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What kind of people you generally dislike?

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I know that I dislike this attitude in people: When some NTs don't care what we have to say. Often, I've found that aspies really try to get their point across like NTs do, but unfortunately some just brush them off, or just respond casually, but inside they're not interested because they show it with their nonverbals. I'm not asking them to agree with us, but they could work on their listening and understanding skills better. It's gotten to the point where it's happened to me so much that I don't even care anymore, if some people don't acknowledge me or what I like... that's their problem, not mine. That's why I'm praying so I can find positive friends and build better relationships. I think some forget that aspies should be included in The "Treat others how you want to be treated" rule.

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I dont like people that think that they have a right to bully others and make them feel worthless and that they shoudnt be here. I also dont like it when people discriminate against a certain group of people for just being themselves. Another type of person that i dont really like is the type where they think that they can do what they want and treat people how they want and somehow get away with it. 

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