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Found 7 results

  1. Dr-David-Banner

    Elton John Movie Censored

    Elton John is said to be furious Russian audiences are watching a censored version of the recent movie Rocket Man. Censors removed scenes that showed Elton in gay relationships (as shown apparently in the movie). I had to ask myself how can Russian authorities imagine Russian kids will somehow alter their sexuality in later years due to Elton's status. The idea behind Putin's law is not to glorify non-heterosexual orientation in the media. Also, to teach kids everybody should be normal, and so on. Frankly, I think these days Russia is somehow exhibiting itself to ridicule by taking the worst possible path. The film simply takes into account the basic fact Elton John is, and always has been, a gay pop star. Censoring that reality is tantamount to suggesting Elton is someone he clearly is not. Add to the list David Bowie (bisexual) or Madonna (bi-curious). What's really needed today is a common sense, non-biased, scientific education program on the subject of sexuality. Having been in Russia in the past it became strikingly obvious there are hundreds of gay or lesbian people in the country. It's a fact in any society. I am amazed Russia's lawmakers are so backward thinking they can somehow educate their population to all be heterosexual. As a few Russian liberals have stated, their country is now so isolated over attitudes to sexuality, it ranks with the Middle East.
  2. RiRi

    [Sensitive] Sexuality

    What age did you begin masturbation? And one different, but more personal, what age did you lose your virginity?
  3. Hello, Question: can a Pansexual, Non-Binary, Demi-sexual person change to become a Lesbian? (But without calling themselves a Lesbian, but still in practice not liking men anymore)? Also: if such attraction fluidity is possible, then is it a risk to enter in to a relationship with a person who might then decide they prefer a different gender to you? I am tired and confused, so any help is appreciated. Background: I started loving someone who is also on the spectrum but has wanted to take things slowly, I thought due to worsening health issues. I knew she was Pansexual, Demisexual and non-binary. I am Demisexual and Non-binary (born male) too, and although can feel romantic/deep feelings for men, I don't feel sexually attracted to them. We met in a support group online, the met in person and really liked each other, but live in different countries, so we had some stuff to sort out to make it more practical. Soon after, she got worse in health, from hEDS or HSD. I met her in her country and it was nice, but she was a bit more distant to me emotionally. Some months later, with contact getting less (she being less responsive due to health I thought), I asked her if it's to do with me. She said health issues were a big part of it. She then told me that she can't see us in a relationship due to probably a mixture of things (worsening disability and geographic distance being what I thought was the main obstacles having discussed this). Recently she told me that she would never say never to it working out and that she just doesn't know how things will be in the future. Now she has just told me that in the past 2 years (we've known each other 1.5 years), she has become more interested in women and has been denying those feelings for some reason. Her health is worse and mine too, as I developed HSD too, so it's hard to arrange a time to talk (we live in separate European countries). All this sounds hopeless, I know. And this has happened off the back of another broken heart a couple of years back, when I started loving my friend, who I thought was Bisexual, but eventually told me that she prefers women and became a lesbian. We shared so much in common and that hurt a lot. Then a few months later I met the current person and we shared even more in common and I let myself open up to the possibility as we told each other we liked each other and wanted to see how it developed. We spent hours on phone calls and it all seemed to be going great. Now I'm just heartbroken again.. As you ALL know - it is so hard to meet a potential partner who is also autistic. I am not totally limiting myself to autistic people, but it just felt so much easier being close with those two people, and I just feel so upset as it feels like the same thing is happening again and that I will always be lonely. 9 Years alone now after an engagement (to an NT at the time) went wrong. I decided to get go for diagnosis after that and focus on people who shared interests and then found this person who is also on the spectrum too and I was so happy. I just feel so hopeless and on top of everything, isolated due to my disability too. I guess there's no hope for this to work out. That is what my logical mind is saying. Thanks for reading. *Sorry if I am sounded confused in reference to sexualities or genders, as I am new to this and don't want to upset of offend anyone. I am really grateful if any Pansexuals/Bisexuals/or ANYone can offer their experiences and advice. Yes, I know this is probably over. Like many I have a HUGE difficulty with adjusting to change, so please be kind in considering how hard life changes can be, rather than..."it's over, get over it" etc. Thanks.
  4. TheDefended

    Sexuality and Aspies?

    I am curious if any of you amongst the Aspie community can tell me if we learn out sexual orientation differently? I know Tony Attwood actually discussed this in one of his books, but I am curious of you guys thoughts? My Story: I am 20 years old and I'm currently going through a stage where I am confused on my sexuality and standing with no label. When I was growing up, living in a house with 2 other males, Heterosexual was the only answer and I grew up thinking it was the only option. I actually WAS slightly Homophobic, because I didn't understand homosexuality on a natural scale, I believed being gay defied the laws of nature (I've never been religious either). Today, I am open minded and to be honest, I am proud of that gay people have accomplished. Most recently, I've been learning about who I really am and who I've been hiding away for 20 years. I am curious if we (aspies) struggle more to define our orientation compared to neurotypicals. For 20 years, I've been conforming to societies norms, expectations and ignoring who I can be. I want to be who I am without judgements and criticisms. It's a journey I am finally ready for. Where it'll lead is unsure, but I'm content. If anyone can provide their thoughts, idea, opinions on the topics in question. Feel free
  5. I'd say I'm a pretty open minded person, when it comes to sexual, gender, everything really. Heck, my ex boyfriend was transgender ftm. I know sexuality is fluid, so this is probably a stupid question. Is it possible to only attracted to transgender men, or transgender women, or both?
  6. You know, there's quite a lot in confusion in that theme, so I wanted to talk to you about and see what you think. If sexuality is about the relations between living creatures, why do people reduce it to coupling anything that lives? It's quite sickening. Why do people call coitus or fornication "sex" if that is the word used to describe the physical difference between a man a woman, as with male and female? Why so many people who are younger than me, think that pleasure is only used for that, when anything can give pleasure? Another thing that worried me is that people have very little insight in the matters related to their body, or even the way some people tend publicize it: http://jezebel.com/the-most-important-thing-teen-girls-should-do-but-dont-1563444100 I'm don't think it's the most important thing to do, but at least someone should explain about it. At least in a way one would feel comfortable.
  7. There's this woman out here where I live who does the weather forecast. Here she is: Apparently a large part of the male Dutch audience is infatuated by her as this guy on the radio asked her if she'd ever do a photoshoot for Playboy after which she said that if ten thousand people would say they'd buy that Playboy issue with her in it, she wouldn't consider it but she'd actually do it. So they made this thing that people could sign to show they're interested. That was quite some time ago and I think they didn't reach the ten thousand but I still think plenty of people signed it. Anyway, recently there was this article in which she was quoted saying that she was still actually considering it but she was wondering what kind of impact it would have on her career. She wondered if people would start looking at her in a way that she wouldn't like. I can understand the hesitation to a degree but on the other hand I'm thinking if you'd like to do a photoshoot like that then just do it! She obviously likes the idea seeing that she's been talking about it for a year or so... Anyway, the question is would you do a photoshoot for Playboy? This just popped into my mind just now so I thought I'd start a thread. It's an interesting topic.
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