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Found 6 results

  1. annalise_fox_ford

    Safe/unsafe stimming

    does anyone on here have any stims that could be classed as unsafe (danger to others, yourself etc). I have one or two, which involve scratching the palm of my hand to the point where it is red and headbutting things (like a wall for example) when i am stressed for example.
  2. Or is this just me? I grab a stall and rock or do whatever's silent until my brain's back in order.
  3. Little Pink Coupe

    Carrying comfort item(s)?

    I know I've posted about comfort/coping items before, but does anyone ever take them places with them? I usually take one or two small plushies with me when I got to classes at college - usually, it's my dolphin, Dory, and Babs from Chicken Run. I never take them out, tho - I worry that people would make fun of me, take them away and tear them up or not give them back, or see me with them and think I'm not intelligent or something. It does me good just to know they're in my backpack, though. I also take one of my Tangle toys and two stones with me to classes. The Tangle and the stones give me something to hold onto (manipulate with my hands) where I would normally be biting and picking at my nails, parts of my skin (dermatillomania) or pulling at my eyebrows and eyelashes (trichitillomania). When I go to my math class, I also take a plushie of Mac from Chicken Run with me...I feel really tense and scared, and "go inside my head" a lot when I'm in math class, since I always feel like the stupidest person in there and have had really bad experiences in math classes all my life. I started taking Mac to my math class at the suggestion of a friend who also has anxiety - she asked me if any of my plushie friends were good at math, and when I told that I thought Mac would be, she urged me to start carrying her around as well. When I'm going somewhere that's not school-related, I usually take my die cast car, Susie, with me in my bag, along with my Calico Critters cat my therapist gave me once. Dory, Babs, my stones and Tangle always come too. I find I tend to bring more comfort items with me places depending on how anxious I feel, or anticipate feeling. I try to limit myself to only two or three, tho - just Dory, Babs and Susie, or just bringing Dory. If I'm going to be riding in a bus or a car, or just feel like shutting everything out, I carry my MP3 player in my bag, too. Does anyone else carry comfort items around with them, whether it's out in the open or only in a backpack or bag?
  4. Sorry if this topic has already been introduced before, but I searched and didn't find a specific thread dedicated to it. I was wondering, does anyone else chew/bite the inside of their cheek, and is that considered stimming? I've never heard of other people doing it until learning about AS, but I have always done it (I even have photos of myself as a child in the 90s doing it!). I've done it my whole life, mostly when I'm thinking intently, very focused, anxious, or bored. I do it nearly daily. Sometimes it gets really bad and creates bad sores, but usually it just creates a minor irritation. I've also been wondering if it's somehow causing my teeth/jaw to seem like I have TMJ issues because my dentist said there were signs of teeth grinding, but I don't grind my teeth... So I think it might be because of the obsessive chewing...? Do NTs do this chewing/biting thing too, like a nervous habit (like nail biting), or is it more of an ASD thing? Like I said, I had never really heard of others doing this like me until recently... I had even tried to research it several years ago and came up with nothing... Although there is an Animal Collective song that says: Curious...
  5. iggy

    Nail biting

    Does anyone else bite their nails? Did anyone bite when they were younger, and learned how to stop? I do it completely subconsciously, and it's probably a stim because I do it more when I'm anxious, but I think I'd probably do it out of habit if I was completely recalled all the time too.
  6. AutismUnrestricted

    Singing to self soothe

    Hi, Does anyone here sing to themselves to self soothe? I often feel when I'm feeling emotionally high or low, I start singing and stimming and it makes me happy. As a child, anytime I got sick I would sing to myself and that would help me feel better. Also, Is singing the same tune or same song repeatedly for several minutes/ hours a form of stimming?
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