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Some Things To Think About

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3 hours ago, Myrtonos said:

I did, but on another forum, and I linked to it above.

I started a poll about the term "aspie" and so far no one says they find it offensive.

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On ‎24‎-‎1‎-‎2016 at 0:50 AM, Willow said:
I would like to point out a few things. There have been a lot of people on this forum, some who no longer post, some who still do. Lots of name changes have happened, some of which have been in my absence. I struggle to recall everything that has happened here over the years, this relates both to individuals who have caused trouble in the past, and to members who have had feuds or whatever in the past. I struggle to remember who is who if names have been changed. This results in me dealing with most things as and when they happen and not being able to recall something from the past that may alter a decision I make. There is one of me and lots of you. You will of course remember everything pertaining to yourself, very clearly: I will not.
Also, I barely talk to anyone from the forum, therefore no one is really considered a friend, as such. This goes too for the people who email me and ask for my help, I cannot promise that I can reply frequently to people, because, once again, there is one of me and lots of you.
Yes, I could appoint other people to help me, but I don't want to, to be honest, and I would struggle to know who to pick, as at one time or another, most of you have clashed with people, which is only natural, but I don't think it's a good idea to have a member from here, moderate the forum. That's just how I see it. And with issues this past 6 months, which I won't drag up, I'm still a bit overprotective of the forum.
And no, I don't have to do all of this and stress myself out, and sometimes, I really do wonder why I bother haha! But I've done what I do for so long, that I don't wish to disappoint a lot of people by stopping. So, I will carry on as best I can. I am not in the best shape currently, which is why things are happening slower than I have suggested, and why I'm not as on the ball as I have been in the past. But it's fine, I am getting there.
You are not all going to agree with my decisions all, or even any of the time, and that's fine. But I do what I do for good reasons, and I've dealt with every kind of argument and feud that there seems to be in existence, and we always end up a nice, friendly forum again. And hopefully, that's because I do actually make the right decision. As I don't post here frequently other than to update you, I often end up the bad guy, because you only see me post when I'm stepping in to break something up. No one likes getting warning points, or being temporarily banned, or getting put in the mod queue - we're all adults here and largely, all think we know best, and sometimes, want the last word. Which is why we get so many clashes, that go on and on and on and on and on and on ... ..
If dealing with the person who has upset the peace doesn't work, I will have to deal with everyone involved. To me, at that stage, it does not matter who started it, or even who said what to who, the point is, everyone involved continued it, therefore I have to end it. Like I said it makes me the bad guy. And I get lots of PM's from those involved pleading their case, and honestly, what am I supposed to do? I'm not into taking sides. I'm not about that life.
The number one thing I cannot stand, is when people jump on a member and follow them around the forum having the same argument. Let. It. Go. That person will NEVER be able to recover from their initial mistake or wrong doing, because no one is giving them a chance to, they're being ganged up on so of course they will continue to lash out. This always happens. Y U NO LEARN DIS?!
  • Please filter your words, we are smart enough to know what isn't okay. 
  • Not everything that runs through your mind is worthy of sharing with everyone.
  • You are not always right. 
  • Opinions you have are not facts. 
  • Do not post loaded comments to wind other people up.
  • Do not post back handed comments.
  • Do not be passive aggressive.
  • Don't argue with someone because they don't think the same as or agree with you.
  • Do not get pissy with me if I happen to warn you or temp ban you etc. 
  • Do not get pissy with anyone, there's literally no point.
  • Remember how to adult.
  • World Peace.



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