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Aspergers And Disability

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 Start a thread here asking how many people have been marginaised because of it be an interesting topic I think you will be surprised. Even though ive had a tough life and have many problems I will not let society treat me in this way. Grsnted not everyone is like this but some are and there are many asperger's syndrome people who couldnt stand this level of treatment but for all my weakness I will not let these bullys treat me or any other sufferer in this way I will do everything I can to stop them. Im sorry if this offends you but there is a whole world out there with so much going on and we dont know it until somebody decides its your turn to be picked on. I truly hope it never happens to you or yours its a awful experience but I for one wont let them get away with it at least without a fight.


I don't accept that society should treat anyone any differently to anyone else, but I do agree that it happens.  It makes me fume, and I can see damaging it is.  I am suffering at work at the moment, but then that's not society's fault as such, just the way they are handling things in my situation and their lack of experience around AS.


Being bullied is one of the worst experiences someone can experience, esp if they are not believed... be that in the playground as a child, or in work as an adult.  I've experienced this quite a few times in the workplace and nothing good comes of it.


I'm sorry you're having such a tough time with your employer Toran, no one should have to deal with that sort of thing :(

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billy sheet

Oakers and Toran I like your replies alot .I agree with your feelings and sentiments Oakers, I feel the same also.

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Aspergers Syndrome Is An Intellectual Disorder Psychology Essay

Read more: http://www.ukessays.com/essays/psychology/aspergers-syndrome-is-an-intellectual-disorder-psychology-essay.php#ixzz2NGluINhf





My own experiences are the job centre saying in this current climate it is unlikely i will find a job because employers do not want unpredictable inflexible people that don't get on very well with change of which flexibility in employment is, nor do they want people who lack in social skills or have misunderstandings regarding instructions or misunderstand communication.


For employers, it is all out there on the web what they need to know to not employ aspies, the web is full of it, full of the negativity.


But I have been employed, I have worked for 19 years and in all that time I never had one day off sick but I was always in bother with employers for not understanding certain concepts and it was only because I was good at my job that I retained my employment but I was told too many times my boss would like to sack me because he can't deal with my differences where one boss I was told used to think better of it sometimes when he approached my work shop and actually turn around and walk away instead of confront me about something, which used to make the workforce laugh.


But I never got promoted in any job and in one job I trained the apprentice and he was promoted above me, so jobs lasted about 3 - 5 years before I quit through boredom and lack of recognition for what I had put in where with one I am most disgruntled at I raised the company profile from the worst to the best in my area and managed to squeeze out a further on average £35,000 a year over five years by finding an area of the business where money could be made that had not been thought of before and I did it on my own initiative and said nothing until it was noticed but I also attracted more customers, lots more where I even dealt with the travelling community based on trust, I trusted them, cash deals, no deposit just trust and they knew they were being trusted and so they did not disappoint, but I have a quite different approach to customer service.


I quit the job because after five years I asked for a pay rise of 2kpa and got told to sod off, so I joined a competitor and took my customers with me where I offered them better discounts in the new company, the old business not finding a suitable service engineer to replace me had to sub contract me from the competitor and the boss of my old company sold up six months later after his reputation for reliable machines died because there was no one to look after the fleet and customers were not impressed when they learned I had gone for a measily 2kpa, but my boss hated me with a vengeance so when I wanted I didn't get and that is my story, I can create business, but I am never rewarded for my extra work for I always went above and beyond my job description out of sheer interest in what I was doing.


And so I have 19 years of no recognition to help me get back into work where I know I rub management up the wrong way and it was in the past my reputation that got me jobs because at the time I was believed to be in the top five in my profession in the south of England and certainly one of the best in the company where I took on anything and pushed it as far as I could. 


Aspergers it is called, I am a late diagnosed aspie and nothing has been addressed regards it and since being made redundant by an asset stripping company out to save money, I am the same now as I was five years ago where I know I annoy employers.

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