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Found 9 results

  1. Willow

    Coffee Shops

    So I find coffee shops to be pretty stressful places to be, but I do enjoy coffee so I tend to put up with it - and I have a few favourite places that tend to be a bit quieter. I think a lot of people on the spectrum find coffee shops to be stressful - they're loud, busy and there's lots of strong smells, people talking, interactions needed to order things, etc. But, in the Asperclicker's video chat a few days ago, @Rhys said he finds coffee shops a relaxing place to be, and we were all a bit shocked - I guess I never really contemplated that, for an NT person, it's a nice environment to chill out in. The idea seems so ridiculous to me that I never even thought about it! But he pointed out that friends meet there for a chat, people go and work on their books, work related stuff, having meetings there...so it must be true haha. This is also playing on my mind more because I'm meeting a couple in a coffee shop to discuss their wedding photography this weekend. But I was able to pick my favourite coffee shop so hopefully it will be okay!
  2. I would like to find some way to create a large and focused amount of pressure on me, usually for sleep but otherwise for relaxing. I want to emulate the effect of a weighted blanket but without actually buying one. I also am rubbish at DIY so I couldn't make my own unless it were very simple. Does anyone have any ideas of some material/s I can get in order to create such a focused pressure that can cover as much surface area as possible? I cannot use thicker blankets because heat is a continuous issue. The heavier the better. So ideally something heavy but spreadable.
  3. annalise_fox_ford

    Difficulty in managing Motor tics

    in november of last year i got diagnosed with motor tics, they have been okay to deal with up until very recently,at school i feel like i should hold them in (which is something i shouldnt be doing as it makes them worse) due to an incident that happened in march which i dont want to go into too much detail about. usually i only have one types of tic where my head jerks to the side and my arm goes up but i had another one where my shoulders went up. I often find people are imitating my tics and it makes me feel really sad and uncomfterble when they do so as i cant control them if i hold them in for too long.
  4. TruthMusic


    Hello. This weekend I had more symptoms coming at once than ever. Mostly insomnia, which then opened up sensory overload.. The nerves in my body literally feel like glass, I'm anxious, and feel as if I'm on the verge of a breakdown. Emotionally on edge, irritable. A simple sound (chewing) seemed to be the most obnoxious thing to me today as well and I had to leave the presence of that person immediately. It felt violating? The memory of it had me frequently plugging my ears with my fingertips throughout the day. Lastly, even when I was trying to relax playing games on my phone laying down, the feeling of my breath on my hand irritated me and I find myself having to shake it off, flicking my fingers or hitting my hand. This can also trigger what I call OCD loops, where I have to repeat the same hand movements and breathing, sometimes until I run out of breath The icing on the cake: I found out the little spiders that were coming out of my computer are yellow sac spiders. Which are common in New York, where I ordered the computer from! (They leave blistering bites) + I have arachnophobia. Sleep? GONE. I'm now completely empty and feel paralyzed by everything. I have been doing very little productively and at this point I plan on keeping it that way hiding in my bed away from everything staring at my ceiling, scanning my brain for hope. No suicidal thoughts. I just feel like my mind is throwing me around like a rag-doll :'(
  5. aspiesw

    Dealing with stress?

    I wanted to ask what other people do to deal with stress. I'm usually quite bad at dealing with stress, when I'm at work, and I'm under pressure, I really struggle to perform properly and I panic a lot, even when doing simple tasks, whenever I struggle with them, I panic and worry. I get really anxious and worried when I'm stressed, I struggle to concentrate and make mistakes, I wish I wasn't like this and could just turn off my emotions, but I cant. Any help of how to better deal with stress? Sorry if I haven't explained properly
  6. JakeTrv

    Just one of those days

    Returning from the local High school on a bitter, and anxious note. Now I know that this doesn't just happen to me of course. Everyone can have a bad day, whether it's work, school, or just a simple day off. Just seeing some of the typical High School drama going on, and people that irritate me just acting like clowns. Makes me shake my head in disgust, and of course to top it all off, the teacher lectures the whole class because of one student's behavior. I guess that's what happens with Aspergers, where stuff like that makes my stress level go up sometimes, and makes me a little angry about it. But I know that I always find ways to ease the stress, like listening to music, drawing pictures of how I feel, and playing basketball in my backyard. If anyone would like to share one of their memories from a rotten day, or bring up a good way, to ease the stress, feel free to talk about it.
  7. So, to cut a very long story short: I'm off to music college in September, but it's too far away from home to live there. So, I'll be living 'on my edge' a lot more often. I had felt I was ready for it, but recently it has almost if not has come to meltdown over overthinking decisions and all those annoying Aspie things, so I'm now very scared about the prospect of moving out at this moment.. So I'd like to ask a question, if I can: of those who live away from home, how did you find the process, how did you cope and what if any coping strategies do you still have or use? At the moment it, like many other thoughts in my head from time to time, it's become this massive obstacle that I can see myself crashing and burning into when the time comes.
  8. thegingerone

    Falling behind

    Right now, I and majorly behind on all my school work and I don't know how to get back on top of it all (and stay there). I am coming towards the end of my first term in year 12 and have not exactly adjusted to the step-up from GCSE to AS. I knew I would be getting more work and I was prepared to do it, but it's just not happening. I would say that about 80% of my homework has been done the night before the due date (including essays) and I'm putting off work constantly. It's not that I'm being lazy, I just can't concentrate on my work and because of problems I have with managing my time, it doesn't really register with me that I'm falling behind until I have multiple pieces of homework all due in on the same day and not nearly enough time to do any of it. This leads to me getting overwhelmed by my work and not be able to do it to the point where I almost convince myself that I don't care. This was already a huge problem for me and I have been really struggling since the term started, but I missed a day last week due to a funeral and I have been off school ill today. Even though I have 2 pieces of work due tomorrow, one that was due today and one that was due last week on the day I was off, I haven't started a single one and I can't motivate myself to do so. Is anyone having a similar problem or has done in the past? Any advice?
  9. roxie_buttons

    Worried about assessment outcome

    Hi, I've been lurking on the site for a while - I'm currently self-diagnosed but am going for my formal assessment in a week and I'm suddenly really worried. I'm 30 years old, and came to the realization I might be an aspie earlier this year. I work in a school and some ASD assessment paperwork for a student came across my desk to file and I realised all but one or two of the characteristics fit me. It was a real light-bulb moment to be honest. I live in Kent and met with a support worker from the Kent Autistic Trust to find out more information. They agreed it seemed very likely that I was on the spectrum, and supported me in deciding what to do next. Asperclick was one of my first stops for more information - thank you for helping me to realise i'm not alone The NHS in my area currently has a three year waiting list for a referral for diagnosis (which is quite frankly ridiculous) so i'm going down the private route. I'm not too bothered about it affecting my ability to access NHS support services in the future - they're pretty dire in my area anyway - but i would like the security of a diagnosis. I have had difficulty keeping the same job for more than a year, for the last 9 years. I don't get fired but i end up leaving because i can't cope with the social aspects of the workplace, and I become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, so i take a few months off and then the cycle repeats. My current job is a record at nearly two years (they have a very caring ethos which helps I think) but if i start to struggle again I would like to be able to say 'this is why' and have them understand there's an actual reason and i'm not just a useless employee with a history of not sticking it out! My husband has been very supportive, and in total agreement with me about everything - and I recently told my parents about my suspicions. While their reaction wasn't negative, it wasn't terribly supportive. They didn't say very much at all in fact, when i was fully prepped to answer questions and defend my position etc. Which brings me to the assessment. I have been asked to bring a parent along to answer questions about my early development and I'm worried that (intentionally or not) my mum might sabotage me. It might sound silly, but she can be very dismissive of differences/things that might be perceived as weaknesses, and she is very defensive when she feels criticized - especially when it's to do with my upbringing. I was an only child, and a bright one, and as I was shy like she was i don't think she noticed things that would be automatically picked up as flags for a condition such as ASD. I think she is quite likely to gloss over anything that might seem negative or atypical. I am also concerned (although I am going to ask when I contact the clinic tomorrow to confirm my appointment) that the Psychiatrist might not have much experience diagnosing women with ASD and as I don't struggle to communicate in a 1:1 'professional' scenario, (especially one i've anticipated and can prepare for, I struggle with social skills and sensory overload mostly) I am worried that he is going to take one look at me and basically say 'there's no way you're even remotely on the spectrum!' I don't really know what the assessment involves - i am presuming as it's going to be 3-4 hours that it will be quite in depth, so i'm hoping i will be given the opportunity to explain my difficulties. All I'm looking for is some reassurance really - i know we're all different on here, and one person's assessment experience isn't going to be another's, but any words of wisdom would be welcome Sorry for the long back-story! Roxie xx
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