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Found 7 results

  1. Just making a thread about creative writing. Today I thought I had missed the deadline for a writing contest (Owl Canyon Hackathon) but apparently I've got a whole month ahead of me. https://www.owlcanyonpress.com/faq Which is lucky because I've been rewriting a flash fiction before sending it off somewhere new. I've still only got 10 paragraphs or so for the hackathon (needs to be 50).
  2. TruthMusic

    Showcasing Interests

    I was looking through the main threads and didn't notice a place where people could share their "art" or interests, like maybe drawings, writings/poems/lyrics, images/photography, or music. Sorry if there is a thread like this already >_< If there is where could I find it? I would love to view another's interests or creations!
  3. Eden

    Haiku Friday

    Haiku (俳句 high-koo) are short poems (17 syllables within a 5/7/5 syllable format) that use sensory language to capture a feeling or image. They are often inspired by an element of nature, a moment of beauty or a poignant experience. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets, and the form was adapted to English and other languages by poets in other countries. Write your Haiku, here -
  4. Admiral Buzzard

    Hello Aspies!

    Well I have been following Asperclick for a while, and had registered before, but until now hadn't plucked up the courage to actually post. A little about me, I don't tell people I don't know about my problems, but I guess like many aspies on here my problems, nerves, anxiety and depression are quite similar to a lot of people. I prefer having control over situations and like being relaxed, which being a person who likes being in control ain't always easy. I'd like to either be a short story writer, or write review articles on music records. I'd also fancy myself as a bit of a creative force, maybe a sitcom or a sketch show. I play guitar and write songs as part of styming. I guess what I'm looking to get out of Asperclick is the sense of a commonality with other like minded people. Look forward to getting to know you, Crystal89
  5. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has this issue? I wouldn't say that I exactly have any speech processing difficulties (I mean, I struggle to hear words from background noise but only in a particularly noisey environment or when there are a lot of people talking at the same time) but I generally find that I can't hear the words to songs. To me they just sound like random mubblings most of the time. It's worse in songs with backing singers, harmony singers (i.e. duets) and loud instruments, but most songs are like that for me actually. (In some ways I actually prefer it like that because I can appreciate the sounds of the music and the singer's experssion without being distracted by what they are singing - when I do find the words for songs I usually don't like them anyway, or think that they are inappropriate.) I generally find that the only group where I can make out a word or two is ABBA and I would guess that that is becuase they are not native English speakers (I know that that sounds a bit contradictory - as in how would a non-native English speaker sing clearer? - but I'm thinking that it could actually be that they are more aware of correct pronunciation and so their words come out clearer than those of other singers) but it's still not perfect - like that line in "Ring Ring" where they sing "Here I sit all alone impatiently./nWon't you please understand you're mocking me." but I always used to mishear it as "making me" LOL!!! "What the heck does that even mean???" I used to wonder. Or sometimes I thought that they never finished the line (as in "what are they making her?" - like "Won't you please understand you're making me [upset/anxious/worried/etc.]?" but there were no such words at the end.) Anyway I'm wondering if others also have this issue, and I find it particularly strange that I have that even though I don't really have any speech processing difficulties. Another probably unrelated thing (and I think that this one probably has to do with literal interpretation of things) is that when I was asked to sing a given song I would generally try to imitate the rythem and the guitar as well as the melody line (with no words of course!) - which of course I found rather difficult LOL!!! Anyway I'm just wondering if anyone else has either of these issues... Thanks, invisible
  6. L Lawliet

    Publishing a Book

    So I want to publish a book. As usual I struggle knowing what to look at on the internet or being able to wrap my head around all of the jargon and complicated steps to publishing a book. Is anyone here a published author or who knows what I would need to do? Where do I even start? Also any opinions on self publishing vs. a publishing company would be great. Any advice please, I really don't know where to start! No clue
  7. I don't see an artistic subforum on here (writing/painting/sculpting/music/etc.), etc so I thought I would post this in general off topic. Perhaps the admins might consider creating a sub-forum under the Off topic section called "artsy fartsy" or some such thing. . Until then. I would like to share Bonnie's story. It seems to be helping me to share it and talk about it, and I am hoping for comments and feedback on it in regards to anything. The writing style, the blogging style, the structure of the blog, how to improve anything. what works, what doesn't etc., but I don't think it will survive too long in the "introductions" section. I want to post links to the daily updates without being off topic of the other thread so I am starting this thread. If the admins do consider an "artsy fartsy" sub-forum, perhaps this one can be moved into that. You can start at the beginning by clicking here. You can visit the general blog address, which usually shows the latest post by clicking here. Please comment freely, and let me know if there are any glitches in being able to comment, read anything. This story is about the life of my little girl Bonnie, our boxer dog (my avatar) we unofficially rescued from euthanazia after she was abandoned by back yard breeders behind a place of business and the local shelters of that area were recommending the boss to have her put down because of her fear. I feel that Bonnie has helped me to come out of my shell somewhat. And while I have a lot of work to do in order to grow properly from all this. I believe she turned the tables on me, teaching me about unconditional love, saving me, when I was trying to save her. I will, if it is ok, post an update post in this thread each time I post a new snippit on the blog. Today's post (you can click here) covers a time, shortly after we and accepted her into our home, before we had the money to have her spayed, that she met Barney, a local unaltered beagle, and ran off, causing us to fear we had lost her forever. But if you want the whole story, the complete understanding, I urge you to start at the beginning and traverse the pages through the links on the bottom of each post, or through the archive list on the side: I hope you like it. Thanks for any constructive feedback you can offer, either here or on the comments of the blog.
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