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L Lawliet

Mimicking to Learn Social Skills

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I think NT's do the mimicking less consciously, and they then do it naturally as they get older.

I sometimes find myself specifically thinking "ok, what would Dani say in this conversation? Talk like she would." when I'm struggling with maintaining a conversation. That's pretty direct mimicking, and it's based on the conversational patterns of friends.

I also consciously take common responses to things and use them myself. Like when someone says something sad (my dog died, my aunt is ill, etc), I say "I'm sorry to hear that." because that's what I observed other people saying in similar situations and determined it to be the most appropriate and accepted response.

I don't think NT's have to work so damn hard at copying other people to socialize.

I do fairly well with non verbal cues, facial expressions, body language, I think. I overanalyze, though. I pick out all the little behaviors that I see and have to go over them in my mind, trying to add them up into some sort of theory about someone's emotional state.

Learning communication skills and reading people falls under my special interests, so I enjoy all the obsessing! ^.^

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