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 I have a cell phone but it is mostly lost somewhere in my flat lying discharged as I do not communicate much any more and the landline i avoid during the day due to cold callers, those that know me know I won't answer during the day so if they need to phone, they do so at night between certain times.


I registered myself with TPSonline and no longer get those through my mobile

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I have an app on my iPhone to keep track of my exercise and my calorie intake. I also have a 'notepad' file open on my computer most of the time with a list of things I need to get done. The calendar on my phone also has reminders, but only for people's birthdays so I don't forget anyone. Although it's ridiculous trying to afford things for everyone, but it's kind of expected of me, so I don't feel I have a choice - so I add the reminders so I don't get a telling off when I forget (as I have in the past). It's only my Dad's side of the family, and my Dad expects me to remember and buy gifts. He gets a little annoyed when I don't


I get this too from my family, expecting me to buy presents for everyone. I would get told off if I didn't, and in the past when I have even suggested not buying one for someone, my mum started shouting about how much of an awful person I would be if I didn't buy presents. I think it's ridiculous as I shouldn't have to buy presents for people I don't particularly like. I would much rather spend my money on people I actually like. I get so annoyed about this! 




I used PECS at school. Apparently its not great the grace version on itunes. I downloded something tht i thought was for me but actually for professionls nd lost my money due to that silly me. I got autismxpress app too. I also got face-cards. 

Wht is GoTalk32. I need to look into something to help me read ive i got dyslexia on the kindle version


I used PECS at school too, I still have my PECS book and lots of symbols but I don't really use it that much anymore. 

GoTalk32 is a machine that is similar to proloquo2go - someone can record phrases from books and print out PECS symbols for parts of the book and it helps you read along with the book. You can probably do a similar thing on proloquo2go. 

I have a kindle too but i have had trouble turning the pages on it, it sometimes skips 2 or 3 pages then i lose my place...

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I really don't understand giving gifts or greetings cards. Either it is a neutral transaction and nobody gains anything or one person gains something and the other person is upset

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