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Found 27 results

  1. Aspergolfer

    Your longest workday.

    What's your longest workday or period of work uninterrupted by a break? I did 12-1/2 hours nonstop today. We had 134 players, not counting walk-ins.
  2. Dr-David-Banner

    Low Earner Self-Employed Targeted

    News on the grapevine is lots of self-employed are abandoning their small businesses. These are the very low earners who do stuff like sell craftwork, translate, freelance in some way. Very many live on narrowboats and try to make a small income. To be honest as well, many of these businesses yield mediocre profit and may well be run a bit lax. We should remember the government was pushing self employment because it suited them to mask real unemployment stats. I admit it is true many of these businesses are strictly "non-profitable" economically, but hold on a second! Isn't it true experienced companies are shutting down right left and centre? Maplins and Toys Я Us owed thousands in debt loss. Woolworths, Littlewoods and Boots closed their doors. In my area scores of cafes, shops or other small businesses often last just weeks. How then can low income self employed somehow buck the trend? The latest form sent to self employed threatens fines and deadlines for information. I am amazed too it assumes a nine till five work schedule yet the self employed always tended to juggle working hours. Someone pointed out part of the perk you get being less well paid than someone employed is flexible hours. Plus "choice" how you work. Unbelievably now The Tories are not only dictating how people seek work but how they run their businesses. Neither do they really know what the overall result will be. My guess is far less people will give self employment a bash if they have to spend hours filling in forms "to prove" they advertised last Monday or issued an invoice on Friday. What I heard is many traders have panicked and abandoned whatever small business they have. And then what? Do they switch to invalidity, try agencies or slip into crime? I only know one sure way to encourage self employment and that's to boost the overall economy.
  3. Hello everyone, I've been volunteering in my local A&E department as a way to get experience and keep busy. I've been thinking about returning to university, perhaps learning about medicine since I'm having zero luck finding anything in my field of study. But generally speaking, there aren't a lot of autistics in medicine or at least none that I know about in public life. I think that other people tend to generalize and think that an autistic doctor should be like Shaun Murphy from The Good Doctor, but I think that he's a bad example because his strength comes from his savantism rather than his autistic traits.
  4. StrongMermaid

    Work efficiency

    Does anyone have any ideas for how to be more efficient at work? I am doing an internship in a nursing home as an occupational therapy assistant in which efficiency is important but difficult.
  5. Laurie

    Crying at Work

    Hi everyone, I'm a recent female college graduate with HFA. I was officially diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder by a doctor when I was 21. It took me six months to find a job (which I'm grateful for getting) Overall, I like my job. I work at a doctor's office doing insurance verification. I like getting paid and getting good insurance benefits the most. I'm the youngest one at my clinic I've met some really nice people. However, there are some people I don't get along with and it frustrates me so sometimes I cry at work. (I've a big crier and cry when I'm overwhelmed frequently throughout my life. (I know I'm weird) I'm like ultra sensitive. Its just embarrassing when I cry at work and I don't want people to not like me. I'm making the best at my job because I need a good reference. Since graduating from college, I don't really hang out with people much which I'm fine with but I feel like I'm different than most people my age. I need some advice on what I should do for a job. I'm not sure if I want to continue with medical coding or insurance verification but I don't know what I'd be good at. Thanks!
  6. Laurie

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone! I really love Willow Hopes website. I'm a twenty something female living in the United States and I received a late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder when I was 21. I have already thought I had something but I wasn't diagnosed officially until I was olderI heard about how females are commonly under diagnosed as well. I have always had trouble making and keeping friends and am sensitive but it's hard for me to understand some people sometimes. I found this chart online about Asperger traits in females and I have like every one of them. I came on here to talk to people so feel free to message me!
  7. Today at work,I had an inmate come to me talking about when I talk to women,I talk about computers & the hard drive & transmission. How do you feel about that?
  8. I seem to be struggling with concentration at work. I find it hard to keep focused on the task I'm currently doing and my mind wanders onto more important tasks, I also keep missing descriptions of tasks, therefore getting them wrong. Is this an aspie thing? If so, does anyone have any tips on keeping concentration? I've tried google, but it's a pointless search.
  9. Little Guy

    Back now

    I suddenly realized it has been awhile and I missed everyone. Between watching politics, baseball, working and doing summer things I lose a lot of personal online time. Also I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and so have been adjusting to wearing a c-pap thing. I'll try not to disappear again!
  10. Whiteboots20

    How Can I Learn to Cope?

    As someone with Aspergers, I can say that it there are times when it gets to be a bit difficult to manage. Since I was diagnosed as a young child, I'd been able to overcome my issues with eye contact and a few other basic social cues. However, I have at least two problems that I actively face every now and then. For one, my executive functioning skills. When it comes to simple things like doing laundry, making my bed and cleaning my room, it can be a bit of a problem. It usually takes me around a couple weeks until I do the laundry. As for my room, I'll clean up and make it neat until it gets completely disorganzed and messy. And when it comes more important tasks like project and assignment due dates, it's even worse. It's common for me to misplace my things and a lot of my papers that I carry with me usually get crumpled. (This is actually something I've had problems with for the longest time.) Due to all of this, I've suffered greatly in school for the longest time as well as with my personal hygiene. Another problem I'd like to mention has to do with what I feel are shutdowns. Whenever dealing with a stressful situation, I often feel incredibly irritated (which I guess is quite normal for almost anyone), which usually leaves me to cry due to the intense emotions inside of me. If I could describe it, it's as if you're stepping into cold water and your body is reacting to the cold by shivering. With me, once I "step into my own emotions", I can't help but cry, and depending on how bad it is, I could go on and cry for hours. (I guess it's more of a sensitivity thing, I'm not too sure tbh) And one of the biggest issues I have are with language. I absolutely hate when people are vague towards me, because in my head, I have no way of piecing everything together. Example: Person 1: I've gotten both the pink and the yellow sponges for washing the plates/bowls and glass (respectively). Me: What about the utensils? What do I wash those with? It's embarrassing because it seems as if I don't have any common sense, people must think that I'm a complete idiot. And I also struggle with either finding the right words to say or my grammar would be almost completely off. From the entire time I was diagnosed up until now, I was (subtly) told that being myself, as an autistic person, is wrong, and that I should try to act as neurotypical as possible. Right now, I just want to know proper coping mechanisms, things I can do so I don't keep continuing on with life like this. I'm just tired of struggling, missing important school deadlines, doing all of these things and never coming back to them, and just being messy all of the time. I want to find a way to do better but I'm not sure how. Sorry for this long post, but if you've read it, thank you so much.
  11. Juliette

    Becoming Self-Employed

    Hi guys, How many of you are self-employed, and if you are self-employed, is it something you enjoy, as opposed to working for and with other people? How did you become self-employed in your field, and would you recommend it to other Aspies? Thank you...
  12. Or is this just me? I grab a stall and rock or do whatever's silent until my brain's back in order.
  13. Admiral Buzzard

    A job finally

    Been a while since I posted anything, but actually got something worthwhile to say. I've had a job for around a month now, it's only temporary on a Saturday evening till the new year, but hey it's better than nowt. Also been learning to speak Bristle. Ak at ee!
  14. The question's there. You may answer however you want. Maybe, I can start right away: I'd like to have a relation with someone and make love, while feeling happy for it, yet I cannot because I haven't fell in love since high school. To add in the mix, it's fully uncovenient to me, 'cause I just have enough to maintain myself, in case baby happens (taking contraception in account). Putting the "dilemma" aside, that's what I feel like doing.
  15. DavideC

    Apprenticeship :-)

    Hello everybody:-) Back in january I got a chance to ''work'' one week at an IT company, in order to get a feeling for the job and the company. The company only employs people with Aspergers. The first days were really weird, but after that I really started to like it. The first two days I worked in the graphic department. It was fun, but it wasn't something I could do every single day. The other days I worked in the software department. I really enjoyed it and it was fun. On friday the teacher talked with me about how I worked and if I'm suitable for the job. He told me that I have what it takes to do it. So after that he asked me if I could imagine myself working there. My heart really started to dance :-) So I said yes. After that me, my mother and the company had to talk to the insurance, to convince them to pay for my apprenticeship. So on march 31. we talked again. They said that they're going to. The only thing we need to work out is to which school I can go. So I finally have an apprenticeship as application developer :D I can start after I finished my last year at school which is in august. I'm REALLY happy :D Any application developers on here? Thanks for reading! Bye bye
  16. blacktiger911

    i got a job.

    well i got a job working and a cabnit manufacturer. i will be working 3:30 to midnight.
  17. Bartowski

    Everybody at Work Hates Me

    I work in a movie theater and yesterday was a horrible day there. I normally act likable and "normal", but yesterday I felt depressed for some reason and acted like my regular self would and my facade cracked immensely. I was ushering/cleaning theaters with 2 other people, Tonya and Jacob, and they had been there for an hour or so before me and had been chatting. So I felt left out and was even more sad, which led to me being even more ostracized, it's was a vicious cycle. I was giving that girl Tonya some attitude because she's prettier and more popular than me and she gave me even more attitude back. And later on I'm pretty sure she was talking shit about me, she was standing with this guy Kyle and they were talking and when I got close they stopped talking, and Kyle kept looking at me awkwardly and Tonya was all quiet. Then I think Kyle and Tonya were talking to everyone else because everyone was like awkward, and as I was leaving my shift, my one ally at work, David, half jokingly and half seriously said that I have to be nice to him since he's the "only one that actually likes me". And I was gonna investigate the matter, but decided not too. I literally felt so outcasted, I felt like crying at that moment because now nobody likes me at work. I only have 2 acquaintances and 1 friend, David, at work, but even he isn't that good of a friend with me since he watched a movie with Tonya and I never did anything outside of work with him, and he has a girlfriend but still hung out with her and not me. I work next tomorrow for 6 hours, and I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully I can get more info tomorrow with some allies because I feel like quitting since nobody likes me, but I'm not gonna give up or surrender. However, I am close to breaking, an hopefully a glorious dawn awaits... P.S. I referenced "Galaxy Quest" and Stephen Hawking in this post
  18. blacktiger911

    i am now with the UBC

    so i just signed up with the UBC or united brotherhood of carpenters and jointers of america. its a mouthful but i can now find work easier in the construction field. i am really scared to get a job. what if i screw it up? what if i am not good enough? and all the other thoughs.
  19. Muzical

    Ostracisation at work

    I started working for my current employer early in June of last year. At first, I got invited out to lunch with my department-mates a fair amount, but as time went on it became less and less, and, after my "birthday lunch" in August, just totally stopped. I've even tried "inviting myself" at the end of last month, as much as I hate doing so, and I could just tell my presence was...not so much resented as, "I'll deal with her if I have to because I'm too nice to do otherwise." (Should probably also mention here that I'm a software developer, so my department is overwhelmingly male, which is how I prefer it, actually--not fond of women by any stretch and the fact that every other department here is 98% female drives me crazy.) I've even asked if I can tag along, been looked at right in the eye, and they keep walking...I don't really know how ELSE to interpret that... And no, I have zero idea what I did to alienate everyone...I never do... I've flat-out ASKED my supervisor, and all I get is, "It's fine, you could come if you wanted," but then when I take him at his word... *Sigh* No one'll be straight with me and I'm getting fed up of being odd-woman-out in EVERY situation. I've started only showing up for social whatever if EXPLICITLY invited, because then I know my presence cannot be resented, at least not with any sort of claim of a moral high ground. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? How do you deal? How do you not take it personally or worry that it reflects on your future with the company? DOES this reflect on my future with the company, based on experiences y'all have had in the past? (PS: if a mod feels this thread better belongs in the relationships forum, I don't blame you. I ham-hawked for a while before deciding to put it here.)
  20. InsomniaDreams

    WHY aren't we working?

    I know some of us work but I've read it's something like 80% of people on the spectrum are unemployed. Why is this? I'm looking in the direction of an education that I put tremendous faith in only to betray me big time. It's not only people on the spectrum that the education system has betrayed. Of course the economy plays a part. I live in the highest unemployment area in the country. Sigh. On a separate note I am actually going to start 3 days of work later this week in hospitality for the open golf tournament. Apparently I'm going to be working in some retail stall selling food. I don't know if I'll be on the tills. I hope not as I don't know how to use them lol. This will be my first experience of the workplace for 2 years. So yeah I'm nervous.
  21. I'm not planning to tell my employers about my condition. I was just wondering what people thought about this question. Should you disclose your Aspergers to an employer. In my case, I probably should, having Aspergers weakens my ability to do my job in certain aspects, such as communication, social skills and often competency, I have a feeling they're already aware of my disability (or at least know I'm different), but I haven't said anything, and neither have they. Also, when applying for jobs, I tend to fiddle with the 'Do you consider yourself to have a disability' check box, with some applications, I tick it and others, I don't, because I believe I have a higher chance of getting the job if I say I don't. When I say applying for jobs, these are only retail jobs, and I've been in retail for 3 years, so I can handle whatever they may throw at me (I'd like to think I could).
  22. I have this guy who drives me mental from work who keeps nagging me for lifts to work, but he just expects lifts and gives me nothing in return (petrol money/lifts back) he doesn't drive so he has no costs of getting to work unlike me who pays out in petrol, tax, car, and insurance. I do not think I am responsible to get him to work? Why should I? I don't want to give anyone lifts, the drive to work is my last bit of sanity before the social exhaustion begins. I can't explain that with out telling people about me having Aspergers, which I just don't have it in me too do. :/ About 2 weeks ago him and another girl asked me for a lift, I cancelled a house viewing to give them a lift to work (I was going to be viewing the house before work then go straight to work from there) neither of them even thanked me knowing this is what I did. Since then I have made excuses. The girl originally returned the favour and gave me lifts too, but after that time she was like ill give you lifts next week but then was not on any shifts with me so I drew the short straw there. I cancelled my viewing to help them out or they wouldn't have been able to get to work. But when you don't even get a thank you, why the fuck should I help either of them again??? Anyway I have given him like 2 lifts home from work since because he has bumped into me and asked me on the spot leaving me no choice. The other day I got in my car and it looked like he was going to ask me so I drove off as quickly as I could. He has text me 2 minutes ago asking me 'would it be poss to grab a lift into work?' he always asks me last minute which for me is not a option I already have what's going to happen today worked out and planned and if I have to change that I'm going to have a bad day from the minute it changes. Basically I feel like he is taking the piss. Would you help him? for nothing in return including no thanks? I don't want it to cause problems at work but I just don't feel like I should have to do something I don't want to do. I don't even like him, he thinks he is all 'cool and a hardman' acts like hes some sort of 'g' as he says. It drives me mad. Why do people expect so much of other but give little or nothing in return (in this case nothing) What would you do? I'm thinking of acting like I've changed my number... hmmm. What to do?
  23. i want to descuss the difficulty in 'lazyness', fear or fatige. and not leaving the house - wether it be for work or school - does anyone else have this problem? and if they do how do they cope?
  24. L Lawliet

    Told work, strange reaction!

    I spoke to my employers and work colleagues about the strong possibility of me having Aspergers. I’ve been using up my holiday to get the time off work so I didn’t have to tell them that I was getting assessed and my psychologist wasn’t happy about that and asked me if I thought it would be better if I told them. I said no because I didn’t want to make an issue until I knew for definite whether or not I had AS. She said that from the looks of things I have a lot of things that fit so it might be worth mentioning (her way of confirming but not quite diagnosing ) so I did it. I had a chat with my boss. She was really supportive about everything. She said that she didn’t know much about it and when I told her about the struggles I had (the phones!) she told me that I shouldn’t feel stressed and that I didn’t have to answer the phone if it causes me anxiety. She asked how far I was in the assessment, if I had always known etc. All in all, it was definitely the best decision. Even though I was bright red in the face, hyperventilating and nearly crying as I was talking Ahaha! So she spoke to my other boss about it and he reacted the same. Told me not to worry and that if I felt that instructions weren’t clear, to ask again and that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. So both reacted really well and my job has been much easier. Here’s where it gets peculiar! After I spoke to my boss I had to tell the rest of my colleagues in the office I work in because obviously she needed to explain to them why I wasn’t being trained on the phones. So I told them all at once and everyone went really quiet. The girl that sits next to me asked me a few questions and showed an interest which was really nice but everyone else was dead silent. I told them that I could talk about it all day so if they had any questions they could ask me. Then they all sort of nodded then changed the subject back to work stuff. Since then, they haven’t said a single word about it. It’s been a week. But they’re not being horrible, they’re still talking to me as usual about their weekend and being really nice. But not a single word about AS. I don’t know if anyone has any idea why they may be acting this way? It’s just really out of character because normally (without being harsh) they like a gossip. The fact that they have said absolutely nothing to me is really strange and I know for a fact they would have talked about it when I was out of the room. A part of me thinks that they’re annoyed because I don’t have to be on the phones (because I’m sure they’ve bitched about that before). Any ideas? I don’t know how to handle this situation because I want to talk about it but I don’t want to make it really awkward! What do I do?
  25. Saveyourscissors

    Start work next week!

    I Start my new job on Tuesday (the 7th) I can't decide whether to tell people that I have Aspergers or not.. I'm a support worker for autistic children, but well in my last job I didn't tell the staff, but management knew and treated me quite badly, bullied me out of the job pretty much. I'm trying to be more accepting of AS and would like everyone around me to know so I can be myself and not have to worry. At the same time I struggle to say 'I have Aspergers' out load and don't want to be treated differently because of my diagnosis, just accepted for who I am. I'm not sure If I have the confidence to tell people but then again the employer may have already told people :/ Its stressing me out a little as I don't know what to do. I may just be me and not say anything and maybe they will notice, but they might not? everyone I've told in the past has pretty much rejected me and treated me like I'm an idiot or no longer wants to know me... :/ What would you do/what do you suggest I do?
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