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Who here had any urgent symptoms as a child?

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Locking this thread isn't going to solve the problem. Myrtonos has been causing trouble in other threads too - he needs to be banned or at least given a severe warning. Although somehow I think that when Willow eventually decides to do something about the issue, it's going to be Nesf, Debz, Phil, ChronicallyAwkward, and myself who will get the warnings/bans, not Myrotonos, because somehow in situations like this the wrong people always get banned.

Why would we get banned or warned? We haven't done anything wrong :unsure:


That's true that we all have tried to help him. I haven't read this thread completely still, but I'm not sure why he decided to go for Nesf and just direct the majority of this issue towards her. Why is he doing this? Did he randomly pick someone to pick on or what? Does he not realize that he is coming across as a bully? Myrtonos behavior is reminding me of that guy Emcee. Who seemed to just randomly pick on someone. Or just randomly start directing things towards someone. Maybe he is feeling ganged up on, but at the same time he should realize what he is doing. Work on not forcing opinions upon others and be more open about others opinions.

His focus of attention was mainly on me because I was the one most active and 'vocal' in opposing his views, even though many other members also objected to them.


He's trolling you guys... I'd bet there is no psychologist and that he is just lonely and wants to talk to people without really knowing how to. Some people do go on the internet and make up stuff to get attention.


Stop posting in his threads and he'll have nobody to troll.

I don't think he is a troll. I think he is genuine, but has some theory of mind issues and doesn't see how his opinions and the way he expresses them will affect others. He acknowledges that he has this difficulty.


I only saw one use of the f-word.

Actually, it's been used 3 times, but aimed at the situation in general rather used as a personal insult aimed at an individual person.


There's a fair bit of bad language on this page.



Actually, I did, but I got distracted from it by other posts here. Yes, I may have had it easier than those diagonsed later, and while allowances have been made for me, along with help in class, many of the ones who didn't have still acheived more social success than I am. Many have been to University and are or have been in romantic relationships. I've never been to University or been in a Romantic relationship, nor do I particularly feel like either of that. But among those with asperger's syndorme, I does suprise me that those diagnosed later aren't necessarily milder, at least according to the diagnosis itself, than those diagnosed earlier, and their may be some truth in that.


I must admit I didn't express myself clearly enough at the start of this thread, beacuse I struggle with explaining things. I think this is why they are interpreted as invalidating and dismissive for other diagnosed later in life. I have since mentioned that I wasn't forming many words when I started Kinder, and I never answered questions, and when I formed words, I either repeated a fragment or simply used quotes. I had no capacity to comply with instructions from teachers or participate with the class and would just wander off from school if not constantly watched. But that has mostly been ignored. Often when I get into arguments on forums, there might be some points I have that others have either completely ingored, and only partially responded to them.


I'll take a rest from this thread if others calm down too.


Yes, you need to think a bit more about what impact your opinions and the way you express them may have on others. When you see that you are upsetting people you should stop, and not keep repeating the same things which are upsetting people.


I don't think that anybody is deliberately ignoring your points. They are disagreeing with what you are saying and then expressing their own views on the topic.


The problem is that you using a variety of false assumptions to assess the severity of other people's autism. Late or abnormal speech development is just one aspect of many that is looked at when a person is assessed and diagnosed, and not the whole picture. When people are diagnosed as a child or as an adult, they look at that person's life history and overall development. They look at a variety of symptoms throughout the person's lifetime, and a diagnosis is made based the severity of symptoms throughout the person's life, but most crucially, according to the person's needs at the time of diagnosis, to ensure that those needs are covered.


How a person is affected by autism, and how severe that autism will ultimately be greatly depends on the help they receive, particularly in early stages of develpment as a child. So, it may be the case that a person may be more affected with more severe symptoms in childhood, receive help and guidance, and ultimately be less affected in adulthood. They may be better able to cope than an adult who, due to circumstances beyond their control, wasn't diagnosed but nonetheless had the traits and then went through life not understanding why they are different, not being understood, helped and supported and why they are struggling with things that come naturally to others, ultimately succumbing to anxiety and depression. This is how it is possible for an adult to be diagnosed with moderate or even severe Asperger's/HFA as an adult. To prove this, if you look round the ADS forums, there are a number of members with who didn't start talking until later, who perhaps had even more difficulties than you or I, but who received an early diagnosis and received help and support, who later went on to obtain university degrees, who are or have been in relationships, have steady jobs, etc. Also, there are also lots of adults who have been diagnosed with moderate Asperger's or ASD, who have faced failed relationships and employment, depression burnout, etc, because, not knowing that they have autism, they are struggling with the pressures to perform and fit in to society's expectations.


I think you should have make a thread entitled "Has anyone here been diagnosed with classic autism or HFA, as opposed to AS?" and then started a private conversation with the members who replied to ask them about their school experiences.


Anyway, I'm going to make this my last post in this thread. I rest my case. I agree with the others that it would be best if this thread were locked.

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Why would we get banned or warned? We haven't done anything wrong :unsure:

I didn't say that we *should* get banned/warned, but that's what always happens in situations like this, at least in my experience.

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Firstly - apologies for taking so long to get around to looking at this thread - my laptop has been causing me some problems and using an ipad is less than ideal.


I am going to lock this thread, at least on a temporary basis so I can have a look at what has gone on and try to make sure I can deal with it in a fair and equitable fashion


One thing I would like to say, is that it is only good manners to ask before you share any personal information about other members with anyone outside the forum. I know I wouldn't like my information shared without my permission, even if it is posted on a public forum.

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