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The episodes are in season 6, it's a two-parter, and they are called; The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People.

I'm just finishing season 5, so I'll watch it soon. It must be really weird to meet youself. I'd freak out!

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HalfFull - interested in how well your selves would care for each other from in their own 2 spaces.


if you A was doing a contributory writing project, and you B had contributed to it, already had the contribution accepted, but 6 years since getting congratted on the fact in the Christmas card from the parents of an old school friend who died in a motorbike crash, you B was now getting left for years without any answers as to what was happening even though A knew that was stoking a fear of the possibility of a breached deal which would worsen a major life scar of aspie pain already well known of before the time of contributing, 


then would you A have a filial caring for you B and put explicitly on record to him the absolute binding certainty of no possibility of that happening, which would remove from B a rack of dragged out anxiety and and non-wellbeing?


Simply from the life experience of writing, your A self would very well appreciate what your B self was suffering. Your A self's space would be much more peaceful secure and untroubled if your B self was not having to make any regular intrusion of noise into A's space in quest to end the anxiety. So self-interest over own space would work the same way as caring would, logically. So despite your selves living in their own boxes, there could be no possible logic in hesitating to do a piece of caring like this, basic to each other's entire aspie wellbeing.


It illustrates Locke on how humans have to move from a "state of nature" to a state of some mutual organisation, to attend to their mutual wellbeing interests.

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