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No Interest In A Serious Relationship.

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Have you ever considered a career in comedy/entertainment? 


What, like singing Irish folk songs in a bar for lose change? Done it. I made twenty six pence and a dusty wine gum in an entire summer.


Seriously though, I did apply to be a Butlins Redcoat as it happens... I made it to the final interviews but it wasn't to be. I might try a career at Pontin's if my farming falls through. I have a mate who travels with the circus, I might join him. 


Back pocket plan and all that... 

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At the age of 15 your point of view is not unusual. I'm not going to tell you that you will definetly want a relationship by the time you are 30, but at the age of 15 its too soon to predict how you will feel when you're twice your current age. Theres no rush to be in a relationship and no shame in not being. In fact I know of 2 people who are both about twice your age and never seem to have had partners, and I'm pretty sure both are straight and neurotypical. I'd say that these days plenty of NTs are single until their early 20s. Maybe you will still be single at 30 and compare yourself to others, but right now at your age just enjoy life as it comes, and give yourself permission to enjoy the things that you enjoy.



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