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Warning Points

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What Will I Get Points For?

Cooldown | 1 Point | Temporary Ban (decided by staff) | Removed After 1 Day
This is used to prevent or stop arguments or public meltdowns from happening, used to limit the damage you may cause to yourself or others.

Signature or Profile Violation | 5 Points |Removed After 2 Days
No rude images depicting anything of a sexual nature. No GIFS.

General Warning | 3 Points | Removed After 1 Day
This can cover any number of small wrong doings.

Excessive Advertising | 5 Points | Removed After 2 Days
If all or most of your posts are advertising yourself in some way, expect to get this warning.

Inappropriate Language | 5 Points | Removed After 1 Day
This covers anything from swear words being used in an offensive nature towards others, to language which is purposely meant to insult another member(s).

Spamming/Baiting/Arguing | 7 Points | Removed After 2 Days
Repeated posting on purpose, backhanded comments, passive aggressiveness, arguing, flaming, etc.

Continued Misconduct | 10 Points | Removed After 5 Days
If you have been warning already about language, profile or signature violations etc., you will be given this warning.

Abusive Behaviour | 15 Points | Removed After 7 Days
If you have been previously warned about your behaviour towards another member(s) and you continue, you will be given this warning.

Bullying | 20 Points | Never Removed (staff discretion)
Extensive and continued abuse toward a member(s) after being warned more than once.

What Do The Points Mean?

10 Points | Content Moderated For 1 Day

15 Points | Content Moderated For 2 Days | Restricted from Posting for 1 Day

20 Points | Content Moderated For 3 Days | Temporary Ban for 1 Day  

25 Points | Ban

Any number of warnings can be given, and can stack up pretty quickly if you’re on some kind of rampage, so just bear that in mind.


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