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Found 2 results

  1. Willow

    2019 Overhaul

    So what’s new? First and foremost, the site has been reorganized, with less forum sections for topics to fit into, giving it a cleaner and easier to use feel. We used to have: We now have: All topics from the old style have been manually reshuffled into the appropriate new forum sections. As a general rule, all topics from the following old sections, are now in the following new sections: - ‘Introductions’, ‘Back After A Break’, ‘Wait, Who Is That?’ and ‘Meeting In Real Life’ > Introduce Yourself - ‘Help, Support & Advice’ (from Koby’s Clubhouse), ‘Symptoms, Issues & Oddities’, ‘Diagnosis Stories & Progress’ and ‘Meltdowns & Panic Attacks’ > Symptoms & Diagnosis - ‘Tips & Workarounds’, ‘Resources’ and ‘Ask An Aspie’ > Help & Resources - ‘Making & Keeping Friends’, ‘Romantic Relationships’ and ‘Family’ > Friendships & Relationships - ‘Education & Working Life’ and ‘Medication & Therapy’ remain the same - ‘General Asperger’s Talk’ manually dispersed relevantly between all other forum sections. - ‘General Discussion’, ‘News, Articles & Interesting Links’, ‘Movies & TV’, and ‘Gaming’ > General Discussion - ‘Chatter’ (From Koby’s Clubhouse), ‘Random Chit Chat’, ‘Forum Games’, ‘Aspie Related Polls’ and ‘General Nosiness Polls’ > Chit Chat & Games - ‘Debates’ and ‘Ranting’ (from Koby’s Clubhouse) > Debates & Ranting - ‘Updates & Rules’ and ‘WillowHope News’ > Updates & Rules - ‘Feedback’ and ‘Suggestions’ (from Koby’s Clubhouse) > Feedback Reputation Changes The reactions have changed and we now only have: Like > +1 rep point Thanks > +1 rep point Haha > no rep points given Sad > no rep points given And the reputation system now looks like this: Old Name | Newbie | 0 points | New Name | Red Old Name | Neutral | 500 points | New Name | Orange Old Name | Friendly | 1500 points | New Name | Yellow Old Name | Honored | 3000 points | New Name | Green Old Name | Revered | 6000 points | New Name | Blue Old Name | Exalted | 10000 points | New Name | Indigo The new name reflects the colour that gets added to your rainbow when you move up a rank. Member Groups Admin – remains unchanged Founder – remains unchanged Finding My Feet – members with under 100 posts Member – members with over 100 posts Know My Way Around – members with over 1000 posts Asperclicker – paid subscribers We no longer have Koby’s Friend or Honorary Members – the members in those groups have been moved into the relevant groups above. All member accounts have been pruned to remove any spam accounts or accounts that never activated through email. Regular Member Animated profile photo - No Club types they can create - open Number of clubs they can manage - 2 Reactions per day - 50 PM’s they can start per day - 5 PM storage - 20 conversations Edit own content - For 30 mins Asperclicker Animated profile photo - Yes Club types they can create - Open, Private Number of clubs they can manage - 5 Reactions per day - Unlimited PM’s they can start per day - Unlimited PM storage - Unlimited Edit own content - For 2 hours Asperclicker’s can also access the Asperclicker’s Lounge where there is exclusive content and giveaways. They can also send a PM to an unlimited amount of recipients, as oppose to a normal member who is restricted to 5 recipients per PM. Store Feature We now have a store, where you can purchase merchandise, a monthly subscription or make a donation. This is all handled in house, on Asperclick, for the first time ever. You can see at the top of the home page how much we need to make to cover the running costs for the year, this amount will automatically adjust itself when donations are made. The subscription service is £5 per month, and you can subscribe for as little or as long as you like, but you will only enjoy the benefits for as long as you keep your subscription, otherwise you will be returned to your previous member group. Blog/Sister Site You will see the new link in the navigation bar for ‘Blog’. This is a sister site I have set up where I will blog and post articles relevant to the forum, I will also keep it up to date with the top picks and go into a bit more detail about what’s been chosen and why. Email Newsletter I will be publishing a regular newsletter, probably bi-monthly for a while as a trial, where I will look into latest topics, highest posters etc., and highlight the best bits of the forum. Make sure you are opted in to receive emails in your settings. Other Changes to Note There have been many other small changes, here’s a few more obvious ones: - Content with over 10 likes will now be highlighted - There will only be 10 topics/replies shown per page (it was 25 before) - You will be required to choose or create a tag for a new topic - There will be an indepth ‘how to’ video posted within the next week, which will be useful for new members but may also refresh the memories of our existing members, on how to get the best from Asperclick. - Username changes are now unavailable, this is to keep things familiar and help other members. If you do require a name change, I can still do it manually for you. I ask that you try to keep your names simple as it helps the other forum users to recognise and refer to you.
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