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I also think there is a link that is why I poke into this stuff, it's that X chromosome that is common to both male and female if females indeed have the same ASD as males, if not, they there is the Y to consider as females in general don't have that one.


But myself being XXY the theory is males that became that were exposed to too little testosterone in the womb, but the condition I have there is ongoing research on the digit ration where researchers acting for the condition are requesting we photocopy our hands and send them to the researchers. Where looking further into this stuff I also find I have a type 4 simian crease, which is indicative of chromosomal variations and everybody missed that as I was growing up and to think, such an easy marker as well that involves no testing, just observation.- grrrrrrr


But this theory of exposure to differing levels of testosterone in the womb, perhaps people might find it interesting that our hormone levels are fluctuating all the time and it may be our moods are indicative of our levels, where I know when I can go a few weeks without thinking about sex I know my testosterone levels are low and they can stay that way preferably, but medics have interpreted that as depression and sought to medicate where I just say it's low mood and I know my hormone levels are out of balance. My GP thought I was talking out of my backside before, he did not buy my theory as I am not a medical professional, what would I know, but he has different ideas now considering he has facts in front of him.


An observer might understand I don't have a lot of faith in the medical profession as they have demonstrated, they are more autistic than me.

GPs can't be medical experts on everything - if you have the condition and have researched it, then I'm sure you do know more than he does.


What's a type 4 simian crease?

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No doctors can't know everything but they can at least ask questions when they don't have a clue as there is no harm in not knowing everything, that not knowing everything keeps the mind alive by questioning through learning more, but this thing I have which is believed to be the most common chromosomal variation in humans is not taught in med schools and so GP's don't now what they are seeing when presented with symptoms of it, which in my case the biggies are no libido and infertility, it kind of makes you wonder what is the point of your existence and I have been to the bitter edge a few times, because of that question,  because that lack of libido makes for a very lonely life.


But there are other rarer chromosomal variations but GP's know about them, but they are more obvious such as Trisomy 21 and Turners, but this condition, it is believed 75 % of males that have it don't know they have it as the only one's that are found are the really bad cases because of what they present which is life threatening and others more like myself who are found when unsuccessfully trying for a family, the infertility issue. But what also comes with this, is conditions normally thought to affect females only, to include a heightened risk for breast cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, SLE, heart problems, diabetes and a few other biggies and a fair few lesser issues and so because they are normally associated with females, just think what happens when males get them, where there is not the education and in the case of breast cancer there is no screening for males and most males that get it die of it, I know of one male that did die of it, but breast cancer in males, who knew.


The latest from my GP is that he would prefer it if I did not research my condition on the internet as that is what doctors are for, where I said well you didn't find this condition did you, a lifelong condition I have been suffering with where my med history everything I have reported to you points directly at it and through that history I used it to research for myself on the internet to come up with what it was where they didn't, none of them joined the dots and none of them thought what could this be, what is this history pointing at other than hypochondria, for sure that condition must have crossed their mind to be so disinterested in their patients health.


My GP and I don't see eye to eye we have a communicational issue, but because of this newly discovered condition he is supposed to be the practice expert on gender dysphoria as that also comes with this condition, so I am stuck with him where the younger GP's I had that were very good have moved away and so up their career ladder an so I am stuck with one waiting for retirement and he is of the old school where doctor know best. I am in two minds, do I give him another chance or do I quit the practice and find someone else more receptive to my ideas of healthcare, that being I am fully involved as I have demonstrated I have the intelligence as the younger GP's I had did say they were impressed at my level of medical knowledge and further impressed I found this condition myself, where one even suggested given my investigative nature and ability to self teach, it is a pity I am not in healthcare, where I did say I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger, but I came from the wrong side of the tracks.


The simian crease 

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