cavachon) that there dog was the same and it completely changed him towards other dogs and he is now playing with them and not scared at all This is my main goal and to make sure she's getting enough chance to use all that energy she's got Any advice welcomed (although don't try and change my mind on raw feeding as nothing can do that.) Thanks doggy lovers
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