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Found 7 results

  1. Dear parents of children with autism: I am conducting a survey so I can determine factually what works and what doesn't in respect to helping adults with autism in any tiny, detectable way. I need honest feedback. Here are a few questions: 1) What therapy or treatment have you used last? 2) What were your initial impressions and expectations about this treatment/therapy? 3) During and towards the completion of the administered treatment/therapy, did you observe any significantly noticeable improvement in your behavior? 4) How long did you use this treatment/therapy? 5) Did you use the treatment/therapy only once? 6) Would you highly recommend it to other adults with autism? Why or why not? I truly appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey.
  2. RiRi

    CBT for all

    To briefly explain it, CBT can be changing your thoughts to something more positive so that you can feel better about a situation. If someone wants to more elaborately explain it, feel free. In this thread, post negative thoughts you've had and the positive thought you replaced it with.
  3. One of our members has suicidal depression and can't get to a therapist on weekdays, nor find one who works on weekends.
  4. StarlessEclipse

    Trauma Questions

    Have you experienced traumatising events and/or situations in the past? If so, what were they? Do you think the resultant trauma still impacts the way in which you live your life now? If so, in what way? What steps might you be able to take to resolve this trauma and move on with your life? Just some questions I've been asking myself. Perhaps some of you would like to try answering them.
  5. jassie.jaissie.koi.nahin

    Can you stop a meltdown?

    Have you ever successfully stopped a meltdown? I have begun to see a therapist, and I talked to her about my meltdowns. Although she wasn't familiar with the word, she said she knew about "outbursts as a result of intense emotion". When I know I'm going to meltdown, my only conscious thought is to get to 'safety' - my room or a public toilet - somewhere I won't hurt someone or scare them with my meltdown. She said that instead I should work towards my immediate reaction being intense exercise, like going running, instead. I don't think this is possible. I guess, I want to know if I'm being stubborn/unreasonable to think this is impossible? And to know if anyone has stopped themselves, right at the edge of a meltdown? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I know I've been absent from the forum for a while, but I could really need your guys' support right now. What I'm about to post about might be difficult for some to read, and might hit some sore spots, I just have to get it out, though, and I feel as if this is the safest, most supportive place I can do so. I had a therapy appointment today, and we were approaching the last 15 minutes of our session. My therapist kept asking me what was on my mind, so, to satisfy her, I mentioned how I went to a friends' birthday dinner last weekend. I talked about how I did have fun, but I was nervous the whole time about whether or not I was doing everything right, saying the right things, doing the right things, etc. I mentioned off - handedly that "I was actually dx'd with something that explains exactly why I have these problems with social things." The convo played out like this from that point - the best reconstruction I could manage: Dr: Aspergers Syndrome? Me:....Yes. How did you know? Dr: I've done lots of work in that area. Me: Was it that obvious? Dr: I recognized it in you in various ways, during our sessions...I've seen many people with Aspergers. Some have issues with anger and impulse control, and you have problems with social interaction and anxiety. Me: Oh. Okay. Yeah, there's that. Dr: Does Dr. S (my psychiatrist who works right above her) know you have been dx'd Aspergers? Me: Ummm...no. Dr: (somewhat accusingly) Well, she needs to know...otherwise she can't prescribe the correct medications for you. Me: Well, they don't really work for me...well, they do; but only for a little while and then it's onto another one. Dr: That's because she didn't know about your diagnosis, and couldn't prescribe the correct ones. And, now that you've told ME, I can incorporate that into my treatment plan for you. Do you have the documentation from when you were dx'd? Me: The only copy is with the Disability Resource Center at my college...not that it helped me any to give it to them. Dr: If you could get it back somehow, that would be great....where and when were you dx'd? Me: At a diagnostic center in Baltimore, MD - I don't remember the name of the doctor who saw me, though. I was around twelve-ish. Dr: Okay....(writing things down) Me: (Beginning to cry) Am I gonna get sent back to Sarah's Smile or someplace even worse if I don't get better? Dr: What??... Me: Sarah's Smile...I was sent there every day for three weeks one summer....it was a bad, toxic place and I don't want to go back again, or someplace even worse than that. I won't, will I? Dr: No, no, you're not going to get sent anywhere (hands me a box of tissues) Don't worry about that. You're very high - functioning Aspergers, it seems. *****Her use of functioning labels throughout our conversation made me really uneasy, but I knew she was on my side so at that point I was going to take what I was given******* Me: Oh, okay, thank you. Dr: Does your family know about this? Me: Well, yes....but they don't talk about it much anymore; not my mom and stepdad or my dad and stepmom. My dad and stepmom never believed I had it; they told me, "It's not true, Coupe, you're not that at all; your mother just has these IDEAS..." Dr: But you were given a dx, so yes, you have it, and it's there. Me: Yeah...my dad and stepmom never believed it, though. Dr: Were you given any help following your dx? Therapy, anything like that? Me: Yes, but I didn't like it and it didn't help me (referring to the ABA-ish speech therapy I was put thru for years). Other than that, I've gone without supports in school and other places b/c my dad and stepmom thought I was normal and didn't need any, so I've pretty much flown by the seat of my pants for years and exhausted myself trying to pass for "normal." Dr: (With air of finality) You ARE normal. People who have Aspergers are not "wrong." The reason why your father and stepmother don't believe you are Aspergers is STIGMA. There's no need for it. Me: (shrugging slightly) Okay. Dr: Well, we're out of time for today, but we'll talk more about this next week. (We arrange a time for next week and she reminds me to talk to my pshychiatrist). Me: So, just so I'm clear - I'm not going to be sent away anywhere? Dr: (firmly) No. You will not be sent away. You have a firm grasp of reality, and you are not running around out of control or creating disturbances, so no one is sending you away. Me: Oh. 'Cuz my niece has a mood disorder and my older stepbrother made her go to a hospital for a long time and my dad and stepmom were completely okay with it. Dr: No, that will not happen with you. .....Sooooo..yeah. That happened today. I don't really know how to feel about it; whether I should feel relieved and that I'll finally be understood, or if I've opened some kind of Pandora's Box of some kind that I won't be able to force shut again. I feel oddly relieved, in a way; yet I can't shake the feeling that this means the latter. I'm sorry if I've upset anyone with this; but I just need to get this out and I'll never bring it up again.
  7. Kuribo [old account]

    Going To My GP Tomorrow

    I am going to my GP tomorrow (well, today really ) as a first step to deal with my depression. The therapy sessions I was supposed to start have been postponed until at least February if not significantly later, so the GP may be able to do something about this while my guidance teacher talks to them too. Ever since my grandad died in 2011, I've been depressed and it's come and gone ever since. I was recently at a stage where I was feeling okay, but with school getting to me so much and everything that happened with my old ASD club as well as another forum, it's gotten progressively worse until now, when I've never been less motivated in life. The college plan for next year has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, but dealing with imbeciles, drastically over-thinking everything, constantly thinking about the education system I despise so much and being upset about social failures is still affecting me massively. On top of the therapy sessions, I also plan to inquire about medication tomorrow. I had always wanted to "stay strong" and get through it, but I had never imagined that it'd get this bad or that it'd last for so long. It's been there for three, approaching four years now and I've had enough. I'm finding it difficult to look after myself. I either eat and sleep too much or not enough, and I am finding it difficult to take care of hygiene or my appearance. I have always been quite independent but now I feel I am just crumbling away. I am going after school tomorrow.
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