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Found 13 results

  1. An Autism/Aspergers alert card for you to carry around. The idea is that if you get a bit overwhelmed or you aren't able to get your point across etc, when you're out and about in public, you can hand this card over and it will just go some way to explain why you're flapping and struggling to breathe! It's also very useful from a safety and security point of view for places like airports/train stations and big cities, and to show to police etc.

    As you can see, it's got the WillowHope colour scheme etc, so it's not dull. I tried to make it a bit more 'funky' etc. than the usual ones.

    The card is the size and thickness of a credit/debit card, made entirely from plastic, with a gloss finish, so will be durable and easy to store in your purse/wallet or even in an ID card lanyard.

    Text reads:


    "I have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    Please read the back of this card...

    ...thank you, I really appreciate it!"


    "Please take the time to understand that...

    I might struggle to tell you what I need because I can become easily overwhelmed in a social or public environment.

    It might seem like I am acting strange but the movements I make are probably just part of me trying to cope and stay calm.

    I don't like to be touched, most of all unexpectedly, so whilst it might be your reaction to help calm me down, it will likely make things worse.

    I am a unique human being and deserve the respect you show everyone else.

    Also...don’t take advantage of me. I’m not stupid, I’m just anxious."

    1.50 GBP

  2. I've been looking at Social Anxiety Disorder as a medical condition, mainly the treatment, and it appears I've tried every one of them, and still I'm in the same position. So I'm gonna ask my doctor to put me on medication for it. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has used medication for their Social Anxiety, and if it's helped, and the side effects etc.
  3. aspiesw


    I was just wondering how people were with nightclubs. Before I really knew what having Aspergers meant, I used to just go along with my friend's suggestions to go clubbing, and I used to go, and pretend I was having fun, even though I wasn't - I was actually pretty good at pretending. Me and my mate with aspergers used to just dance together so we didn't have to socialise or 'pull', looking back, I don't know why I bothered, I would never step foot in a club again (unless it was a rock bar, or with some persuading - a gay bar), the music was shocking, the people were egotistical and vain. Guys used to literally attach the groin to the behind of another woman (often that they didn't know) and try to dance behind them, I don't see the appeal, now I know how my Asperger's affects me, I'd have to say, nightclubs really aren't for me, I'm lucky that my friends are bored of clubbing now, so I never have to go (my friends used to go for their birthdays).
  4. I'll start: I've developed a few social workarounds, some unintentionally and simply a result of adaptation. One of them is using group meetings as a means of talking to people without being as nervous, and getting an online contact where I can talk to them online where I'm more comfortable. In terms of unintentional adaptation, I've noticed that sometimes in a conversation with someone, without either of us realising, I will manage to learn information about the person without even intentionally steering the conversation in that direction or asking that question. Something unrelated simply pops up during the conversation, my brain automatically detects a possible link, and deduces the information. As an example, I was just chatting and posting stuff with a friend, and without even asking or realising, I learnt his sign and favourite colour as a byproduct of something entirely unrelated. When I told him that, and he realised, his response was simply "haha well done".
  5. I'm really struggling with my social anxiety. It's got so bad. Social anxiety is always been a problem for me really, but recently it's got so bad that I try to avoid speaking whenever possible, and I've even stopped going out with friends just so I don't have to talk to people. It didn't seem like much of a problem at first, but I feel like it's destroying my life to be honest. I'm going nowhere at work, because of my social anxiety (I don't communicate enough), my social life is heavily affected, I never speak to anyone I don't know, I've trapped myself into a box that only allows me to communicate with a set number of people, I often stop myself from speaking as I see it as pointless, but as I see my own friends making new friends, it really hurts, because I feel like I'm not moving anywhere or meeting anyone new, in fact, my whole life is in limbo because of it. It's really frustrating, I want to meet more aspies, more gay people, more friends, and actually get somewhere in life, but my social anxiety prevents me from doing so, I have to take a stand, I need to stop letting social anxiety from running my life, but I honestly don't know how to, I've tried CBT, counselling, tablets for anxiety, confidence CDs (I have no problems raising confidence, but the social anxiety remains), nothing seems to work, any help or guidance, or just anything would be great, I don't think I can live the way I am much longer
  6. Its my time of the year to be depressed again. I get depressed every year (no joke), it's usually due to the same things... Uni, hiding secrets, relationship with family. But it's actually got nothing to do with either of them. I left Uni last year, and towards the end of the course, I began to withdraw from the whole course a bit, and focused on my part time job in retail and getting a permanent job in Web Design. A few of the habits I inherited towards the end of Uni have stuck with me till now, which adds to my depression and my bad feeling, most days I spend in bed until 1/2pm and I'm often on my iPad on social media a lot, two things I really want to change, but don't seem to know how to (I know the straight forward answers are obvious, but unfortunately it's a lot harder than that in reality). I've still got my part time job in retail, which is good I suppose, I'm currently on 16 hours a week, hoping to move up to 25 very soon, this part time job very nearly turned into a full time job with prospects of gaining a promotion, luckily I saw the light and decided that full time work in retail just wasn't me, also, at this point I was feeling pretty crappy, so if anything, working longer hours would make me feel even worse, the main reason I decided not to go full time, is because retail isn't what I want to do with my life, I still have aspirations to become a web designer. I very nearly gave up on this career aspiration, as I wasn't getting anywhere However, my failings in getting a job in this industry are really demotivating, the past month I must have applied for over 10 jobs, with no luck whatsoever. Working part time leaves me with a lot of time, which I have to fill, which is often a task I don't enjoy, I used to go to Cardiff for days to see my boyfriend when I wasn't working, but we broke up in November (I'm still getting over him, which is an entirely different story), sometimes I just stay at home and relax, which means staying on my iPad and in bed, which makes me feel like shit. I'm currently working on my own side projects in web design, based on designs I actually want to design, which I hope improves my credentials for a job, and if I get to June and the situation hasn't changed, I'll go freelance (getting clients is a lot easier than I thought), even this will take a lot of motivation, which I just don't have at the moment, the fact that I didn't decide to do this as soon as I finished Uni is really getting me down, cause I feel like I've lost so much time. The fact that I'm not working full time, which would be the conventional thing for graduates to do after failing to find a full time job is really getting me down, apart from the 16+ hours I do at work, my life feels pointless, it doesn't seem like my situation will ever change. I feel really lonely, I feel like for most of 2014, I had that one person I could tell about my entire life, whether it was my best friend or my ex, however, neither of them are really involved in my life anymore, it just feels like it's me by myself, even though I have several friends. I'm doing CBT and taking antidepressants (which surprisingly aren't helping at all), to try to help, but I can't seem to shake this feeling. I'm hoping CBT can deal with my low mood, hopefully make me more social, so I can go out, make friends, be more social, and just enjoy life more, because at the moment it's pointless, everything seems pointless, I don't know what to do with myself. I just feel like it would be so easy to give up on life, because whether I go full time at work or not, my life isn't really going anywhere at the moment. There's only so many times you can look at the same blue wallpaper every single late afternoon while lying in bed without hating yourself. I don't really know what question I'm asking, how I want people to help, whether I just want people to listen, I just need to get this out, I doubt it will ever improve, but at least I've said it.
  7. TriforceOfPower

    Understanding Nonverbal Cues

    I've always had a hard time understanding nonverbal cues. When my parents would try to tell me something by giving me looks/hand gestures, I couldn't (and still can't) understand what they were trying to say. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you cope and learn these cues?
  8. When it comes to explaining Aspies social skills I often read that we mimic others. Everything we can do socially is because we have spent our whole lives mimicking. Maybe someone could clarify for me a bit more because I’ve been thinking about this. Doesn’t every person learn their social skills through mimicking? Kids learn the basics from parents and school peers, then they continue to learn from their school peers as they go. When they say others interact with people naturally, don’t they just mean that they have had more practice from maybe being a part of a big family or their parents being more sociable people and having a lot of visitors? I really struggle with my identity and understanding who I am and where I fit because I have just spent my entire life unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) mimicking my friends, family and partners. But I just don't understand why this differs from other people. I hope this all makes sense I’m literally reeling off my thoughts as I think them this morning To sum up, how do we differ from others when it comes to learning social skills off others? Because surly everyone learns social skills through mimicking. Is it our brain process and the way we take in information? Thanks.
  9. blacktiger911

    people keep touching me!

    so people keep touching me even after I tell them to stop and then they touch me and I don't even know it. like someone just ripped up a pice of paper and put in the hood of my hoodie and I found it and it fell all over the place. what the should I do?
  10. I've seen a few threads around here discussing various aspie YouTubers and I was going to make another thread to name my own favourite when I decided that it might be better to rather start a thread where we can all name our favourites. Also maybe you could be kind enough to post a link to their page on YouTube because we don't all know their names (usernames or real names). Enough of that said, my favourite is by far this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/user/InjuredMinds/featured (InjuredMinds) I can identify with a lot of what he says actually.
  11. blacktiger911

    noise level?

    so I got in trouble for talking too loud. I was just talking at a normal level and they yelled at me for (basically) having AS I have trouble with this kinda thing but nit doesn't help that no one even tries to understand and when I even bring it up they say that I am just using it as an excuse. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!
  12. It's a nice idea but is it true for you? What is the internet for you? Is it enough?
  13. Kuribo [old account]

    College Interview Tips

    I have my college interview next Wednesday. Does anyone have any tips for staying calm, making a good impression, or anything else you think would be helpful? Thank you in advance.
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