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I just published my most important movie yet.

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I would disagree with the way in which bullying is dealt with.  It's always a case of 'if someone perceives they are being bullied' but that in itself is an issue because the person they accuse of bullying may have done nothing of the sort, but they can manipulate the situation because they say they 'felt' bullied.  I can see how this leads to problems.


There is also the other side of the coin where people say they feel they are being bullied and are not believed.  I think that each case should be looked on in it's own merits and reason be sought as to why the person feels they are being bullied.  This may establish that they are, or are not being bullied, but it should be done carefully as someone may be cast as a bully when they're most definitely not.


If someone is being bullied though I do feel that it should be handled sensitively as the person being bullied is already going through a, most likely, horrific time given that they are in the situation they are finding themselves.


It's also very easy to say 'brush it off', or 'just deal with it' when if you're in the situation yourself it's a very different case, depending on what is happening in your life at the time.


I say this having been bullied on a number of occasions by people at work... it's most definitely not pleasant and I don't know that it's something you can always 'just get over'.

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None of which covers how to tell, for the subtle stuff!

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