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Found 14 results

  1. So I've been watching a lot of an autistic woman's channel lately, because I find them interesting. You may find her videos and her Youtube account here and her blog, Neurowonderful, here. Her name is Amythest Schaber, and she's an autism self-advocate who recently became associated with ASAN. She seems to explain ASD issues really clearly, and she seems like she's a good person to have being "out" and open about ASD in the public. And it's nice to see someone with autism being very open about their problems with Autism Speaks and advocating autism by an autistic. Her explanation of how autism is a disability and why is probably the best that I've seen: Anyways, she seems to have a really good channel, so I thought that I'd recommend it to fellow Asperclick'ers.
  2. I thought it would be good to make a list of all the good autism videos and documentaries out there. I find them so helpful as I'm a very visual person but also just seeing more people like me has so helpful personally, and it helps me understand the breadth and diversity of the autism spectrum. Its useful when others have insights into their own experience and really good to see those who have managed to find a supportive niche for themselves in the world or some kind of success as per their own definition of success. I personally prefer ones focused on autistic individuals rather than just informational or explanatory ones, Ive also stayed away from personal vlogs, more chatty-style vids and pseudoscience/'cures'. Also these are mostly focused on adults on the 'higher functioning' end of the spectrum but thats just because thats what I watch but feel free to post other kinds just the ones you would recommend. I was looking through my youtube history looking for a specific autism documentary and realised I have seen hundreds - and a lot of them were really good and others might benefit
  3. Echo

    Aspie Cymru

    Hi Peeps I've started my own Welsh language YouTube channel; Aspie Cymru. On it I will be discussing Aspergers etc. and my perspective on things which are associated with autism. Any posts I make about this channel will remain in one topic, as to avoid cluttering and confusion. Also, sorry for potentially posting this in the wrong thread, I wasn't sure which one to choose; couldn't find a dedicated thread/topic for posting such content - my bad if there is Anyway, this is my first video And this is the accompanying blurb Cynnig fi ar drio creu adnoddau Cymraeg ar gyfer codi ymwybyddiaeth o awtistiaeth yng Nghymru. Gobeithio fydd hyn o fudd i bobol. Unrhyw cwestiynau neu sylwadau? Gadewch nhw ar waelod y dudalen Diolch am wylio. Parch a heddwch x This is my attempt at creating Welsh language resources to raise awareness about autism in Wales. I hope that this will be of some benefit or comfort etc. to people. Any questions or comments? Leave them at the bottom at the page Thanks for watching. Respect and peace x It is important that resources are available in different languages (when possible) and that's one of the reasons why I have chosen to do this. It is not my intention to take over from anyone else or to "step on anybody's toes". There isn't anybody else "out there" doing this in Welsh, so I thought "why not?". So,I'm giving it a go. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AspieCymru/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AspieCymru1
  4. Another aspie vlogger from the same country as the owner of this forum. But she only has one video about asperger's, embedded right below. Most of her others are make-up tutorials. Another aspie who breaks the mould by being into beauty, but I wonder if it is a special interest of hers. Does she go on and on about make-up? It seems likely that only those who know her personally would currently know. She does have a few other psychology related videos, including one about anxiety and even something called emetophobia. I have sent her an email, using an email address found on her about page, mentioning this site, but so far no reply from her.:(
  5. Myrtonos

    Maja has returned

    The first new TheAnMish video has appeard in nearly a year. Apparently she is now very busy, and that's why she hasn't posted much.
  6. If you have a YT channel, use this thread to notify of any adimistrative actions you take and the reasons for taking them, and YouTube software does not appear to record them. These actions are: *Removal of videos *Setting videos to private or public, listing or unlisting them. *Enabling and disabling comments on videos. *Blocking and unblocking users. On the topic of blocking people, please block mrcooldude964 and ClearingStoneProphet.
  7. I know it's bad and I'm not endorsing or recommending actions here. Maybe I'm just bored. I need a cigarette I know that much and I don't have any. I haven't posted on here in a while. I'm stuck indoors as my credit card company is charging me loads and I struggle to pay it off with dole payments. Anyway that's a different thing. I just feel like I have this whole world of action inside me and I can't do anything with it. I'm thinking of buying a bike for my birthday as that would enable me to go out and not cost anything. I'm having some frustrations building lasting regular communications and relationships on the internet. People seem to just stop after a while. I don't have much to talk about in my life as every day is the same really. I'm gonna be 30 in April and that bothers me. I'm trying to walk the line between exposure and privacy. I'd like to make YouTube vids but not be in them...or be in them rarely. Maybe by drawing cartoons in them I dunno. I really do like being mysterious lol. I think I'm gonna go downstairs and pour myself a brandy right now. That's what I got for Christmas. Hope people had a nice Christmas by the way. I got brandy and hideous days of the week socks and chocolate truffles which I ate rather quickly. It's boredom really. It's all boredom. Whoops I've posted this in the wrong section I think....sorry.
  8. The Boat Captain

    Favorite YouTube Channels?

    Anybody else here addicted to YouTube? Haha. I spend hours watching different channels. I'm subscribed to dozens but my favorites are: PeanutButterGamer JonTron Markiplier (I prefer his older videos though. His style has definitely changed) RetroWare (I talk about them and their affiliated channels in the Games thread on page 21. If you're passionate about gaming, you'd probably love them) HelixSnake (He posts short clips of hilarious, crazy glitches in videogames) Tbone105presents (Funny guy who plays Minecraft. Also has a second Minecraft channel titled TheMenInCraft) RedIceRadio (if you're into conspiracy theories) Sargon of Akkad, and TL;DR (Both Youtubers who make videos criticizing feminism and progressivism. I guess that's too negative but I don't know how to phrase it better sorry) R U S H N E R D (Just like that, with spaces between each letter. He makes hilarious random videos) SupaNintendoGirl (Just discovered her today! She does Lets Plays of SNES classics like Secret of Mana and Super Mario World! I'm in love lol)
  9. blacktiger911


    this year i want to kickstart my youtube channel and really get it going and start getting some subscribers. to do this i will need about 1500$ to get a computer that will do so. i also want to get a job (that i will keep and enjoy) and aparment or better and a car. bacicly starting my life. lol its not YOUTUBE1111 its soppost to be YOUTUBE!!!!
  10. Little Pink Coupe

    A video for Willow. :)

    I heard that Willow wasn't feeling well, so I made a short Youtube video to cheer her up. It was my first time doing anything like it, and I just sort of made things up as I went along, so I stammer a lot in it, I'm afraid. It's sort of a response to Willow's video about her collection of Blue Nose Friends, and in the video I show my very small collection and talk a bit about my favorite, Truffles. I've actually wanted to make this video for awhile now. I like Willow's videos about her collections and special interests. I set the video to "Unlisted," so as long as I post the link here, only my Asperclick friends (that's all of you ) can see it: ...And if for some reason you can't get to it, let me know and I'll see what I can do. This is only the second video I've ever uploaded onto Youtube, so I'm shy about showing my face and am kind of an amateur. Anyway, hope you enjoy, Willow! Hope you feel better soon.
  11. I've seen a few threads around here discussing various aspie YouTubers and I was going to make another thread to name my own favourite when I decided that it might be better to rather start a thread where we can all name our favourites. Also maybe you could be kind enough to post a link to their page on YouTube because we don't all know their names (usernames or real names). Enough of that said, my favourite is by far this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/user/InjuredMinds/featured (InjuredMinds) I can identify with a lot of what he says actually.
  12. smartpanda12

    Anyone else do youtube?

    Wondering if anyone else does Youtube videos just for fun, even though I don't like watching videos of myself, I still make singing videos for fun because I enjoy it. (I just play the song on spotify and sing along usually) Here's two of my few videos: http://youtu.be/s1i_t9v7RNw http://youtu.be/B62K0hrrNcQ
  13. InsomniaDreams

    Umm I've Made A Youtube Video

    Umm bit of shameless self promotion here but I did make a topic on here a while ago about my worries about making a YouTube video and I finally made one today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxBrs7lUWmg I've got a lot to learn about making vids of course...
  14. InsomniaDreams

    Making YouTube videos

    I'd really like to make YouTube videos but I'm not used to the camera. I also don't like myself at all on any of my attempts at making one. I don't know if I could ever feel like the real me on video. Cameras are not the same as mirrors. Also I think it's very exposing to make videos. I would like to make a video as I have a lot to express etc. I was thinking of maybe making some and posting them on a private tumblr blog so I can get used to seeing myself on video etc. also I can control the audience. However I think doing that defeats a lot of the point of sharing on the Internet. Anonymous judgement is really what the Internet is about. I just know that if I make a video and someone makes an unpleasant comment it will really bother for at least the rest of the day, and I'll be tempted to take the video down or disable comments etc. There are not many pictures or records of my life at all. I'm not too fond of cameras and its only now I like my writing. I know people who have literally thousands of pictures on their computers. It just bothers me now a little bit that I only have one picture of myself from my early 20s for example.
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