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Spelling and Aspies

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Quirky Debbie

Someone told me recently that those who are good spellers actually visualise the word in their head. I definitely don't do that and my spelling is drastic. It's got a lot better though over the years and not long ago I looked at a list of the most commonly mis-spelt words. Most of them I have got okay now but I still seem to spend for ever googling words to see how to spell them. I don't understand why I can spell all those common errors but still it seems more and more words come up when I try to write that I'm not sure about.


My English was terrible at school and after having a private tutor and two attempts I never passed by English 'O' level. I tell people that and they can't get over it. I think I could pass it now and probably a lot was to do with the imagination side of it and being able to visualise a story that I had to answer questions on. I can hardly read novel type books as I can't visualise in my head what's gong on or don't do this easily at all.

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I'm pretty bad at spelling, it might be due to the never writting things on paper and having autocorrect spelling on almost everything.

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I am an excellent speller, but abysmal with math.

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