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lao tzu

favourite quotes and poems.

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These aren't necessarily quotes about wisdom, but I love these quotes from The Jungle Book:

Funny and best Jungle Book/Jungle Cubs quotes

Mowgli: What's that?

Bagheera: *smiling* Oh, that's the man village

Mowgli: No, no.. I mean THAT *gestures to girl getting water*

Baloo: Forget about those, they aint nothing but trouble

Mowgli: Oh Baloo, I want to stay with you

Baloo: Certainly you do

Bagheera: *with dry sarcasm* Oh? And just how do you think he will survive?

Baloo *mockingly* How do you think he'll... What do you mean how do you think he'll, he's with me aint he? And I'll learn him all I know.

Bagheera: Oh? That shouldn't take too long... (sarcasm)

Bagheera *laughing while Mowgli tries to climb the tree* Is that all the better you can climb?

Mowgli *struggling* It's, it's too big around... and besides, I don't have any claws

*Bagheera pushes Mowgli up the trunk to get him started, Mowgli slips, grabs onto Bagheera and Bagheera yowls*

Mowgli: Bagheera? Where are we going?

Bagheera: You're going back to the man village right now

Mowgli *stubbornly* I'm not going!

Bagheera: Oh, yes you are!

Mowgli *grabs onto a tree branch* I'm staying right here!

Bagheera: You're going if I have to drag you every step of the way!

*Bagheera talking, gritted teeth*: Let go you!

Mowgli: You let go of me!

*Bagheera pulls so hard he falls back and into the water, and he bumps his head* Oh! That does it. I've had it man-cub. From now on, you're on your own... Alone!

Mowgli *glares at Bagheera* Don't worry about me

Jungle Cubs: (From the episode How a Panther lost his roar)

Shere Khan *laughing and mocks Bagheera* Oh powerful, great and cunning... *snickers* That's a good one

Bagheera: Very funny Shere Khan. I might have just saved your life you know

Shere Khan: I see you haven't lost your sense of humor. You're still a joke

Bagheera: You think you're the all time greatest thing to walk this jungle, don't you Shere Khan?

Shere Khan: You have a problem with that?

Bagheera: Look here Khan, I....

Shere Khan: You what?

Bagheera: I, I'm just as good as you. Roughly speaking, maybe

Shere Khan: Typical, Bagheera. All talk and no action. If your legs can move as fast as your mouth, I might even consider calling you a real jungle cat

Bagheera: I can prove I'm as good as you Shere Khan!

Shere Khan: You're on! A race to the gulley. And just to make it interesting.... *Shere Khan sticks his claws into a rhino and the rhino starts to take off after them*

Jungle Cubs (from tree for two)

*Prince Louie is jamming so much and it's keeping Bagheera up. Bagheera is pissed so he comes up behind him with his claws out, ready to scratch*

Prince Louie: Oh, Bags! did you come to jam with me?

Bagheera *angrily, between gritted teeth* It's the MIDDLE of the NIGHT!

Prince Louie: Oh! Am I keeping you up? I'm sorry Bags. I'm a terrible room mate

Bagheera: No. No, you're not Louie. In fact I wasn't even asleep. You keep playing.

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At the moment:

"I ate all your bees."- Manny, from Black Books

"Fizzy good. Make feel nice."- Bernard, from Black Books

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lao tzu

success is not final,

failure is not fatal,

it is the courage to continue that counts..



                                  winston churchill.

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How you treat others says a lot about you

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''I became insane, with long intervals or horrible sanity'' - Edgar Allan Poe

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"Meet me at Montauk"

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

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Kuribo [old account]

"Faith that's impervious to reason is not a virtue. It's a blueprint for just about every human abuse, subtle or extreme; and those who discourage reasoning, who encourage unquestioning faith are the ones who open the door to that abuse."

- TheraminTrees

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The elephant is a dainty bird

It fits from bough to bough

It makes it's nest in rhubarb trees

And whistles like a cow ;)

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the strangest man

Churchill, answering a school exam. The title was 'what is courage?'. He wrote 'This is.' and promptly walked out of the examination.

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You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream- C.S Lewis

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