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Found 3 results

  1. BambooScramble

    Help with social skills

    Hi. I'm a mother of a teen with asperger's. I can testify that one of the BEST tools to help a child with social facial recognition and social understanding is to have them get into anime. The facial expressions are over-exaggerated, allowing the child to recognize emotions together with verbal and physical reactions. They can put things together really well after exposure to this. The exaggeration of emotions allows them to really notice. They can then start communicating in the ways they have seen. Even if your child expresses anger, frustration, sadness, or happiness in a slightly exaggerated manner, remember that it's better than them saying nothing at all and then we don't know what's going on with them. After they begin to communicate, we can teach them better manners in public (don't pick your nose!, etc.). I can testify to this because she started watching anime at age 7, and she started expressing her feelings and thoughts about things. She was imitating how she saw drawn characters react - which appealed more to her than real people. She still doesn't like live-action movies very much. She plays video games (stuff like Pokemon) and she loves fairy tale stories. Also, teaching her a foreign language, even just a little, helped her overcome her speech-impediment ("fronting") because she had to pay attention to pronounciation. Just some things to really try. She's 16 now, and much better at social interactions and more socially accepted. Please try these two ideas because they could make all the difference! Thank you.
  2. Muzical

    Ostracisation at work

    I started working for my current employer early in June of last year. At first, I got invited out to lunch with my department-mates a fair amount, but as time went on it became less and less, and, after my "birthday lunch" in August, just totally stopped. I've even tried "inviting myself" at the end of last month, as much as I hate doing so, and I could just tell my presence was...not so much resented as, "I'll deal with her if I have to because I'm too nice to do otherwise." (Should probably also mention here that I'm a software developer, so my department is overwhelmingly male, which is how I prefer it, actually--not fond of women by any stretch and the fact that every other department here is 98% female drives me crazy.) I've even asked if I can tag along, been looked at right in the eye, and they keep walking...I don't really know how ELSE to interpret that... And no, I have zero idea what I did to alienate everyone...I never do... I've flat-out ASKED my supervisor, and all I get is, "It's fine, you could come if you wanted," but then when I take him at his word... *Sigh* No one'll be straight with me and I'm getting fed up of being odd-woman-out in EVERY situation. I've started only showing up for social whatever if EXPLICITLY invited, because then I know my presence cannot be resented, at least not with any sort of claim of a moral high ground. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? How do you deal? How do you not take it personally or worry that it reflects on your future with the company? DOES this reflect on my future with the company, based on experiences y'all have had in the past? (PS: if a mod feels this thread better belongs in the relationships forum, I don't blame you. I ham-hawked for a while before deciding to put it here.)
  3. So I've posted a lot in "The Dumb Cyclists and Pedestrians thread..." and the poster are attacking other road users, in this case (other) cyclists and pedestrians. The thread is about observation incidents where road users (in particular cyclists and pedestrians) are not acting sensibly and according to the rules. First of all, the very title of the thread seems to imply that those cyclists and pedestrians are less intelligent, when this sort of thig is not a function of intelligence. I began encouranging the assumition of good faith and discouraging use of perjorative terms just after this post, instead ecouraging being polite to other road users and assuming good faith, and they don't seem to understand what assuming good faith means, and they presist on calling them "idiots" and claming that they are "stupid." Futhermore things like the unfairness of red lights and "rights" are (unfairly) considered "off-topic." I am mentioning it here, because I think a lot more people on this forum (mostly AS women) have a lot more empathy for others and are more likely to understand what I am trying to tell them. I also sent a PM to a poster on that forum, which he seriously misread, and he won't let me correct him or tell him that I didn't mean to offend him, that is he told me not to contact him again (in all caps), I tried very hard to exlpain why other road users wich act as if they hate him, that maybe some actions of his own,which may not occur to him as "inappropriate" but which would be widely disliked by many aspie damsels who have mastered NT social skills. He also misinterpeted something of mine as suggesting that he had a mental defficency. I did ask him if he sees a psychaitrist, and I did mention Tony Attwood and asperger's syndrome, but I never mentioned any metal defficiencies, he obviously doesn't understand that AS is not a mental defficency.
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