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Found 2 results

  1. L Lawliet

    Told Friends

    I had already told two of my friends because I needed someone to talk to (rant to even) about my assessments and such. So my two best friends already knew and they have both been really lovely and supportive. I sent a very generic, private Facebook message out to my other friends the other day because I think it's important that those close to you do know. I linked the page from the NAS website on Aspergers and said that they could give it a quick scan if they wanted so that they understood what I was all about. I received some really lovely messages back. One of my friends sent me a really nice txt and then two other sent me messaged asking if there was anything they could do to make things easier for me, which I thought was amazing So that was all good. One of my friends, I haven't really been speaking to her recently. Without writing an essay on the things she's done, she basically has this habit of making everything about her. I sent her the message because I didn't want to be petty and not tell her, as she is a part of my close group of friends, despite some differences we've had. I haven't heard anything from her. Literally nothing. I can't believe it after getting the really nice messages from the others and then her not bothering. I want to believe that she's not doing it out of spite but because of the way she's been recently I wouldn't be surprised! Would you say that this is the make or break of our friendship after months and months of her being really selfish? I'm not sure how to go from here now. I know that I will have a few things to say if she tries to get funny with me, but while the other stuff made me angry, this actually upset me I don't know what to do.
  2. L Lawliet

    Told work, strange reaction!

    I spoke to my employers and work colleagues about the strong possibility of me having Aspergers. I’ve been using up my holiday to get the time off work so I didn’t have to tell them that I was getting assessed and my psychologist wasn’t happy about that and asked me if I thought it would be better if I told them. I said no because I didn’t want to make an issue until I knew for definite whether or not I had AS. She said that from the looks of things I have a lot of things that fit so it might be worth mentioning (her way of confirming but not quite diagnosing ) so I did it. I had a chat with my boss. She was really supportive about everything. She said that she didn’t know much about it and when I told her about the struggles I had (the phones!) she told me that I shouldn’t feel stressed and that I didn’t have to answer the phone if it causes me anxiety. She asked how far I was in the assessment, if I had always known etc. All in all, it was definitely the best decision. Even though I was bright red in the face, hyperventilating and nearly crying as I was talking Ahaha! So she spoke to my other boss about it and he reacted the same. Told me not to worry and that if I felt that instructions weren’t clear, to ask again and that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. So both reacted really well and my job has been much easier. Here’s where it gets peculiar! After I spoke to my boss I had to tell the rest of my colleagues in the office I work in because obviously she needed to explain to them why I wasn’t being trained on the phones. So I told them all at once and everyone went really quiet. The girl that sits next to me asked me a few questions and showed an interest which was really nice but everyone else was dead silent. I told them that I could talk about it all day so if they had any questions they could ask me. Then they all sort of nodded then changed the subject back to work stuff. Since then, they haven’t said a single word about it. It’s been a week. But they’re not being horrible, they’re still talking to me as usual about their weekend and being really nice. But not a single word about AS. I don’t know if anyone has any idea why they may be acting this way? It’s just really out of character because normally (without being harsh) they like a gossip. The fact that they have said absolutely nothing to me is really strange and I know for a fact they would have talked about it when I was out of the room. A part of me thinks that they’re annoyed because I don’t have to be on the phones (because I’m sure they’ve bitched about that before). Any ideas? I don’t know how to handle this situation because I want to talk about it but I don’t want to make it really awkward! What do I do?
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