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Found 3 results

  1. Willow

    Routine Changes

    Does anyone have a good strategy for changing your routine successfully?
  2. Well I suppose that this is more of a rant than a debate but I don't really know where else to put this. But anyway I just wanted to say that I don't think that supermarkets are very aspie-friendly given this morning's experiance with doing the grocery shopping. I went first to the one shop but when I got to the checkouts they had changed that whole area! All of the self-service checkouts were nowhere to be seen and so I had to use the manned checkout which I hate using because they damage all of your groceries (and of course there's the whole social things as well but for me I don't like the way that they handle all of your groceries). (And they did damage all of my groceries as well . I spend so long carefully choosing undamaged items and then they go and crush them all at the checkout???) But that wasn't the worst because then I went to the other shop and they had discontinued my favourite ready-meal and the one that I routinely buy! It really insults me how they can just do that. I mean, they know that I buy that meal often because I always get coupons for that meal but they don't even bother to ask me if I would mind if they discontinued it! How on earth can they do that? That is absolutely disgusting! I mean, surely other aspies have this problem as well, and clearly it didn't even cross their mind that maybe just maybe I was an aspie and I would be very upset if they discontinued that meal. What that means is that I'm going to either have to get a different meal or a different brand of the same meal - neither of which is a very acceptable solution as far as I'm concerned. And I doubt that if I went to the customer service desk and said that I was an aspie (assuming that I had a proper diagnoses as well of course...) that they would bring that meal back either. I just don't think that that is acceptable behaviour, as I need the kind of security that comes from having a weekly meal plan and for me it's bad enough when they're out of stock on something but to just discontinue it with absolutely no warning is totaly unbearable!!! Especially seeing as it was my favourite meal as well . I just don't think that that is very aspie friendly and the least that they could do is to offer a service for aspies where they can have the security of knowing that they will always be able to get the same meals. That was a really bad day at the shops!!! Why can't people just be a little more understanding of us??? :angry: Thanks, invisible
  3. Kuribo [old account]

    Stuck in a Rut

    Lately, I've been feeling very trapped and isolated. I'm stuck in a rut with no way of getting out. Every day, I wake up with no desire to have done so nor the motivation to do anything else at all. I feel horrible from the moment I wake up, and I also have trouble staying organised and keeping track of time. All of these combined with my irregular sleeping patterns make mornings extremely stressful for me, to the extent that I've felt physically sick on more than one occasion. When extremely stressed out, just speaking to people can be very, very challenging but I no one understands and I always have to. Sometimes I become physically incapable of speaking for short periods of time and I feel like crying. Thus far, I have always been able to hold in any serious meltdowns at school, but this causes stress to build up even more throughout the day. Although general interaction adds to my anxiety, speaking to someone I trust and care about can help, but I don't really connect well with anyone. There is a learning support classroom which used to be for potentially vulnerable individuals to come to at break and lunch, but there's now just one clique which I don't like and a few others who are okay (but not friends) there now. I like to check on Asperclick when I can because I have friends here, but last year, the idiotic new support teacher introduced a blanket ban on mobile phones, so if I were to use the room, my only opportunity to check on the forum would be to stand in a corridor filled with annoying assholes. Given that the only thing I can do to relax is prohibited, I no longer feel welcome there and thus, no longer spend time there. Instead, I have been taking a walk to the local park recently to get some peace and as a change of routine, but it's not a long time to do anything, the weather is often cold/wet, there's often hardly anyone online and my 3G signal drops easily, so I just end up feeling lonely with no one to talk to. I almost always fall asleep as soon as I get home now because of how exhausting I find everything. This means that I have very little free time, and I'm expected to use a large portion of that free time on homework, so I end up staying up late to post on forums and occasionally play a game. Due to staying up late, my sleeping patterns become irregular and... (scroll back to top of the page) I feel lonely, isolated, under pressure, on the edge of breaking down, and completely stuck in a rut all the time now, and the few high points just make the majority of the time seem even worse. When I'm not at school, I'm so exhausted that I tend to sleep far too much, which makes me feel worse and obviously doesn't help with Seasonal Affective Disorder at all! *SIGH* I just don't know what to do.

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