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Found 8 results

  1. I was just curios if anyone has thought of "disappearing". Don't worry, I am not now and probably won't any time soon. I used to think I wanted to disappear but it was over some really petty stuff now that I look back on it. Nothing ever came about it. But I was just curios if anyone else had these thoughts and if you ever acted on it to any extent. I guess this could be too personal of a question so don't answer if you aren't comfortable. Oddly enough, I looked it up and it actually doesn't seem as hard as I thought. You just have to make sure local authorities don't waste resources looking for you.
  2. I want to write a poem, but I've forgotten how to write one. I think I never properly learned how to write one. It was taught to me, and I did some poems, but I think it was confusing. Maybe it was much more difficult than I thought/think it is or maybe it never came naturally to me. How do you write a poem? Do you just write something that you could be thinking and write it in a way that would seem like a poem such as group them into stanzas and whatnot or do you count the syllables, sounds, words? Is there a general structure such as you can only have 8 words in one line or is it like writing (aside from spelling and grammar) that you just write away into paragraphs, etc.? I know some poems like a sonnet need a certain structure, number of syllables, lines, rhyme structure, but from what I recall, if I remember rightly, you could have a poem that doesn't follow a strict structure and just rhymes like this AABB, BBCC... or ABAB, BCBC... (not sure if either of those are correct) Is there more to it than that? Or is that pretty much it?
  3. Sometimes I feel like people on this forum don't like me. I don't think it's paranoia because it's only a feeling I get with certain people, not about everyone. Sometimes it might not be true and people actually like me, but other times, I'm right and the person actually doesn't like me. At least doesn't like me in the moment that I think they don't like me. Why does it have to be the other way around that in fact people do like me? Why can't it be that the person who I think doesn't like me, doesn't like me? For some weird reason not everyone likes each other so it is possible that some people may not like me. It's a reasonable thought. Do you ever get feelings about things? Things that might be true and end up being true? Or Feelings that someone may like you when in fact they don't?
  4. blacktiger911

    maybe i deserve to go to hell?

    i mean i done a lot of bad stuff. just a thought i had.
  5. How do I stop overthinking? This is a very bad habit of mine I overthink everything, to the extent that it makes me not want to do things, and makes doing anything really pointless, it's basically ruining my life. Does anyone else overthink? How do you stop? Is there a way of stopping?
  6. Saveyourscissors

    Dog Owners.....

    Hiya guys, Does anybody take their dogs to Agility classes/groups? I'd like to take Poppy but I'm struggling to find out much about it.. I want to give Poppy the best possible life, she gets walked every day without fail some days more than once. At least once a week she goes for a nice long walk too. She is on a raw meat diet (as nature intended) She currently goes to socialising classes as she is very nervous around other dogs but this isn't really helping a great deal and he last session is tomorrow. Poppy has a lot of energy and is very lively (in a good way) She has been walked off her lead from day one and is excellent at coming back waiting ect. (: I just want to know what people think of Agility and how it is benefiting there dogs really? I've been told by someone with the same breed dog (cavachon) that there dog was the same and it completely changed him towards other dogs and he is now playing with them and not scared at all This is my main goal and to make sure she's getting enough chance to use all that energy she's got Any advice welcomed (although don't try and change my mind on raw feeding as nothing can do that.) Thanks doggy lovers
  7. So I don't know about any of you but I love anime I do read a bit of manga and I love pictures that have meaning and portrey something. Dose anyone else get a sort of emotional attachment or feelings towards things of the like because I do I find the things that relate to me in these things like some toward movies and music.
  8. DavideC

    My Thoughts In Public

    Hello:) This is not a big problem, but I have to think about it every time I'm in the public. For example: When I'm going outside for a walk, there are people (obviously). I then think how it would be, being another person and watching me as I walk and how I look to them. It feels strange and then I kinda begin to walk awkward, because I want to behave ``normal``. Also sometimes I listen to music when I have to go somewhere. As I'm walking, I have a feeling like everybody is watching me like I'm the only person in the world who listens to music while walking. I don't like it when people look at me because I don't know what they're thinking. Have any of you experienced something like that? (If my english is BAD or MEAN or something just tell me I'm learning)
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